Month: September 2014

Get Some Help

Today’s Affirmation: “All the knowledge I need to be great is right before my eyes!” I admit it took me just about forever to figure this out. Now, every time I need to know something that I don’t know, I just find out who does know and go ask them. When I wanted to learn to ski—I signed up for ski school. When I wanted to learn how to market my business, I signed up for marketing classes. Several. When I wanted to learn about the publishing industry, I read twelve books. I’m still reading.

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A Moment out of Somewhere

Today’s Affirmation: “I listen and everywhere the voice of God moves me and inspires me.” When you write from your soul, your words are your songs.’ Oh, that they were, I thought to myself, and resolved to go home and make them so. How many others, I wondered, went home to do the same with their gifts upon hearing this man sharing his?”

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Marge Morning

Today’s Affirmation: “The more I delegate the more money I make!” Marge Thompson is my bookkeeper. She is a smart businesswoman from Central America with one of those melodious honey voices that lulls you just listening to her. An ace bookkeeper, she efficiently crunches all my numbers one morning per month. I look forward to “Marge Morning.” I feel quite pampered when she comes, especially since I’m a bookkeeper myself. I could certainly do my own books and save money—right?

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Ten More Stupid Things People Do to Mess up Their Money

Today’s Affirmation: “I do a great job at whatever I choose to do!” After I was set to appear on the Dr. Laura Show, they decided to add another segment—they wanted me to do a “man-on-the-street” type interview à la Jay Leno. I had to think up some questions to ask people about money that they might have funny responses to. My research team of poker players came up with: “Whose picture is on the $10 bill?” (Alexander Hamilton); “What does ‘FICA’ stand for?” (Federal Insurance Constitution Act—this is your contribution to Social Security); “What does the ‘k’ in ‘401k’ stand for?” (nothing—it’s just a section of the tax code); among others.

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Working for Less

Today’s Affirmation: “I work smarter and richer every day!” Stop right now and do your math. Each task, each product, each business has a profitability factor. Look for the one that is taking the least time and bringing in the most money. And do more of that.

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Today’s Affirmation: “I love to play, have fun, and win!” Competition creates excitement. Hearts pound, adrenaline rushes, voices raise and everyone wants to win. Even a TicTac. Put some competition into your life—try to outdo your own best performance. Pick a prize to strive for. And reward yourself with it when you win.

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The Law of Karma

Today’s Affirmation: “I am better and better and richer and richer every day!” It’s been said that whenever you point your finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing back at you; that you can’t even recognize a fault in someone else unless you also have it in you. Just for today, try not to point a finger at anyone else’s character defect. We all have failings; what we’re supposed to be working on is our own.

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The Workers in the Vineyard

Today’s Affirmation: “I rejoice in God’s glorious bounty, in which we all share.” To confess to you truthfully: It is only now, as I write this page for the third time, that the door to understanding slowly creaks open, and light begins to pour through the crack. When I began, I thought this story was about money and fair wages. But here is the truth this story holds for me now: No one is better than anyone else. Begrudge no one their denarius or fatted calf. Begrudge no one God’s mercy or forgiveness. Celebrate the return of every prodigal one. Rejoice that everyone has a denarius to spend. Welcome everyone to wealth, spiritually and physically, early or late. Who knows? The latecomer—the prodigal one—may be you.

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Ten Stupid Things People Do to Mess up Their Money

Today’s Affirmation: “I have control and power over my life and my money!” I reached several conclusions from this adventure: first, you never know when your ship is going to come in, so it pays to stay flexible; second, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you, so be sure you’re networking; and finally, help is available all around you, wherever you happen to be. All you have to do is ask.

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Credit Card Management

Today’s Affirmation: “I have fun with my funds because I manage them well!” But credit cards are doom to your budget, your bank account, and your financial future if you go “shopping for love” without the money to pay your credit cards off in full each month. Grocery stores take credit cards because it has been proven that consumers spend 20-30 percent more if they use a credit card rather than cash. You need to think of credit cards as debit cards, with the money coming right out of your bank account.

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