Nurturing Yourself

Shelley, Bobbi and me at Villa D'Este outside Rome

300 – October 27

“It isn’t the great big pleasures that count the most; it’s making a great deal out of the little ones.”—Jean Webster

The class on accomplishing goals was intense. Each week for eight weeks, the participants met and outlined their strategies for achieving them. Most of the people in the class were high achievers, energetic personalities. They were used to winning and not afraid of the hard work it took to get them where they wanted to go.

At the first class session, Korey listened quietly as each person energetically listed their dreams and desires, and what they were willing to do to achieve them. She, too, was a successful businessperson, an entrepreneur who had started her own tutoring business and built it into a thriving business with ten employees. She knew how to focus, visualize, and commit time and energy to the process of achievement.

But Korey was in crisis. In her determination to succeed, she had forgotten how to play. The goal-getting mode had become her constant setting, drive and determination her normal way of life. She was out of balance. She was unhappy. Knowing she needed to do something to change her life before she became another high-flyer who burned out, Korey enrolled in the goals class to accomplish this end.

One by one, each of the class participants outlined their goals. “My goal is to double my income,” said one. “I want to expand my business internationally,” said another. All of them had major, challenging, big business and big money goals. Each goal was met with applause and approval. As the last of the group, all eyes turned to Korey. “My goal is to nurture myself,” she said. “I will bring in a list each week of all the things I did during the week to take care of myself, to pamper myself, to have fun, and to relax.”

Pandemonium. Frowns. Quizzical looks. Anger and sarcasm. Everyone in the room protested her choice. “That’s not an appropriate goal for this class!” they argued. “This class is about achieving success!” “What good is success if you’re too tired to enjoy it?” she retorted. The instructor quieted everyone and allowed that Korey’s goal was a legitimate one and she could proceed with the class.

Every week, the class participants shared their successes: “I just got my SBA loan for $100,000,” “I made forty-five sales calls and closed three major deals,” “I was just elected president of my national association.” Korey brought in her nurturing list: “I walked on the beach in the middle of the afternoon: I painted pictures and listened to music; I took a bubble bath and lit the room with candles; I had a “Pajama Day” and read and watched movies in bed, I made a list of my best qualities and acknowledged myself for them.” The other participants listened enviously.

By the end of the course, everyone was asking for copies of her list.

Why not start your own list today?

Today’s Affirmation:
“I relax, let go, and lovingly nurture myself.”

Shelley, Bobbi and me at Villa D'Este outside Rome
Shelley, Bobbi and me at Villa D’Este outside Rome

This is one of my favorite stories. I remember Korey telling me about this experience, and how fascinated she was at the reactions of the other people in her class. They were really upset and angry with her at first – perhaps they were afraid that her goals for nurturing herself would poison the hard-driving success-oriented-at-all-costs atmosphere with do-nothing-fritter-the-day-away couch potato-itis?

But she wasn’t advocating that – she was advocating balance, peace, appreciation, nuturing, relaxing. She wanted time out to be a human being instead of a human doing. You can’t be hard-charging 24/7. Balance is key.

So what are your favorite ways to nurture yourself?

Prosperity is a habit. You have to practice it every day.

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