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JohnAssaraf1 John Assaraf, a featured teacher in The Secret, millionaire businessman and owner of OneCoach, interviewed Chellie about her books and financial workshops. Click here to listen as they discuss how to make more money in less time with more fun…

Chellie Campbell on a Free Telecall with Beth Davis,Hand Analyst.

Chellie was the guest speaker on Beth Davis’ “Free May TeleCall”. Topic of the Night: “Zero to Zillionaire: Make More Money and Have More Fun!”

Click here to listen to the call and learn more about the ideas behind Zero to Zillionaire.


Listen to Chellie Campbell’s radio interview on “Get Unstuck” with John Seeley

John discusses the way to create wealth with Financial wiz, Chellie Campbell. A balanced checkbook and a balanced life. Bestselling author Chellie Campbell gives you 8 simple strategies to producing more personal and financial abundance than you may have dreamed possible. Listen to interviews click links below.

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Chellie Campbell featured on KTLA Morning News!

Chellie helps viewers start the new year by discussing tips from her book “Zero to Zillionaire”with the KTLA Morning crew on Tuesday, January 2, 2007.

Listen to Chellie’s interview on KPFK: Mastering Both Financial Wealth and Personal Fulfillment

Click to hear the interview . . .


Listen to Chellie’s interview with Phyllis Chase, Host of Shrink Rap,

KCSN 88.5 FM

Articles, Reviews, Interviews, and Awards:Jean Chatzky, the Financial Editor for the TODAY SHOW sat down for an interview with Chellie about the perils and solutions to Financial Stress.Click Here to read the entire interview!


Chellie Awarded Speaker of the Year

“Women Entrepreneurs of SCV presented the incredible Chellie Campbell of The Financial Stress Reduction Workshop with the 2006 WE of SCV Speaker of the Year Award!”

Congratulations Chellie!

Fair Share for Host of Seminar – By Karen E. Klein

September 27, 2006

“I never like it when a company asks for a percentage of sales from another business [because that] doesn’t take increases in expenses into account. . .” said Chellie Campbell, the author of “The Wealthy Spirit”. . .

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Zero to Zillionaire: 8 Foolproof Steps to Financial Peace of MindFrom the August 2006 edition of PMD

Any bookstore will offer you a deluge of personal finance books on how to get rich or self-help books on how to be rich at heart, but you rarely find a book that addresses both.

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Chitchat About Money Matters:Sharks, Dolphins and Gold Tennis Shoes

Popular financial stress reducer Chellie Campbell gushes with common sense and positive aspirations on every page of Zero to Zillionaire, a feel-good romp through smart budgeting and tactical financial planning.


Feature Interiview – Healer of Money Disorders, Spending Bulimia and Income Anorexia – Chellie Campbell

Award-winning speaker and author Chellie Campbell helps people become successful at producing more income, managing their money, eliminating debt, and having more time to enjoy life!

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Talk Yourself Into Bigger Riches!

Imagine that you could win more, earn more and save more just by saying a few words aloud every day? Well, Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealth Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction, says that it’s [possible! Campbell’s Workshops have helped thousands of people find more riches in their lives just by saying daily affirmations.

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What Fighting About Money Will Cost You:

Couples who argue most about spending often end up with the smallest savings. How to kiss and make up—and grow your cash.

When it comes to teaching kids financial responsibility, there are as many theories as there are ATM’s. But one fact can’t be ignored: Money handed out to children needs to be treated as what it is—another monthly drain on your resources—and monitored accordingly.

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She’s got it. You want it.:

The 3 biggest envies – deleted!

Money- “If you surround yourself with people who make you feel bad for not being richer or complain because they aren’t richer, they’ll suck the energy out of you,” says Chellie Campbell, a Los Angeles-based money management expert and author of The Wealthy Spirit.

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What’s In Your Wallet?:

“Where did all my money do?” If that’s your frustrated cry each time you receive yet another insufficient-funds notice, the solution may be as simple as cleaning out your wallet

“Many people have negative feelings about money, and those feelings are reinforced every time they look at a messy wallet,” says Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction (Sourcebooks).

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How to Handle the STRESS of a Big-Time Tourney:

Big Pots, Big Fields and Long Hours Could Kill Your Chances if You Can’t Cope

Financial stress-reduction and money-management counselor Chellie Campbell says there is one quality that can separate you from the field and give you a fighting chance to win: How you think.

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AMATEUR SPOTLIGHT: Chellie CampbellInterview by Crystal Osgood-Gray

In 2005 I was sitting at a Ladies Event at the Commerce Casino and seated across from me was an attractive women playing perfect poker. She was so sweet and kind when I spoke to her that I was taken aback when I got into a hand with her…Come to find out this woman was Chellie Campbell…

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Get a Grip: How to Beat Stress and Take Control of Your Life

As someone who’s self-employed, I never know how much money I’ll make in any given month. Factor in that (1) I have to pay for my own health insurance, (2) I’m not contributing to a retirement fund, (3) I spend big bucks on rent every month, and…

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Walking the Talk

Chellie Campbell shares her amazing financial turnaround Campbell faced reality head on. With a strict regimen of budgeting, saving and positive thinking, she turned her financial situation around and got her life — and her balance sheet — back on track.

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fireline Walking the TalkWhen Chellie Campell teaches her financial stress reduction workshop, she recognizes the nervous, wide-eyed look on her students faces.Click to Read More…
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Change your attitude and turn cold calls into gold calls.Click to Read More…

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