I took Chellie’s Financial Stress Reduction Workshop this past spring and boy did it change my attitude about asking for what I am worth! Before the class had ended, I closed a $48,000 contract. The largest ever for me so far. My business is less than three years old and my client base is growing rapidly…The information was presented in a very organized, engaging manner, woven with personal stories of Chellie’s to which we all could relate. The positive affirmations were powerful and I continue to practice them to this day. I have gifted her book The Wealthy Spirit to a colleague and he has seen a change in his attitude towards money and his earning power. Never again will I sell myself short, because I know I am worth every penny. I am thankful I met Chellie and have no regrets about investing my time and money in her course, a MUST DO for every business person who needs a wake up call in the financial department.

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