Month: May 2015

The Chinese Version of Heaven and Hell

Today’s Affirmation: “As I give to others from my abundance, I give to myself as well.” In the Chinese vision of Hell, many people are seated around a large table. The table is laden with fine food, piled high in the middle of the table, looking scrumptious and smelling delicious. At each place setting, there is a set of very long chopsticks with which each person can reach the food in the middle. But the chopsticks are too long for the people to be able to get the food into their mouths. So they are all wailing, angry and starving.

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Tax Advice

“I happily pay my fair share to help my government run efficiently and effectively.” I never had a tax preparer that didn’t save me more money on my taxes than his or her fee cost me. In The Millionaire Next Door, authors Stanley and Danko outline many areas where the typical millionaire saves money, buying second-hand cars, resoling their shoes, etc. “But they are not nearly as price-sensitive when it comes to purchasing investment advice and services, accounting services, tax advice, legal services, medical and dental care for themselves and family members, educational products and homes.”

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Today’s Affirmation: “I choose beliefs that make me happy.” Oh, no! I had inadvertently sat next to one of the “Ain’t It Awful” people. I put up my mental shield so that I wouldn’t take in the negative energy, and waited for him to wind down a little. I could tell he was upset and needed to vent, so saying anything but “Hmm” was useless at the moment. Until he was done, he wasn’t going to be able to hear anything I said.

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The Leopard Comforter

Today’s Affirmation: “I buy my perfect treasures at perfect prices!” The saleswoman I had talked to was clearly not interested in helping me. She was one of those people I call “bench warmers”—there to put in the hours required, doing as little as possible while they are there. They don’t care about their work or you. I knew I needed a different kind of salesperson. Did one exist in this store?

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Whose Advice Are You Taking?

Today’s Affirmation: “I am successful and earning more and more money every day!” Jeff said that based on his research, $75 per hour was too high, and he should only charge $50 per hour. He seemed resigned about it. I asked him who he had contacted about pricing—was he talking to people who owned successful recording studios or people who were struggling? I saw a wave of understanding wash over his face as he thought back to the people he had talked to—they were all people he knew who were struggling!

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Tunas Can Learn

Treasure your friendships – that is the real gold on this Planet Earth. Reach out and touch someone today!

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Low Budget Blues

Today’s Affirmation: “I am now enjoying living on High Budget because I can afford it!” Low Budget is a useful tool for occasional use. But too often I see people with the Low Budget Blues. They’ve gotten into the habit of Low Budget. They think poor: Tighten the belt, do without, never buy new, can’t afford it, shop at garage sales, eat cheap, sleep cheap, think cheap.

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Create What You Want—And on Budget, Too!

Today’s Affirmation: “I always find exactly what I want at exactly the right price!” As I work with people to help them reduce their financial stress, I look at the choices they’ve made that put them in a financial position that isn’t viable. One of the problems that seems endemic is the mental habit of considering only two options before making a decision. When I question people’s choices in spending, they always have an answer of the other choice they considered that was worse: “I have to do X because the only other choice is to do Y, and Y is unacceptable.” This polarity keeps people from continuing to search for a better choice.

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