zero to zillionaire Campbell, Chellie. Zero to Zillionaire: 8 Foolproof Steps to Financial Peace of Mind. Apr. 2006. 228p. Sourcebooks, paper, $16.95 (1-4022-0619-4). 332.024.

Chellie Campbell’s books both lift my spirits and kick my butt — depending on which I need on any given day. Her first book, The Wealthy Spirit, opened my eyes to money possibilities all around me, and her new book, Zero to Zillionaire, keeps me in action. I just might write a new book myself — Everything I Need to Know about Money I Learned from Chellie Campbell!
BJ Gallagher, author of Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Other Women, as well as YES Lives in the Land of NO

At first glimpse, it seems like yet another Suze Orman wannabe. But don’t dismiss Campbell’s second book (after The Wealthy Spirit, 2002) without a more in-depth perusal. Rather than another lengthy explanation of how to build monetary wealth, Campbell expounds on the eight strategies to accumulate emotional and spiritual wealth while simultaneously saving some and spending some.

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Most of all, she promotes this Talmudic quote: “A person will be called upon to account, on Judgment Day, for all permitted pleasures he might have enjoyed but did not.” She begins with thinking the right kinds of thoughts (80 percent of an average human’s are negative), continues with visioning (descriptions from home to connection with the world), and ends with the reminder to pay rent for the space you occupy on earth.

Along the way, her analogies are sharp and visual. For instance, dolphins are the positive ideal, with sharks (con artists) and tunas (or victims) nipping at fins. A wonderful reaffirmation of what life should be.
—Barbara Jacobs

In her fifteen years of teaching Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops, Chellie has gotten thousands of people on track financially. Now it’s your turn to become a zillionaire, even if you’re starting from zero.

I stayed up both nights over the weekend reading your book and just finished it. You’ve done it again! Your wit, wisdom, warmth and spirit come shining through and now you are going to have to write ANOTHER book so I can read more!!! (note the dolphin exclamation marks!) Anyway, just had to tell you how much I enjoyed it.
—Laura Arnold, M.F.C.C.

I read one page out of The Wealthy Spirit everyday. I pre-ordered Zillions and just got it! It’s such a treat! This is spiritual/emotional/mental candy! Better than food….and, almost better than shoes! Good job!
—Toni Bouman, ReMax Ocean West

I just finished reading your book, and it’s a winner! Really powerful and compelling, focused and direct, convincing, with good advice for everyone. You told it from the heart. Congratulations, #1.

Your book is FANTASTICK. I can hardly put it down but I do because I don’t want it to be over. You have managed to state a tremendous amount of truth in an absolutely HILARIOUS way. I can’t wait for my husband to read. I think he may finally “get” a variety of things that have eluded him as a business owner. Thanks a lot. Your writing style is just amazing.
—Marilyn Miller, Golden Apple Academy

I ordered your new book from I laughed, I chuckled, I almost cried reading your stories. As you know, you have made a major impact in my life although I have not worked with you since the mid-90’s. I live in Florida now however, I always think of you. I travel the country as an attorney recruiter but I always remember “The money is in the phone!!” Thanks for your contribution and your wonderful book.
—Pamela DeNeuve, Attorney Recruiter

I loved Chellie Campbell’s last book, “The Wealthy Spirit” so much that I bought 100 copies to give to clients and people who come to my financial planning seminars. I am so delighted to see that this new book is equally wonderful. If you think being a zillionaire is only about having a lot of money at the sacrifice of a rich personal life, don’t buy this book as you will probably not like it. But if you are like me and think that being a zillionaire is about having money AND having deep friendships and a lot of fun in your life, you will really love this book! Chellie uses a lot of little analogies and stories that are really charming and memorable. For example, she talks about sending out ships to bring back your treasure. Everyone’s ship is different, depending on how you make your living. I found myself being irritated with 100+ emails per day to deal with until I started using Chellie’s more positive approach and looking at each email as a tiny canoe that gets my name in front of someone once again. Amazing how just that one little mental twist has made email time a whole lot more enjoyable. As a practicing Certified Financial Planner(tm) I really admire the chapters on counting your money and being more effective with your time by being more focused and deliberate. There is also a fabulous opening chapter about the importance of your mental attitude in achieving financial wealth. The more years I have been in practice, the more I realize how important it is to stress this component of wealth building. There is a great chapter on surviving the storms when your ships are sinking. In my opinion, this terrific chapter alone is worth the price of the book. Everyone has storms — knowing how to survive them and not be miserable along the way is definitely a topic almost all of us can use. If you want an exceptionally enjoyable book to read, along with an amazing variety of ideas you probably haven’t considered before, then this is the book for you.
—Jan Dahlin Geiger, CFP(r),

