Month: November 2014

A Lesson in Negotiating

Today’s Affirmation: “I am worthy of glorious abundance!” Sarah Edwards, with her husband Paul, has written many books on creating the life you want to live, including Working from Home, Secrets of the Self-Employed, and The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook. Years ago, she called me to say that a local department store was looking for speakers for a series of events and she had given them my name. I thanked her for alerting me to the opportunity, and when they contacted me, the department store representative asked what my fee was. When I said, “$1,500,” she explained that it was a trial program and they didn’t have a large budget. But it would be great publicity and exposure for me in my local area. Would I be willing to negotiate my fee? I agreed, and discounted my speaking fee to $1,000.

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Today’s Affirmation: “Life has many treasures for me to enjoy and I deserve them!”Vince taught me about prizes you give to yourself. He was an executive search consultant for the recruiting firm where I first learned bookkeeping. A very cheerful, upbeat guy with a great smile, he always set goals for himself. And he told everyone in the office about them!

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The “Take it Away” Close

Today’s Affirmation: “More and more people are happily buying my services today!” My seminar series was going very well. For eight weeks, I taught the Financial Stress Reductionâ Workshop, people were getting great results and now they often wanted to continue the process. So, I invented a course for graduates, called the Money Mastery Network.

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Treasure Ships

Today’s Affirmation: “I reach out to others because I am brave enough to be first.” This is the road to success. Being willing to do what it takes to get what you want. Send out your ships—your treasure awaits you. People are praying for you to show up, but they’re just as afraid to pick up the phone as you are.

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Today’s Affirmation: “All my golden galleons are arriving safely in my harbor now.” I make my plans, put my dreams and goals onto paper and send out my ships. I hope they will come in. But I know I am never in charge of when they come in—or which ships come in. I am only in charge of sending them out. At that point, the winds of destiny and the hand of God take over.

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Happiness Is an Inside Job

Today’s Affirmation: “I live richly and happily—inside and out!” Studies have shown that, once above subsistence level, having more money and material success won’t make you any happier. You already have to be happy. If you haven’t learned how to be a happy person, how to take pleasure in the daily gifts the world offers to all of us, material goods will not satisfy you

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Get off the Fence

Today’s Affirmation: “I am a beautiful soul, wrapped up in a beautiful package!” My friend, Kathy, was unhappy with her weight. She complained about it all the time and agonized about trying to lose weight. She didn’t diet, mind you, she just talked about dieting and whether or not she should go on one. Every time we got together, it was “Oh, I just know I’m too fat!” and “Do you think I look too fat?” (Usually, we were eating rich, fattening foods at the same time she was complaining about her weight.) I began to get bored with this topic of conversation because there was never any action, never any movement, just endless repetitions of the dilemma. Kathy was all talk, no ships.

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Tomorrow Is Another Day

Today’s Affirmation: “All things are working together harmoniously for my greater good!” I am so upbeat most of the time, joy is practically my normal state. When I get moody and out-of-sorts, it is ugly. Mostly to myself. Feels like I took my brain, rinsed it in some muddy water, then put it back in my head. Ugh. The quality of my thoughts on days like this are distasteful. I dare not answer the phone. Getting into bed and turning the electric blanket up to “Nurture” is the only activity permitted.

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You Are a Winner!

Today’s Affirmation: “I desire, I dream, and I revel in my accomplishments! Alone in the darkness, she realized she had made the success of this one book too important. She saw its lack of best-seller status as a reflection of her unworthiness. She identified so completely with the book that if someone rejected it, they were rejecting her. It was personal. It was devastating.

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Woe Is Me

“Help me, Chellie, I’m in crisis!” cried Ellen. Having embarked on a new career in real estate eleven months before, she was having a difficult time and had not yet sold a piece of property. “I’m not doing my affirmations, I’m in denial about my finances, I can’t do the budget homework, and I’m not sending out ships. I just can’t do it!” As we talked, she laughed at herself and told me I should get some “Woe is Me” buttons to go with the “Yeah, but” buttons.

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