Anyone who doesn’t like this book is either a “shark,” and has been “found out,” or a “Tuna” and would rather “wine, than do the work.” I loved this second book of Chellie’s. It’s to the point, has great examples, and, in line with her prior work, is perfect for folks who were turned off by her first book’s “daily” format. I loved them both!
—Susan R. Medwied

ZERO TO ZILLIONAIRE is a great follow-up to THE WEALTHY SPIRIT. Chellie’s voice is that of a kind yet tough friend who will tells you like it is— even when you don’t want to hear it. She’s been there, done that, and isn’t taking any excuses. For those of us who have “issues” in our relationship with money and wealth, ZERO TO ZILLIONAIRE is filled with practical tips and the inspiration to take an active role in managing and expanding our finances in positive and spiritual ways. Oh, and BTW, it’s a little scary: the affirmations DO work, whether you believe they will or not. Thanks, CC, for this kick in the pants.
—Ikori Nikolai

Chellie’s book encourages all of us to strive to achieve that delicate balance between making money and making meaning. The author clearly understands what true success is all about because she is a walking billboard on how to live a balanced and happy life. Read and heed Chellie’s book and you will learn how to be a real success in the only game that matters most-the game of life !
—Robert Michael Fried, Fortune 500 Marketing Strategist, Best-Selling Author, “A Marketing Plan For Life”

After having suffered three major failures in business, my self esteem and the daring to take risks did take a hard knock. I had taken a job I hated while I was trying again to create a foundation for my new business. Often, there was the self doubt and fear of another failure. Chellie’s inner principles did wake me up to the earlier mistakes that I had made repetitively. I realized that only when I read her book. Her gentle but firm guidance did reveal to me the larger picture built on the basics of the practical steps. What I liked most of Chellie’s book is its interesting depictions of experiences that allows us to think within the moment of now and enable the future. Behind the intellectual process of Chellie’s book are definitely the beautiful energies the creates abundance that she if able to convey. Having thrown away my job to work for myself a year back, I am just so happy to feel the freedom of being financially independent. Chellie’s guidance has a major role to play in my daily attainment of objectives. Yes. My business has grown steadily to a point now when I need to take a larger step of multifold expansion- without the deep worries that an entrepreneur normally faces. Instead, each day is inspiring thanks to a safety net that allows my creativity and the practical methodology to meet. I highly recommend this book of inner and outer success to anyone who is self employed or wishes to be self employed. You will not be let down by the profound principles Chellie offers through this book. It is astonishingly easy to relate to it as page by page, it `flows’ in its simplicity and yet powerful and transforming in its profoundness.
—A. Bose

I’ve been waiting for Chellie to come out with a new book since about five mintues after I finished her first one, The Wealthy Spirit. I love Chellie’s positive and pragmatic approach to wealth, not to mention her sense of humor. I’ve turned many friends on to her earlier book, and am sure I’ll do the same with Zillionaire. If you ask me, $16.95 is a small price to pay for Chellie’s priceless life wisdom!
—Elizabeth Baskin

I just finished Chellie’s new book, Zero to Zillionaire! Chellie has a very engaging writing style, making the book both enjoyable and easy to read. It was loaded with useful, practical information. It was not only thought provoking, but laid out an easy to use program, which if followed, will lead to greater financial success. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
—G. S. Chudacoff

I interviewed Chellie on my radio show about this book, so I had an advance copy. Man was I impressed! She has a way of presenting her ideas in stimulating easy to remember style. Her book shows that she cares deeply about her reader, and gives so much valuable info and insights it will make a real difference in your lives! I learned how to pick people in my life, so I stop swiming with sharks and sabotoging my self thru them. I now swim with the dolphins! She helps us see and know how to thrive, not just survive! Chellie has done a wonderful job with a very humorous spirit! If you wish to hear about the book go to, program archives, Cattel’s Stardate 2100 Show for 2-23-06 and listen about 0-Zillionaire!
—Cattel “Vegas Astrologer”

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