Month: March 2014

I Guess I’m Just Lucky

Today’s Affirmation: “I am a lucky person—I feel lucky today!” Oops, car broke down again. Okay, time to play “The Glad Game”: Thank you, God, for the Auto Club. Thank you, God, for cell phones. I made some notes for my book and did some affirmations while I waited for the tow truck. Finally, my knight in shining armor arrived in the person of Bijan, astride his trusty steed, the Auto Club tow truck.

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Do Nothing Day

Today’s Affirmation: “I revel in relaxation!” I realized that when I was a kid, I was never excused from school unless I was sick. There were no “mental health” days, or playing hookey at our house. My parents were very serious about education and following the rules and doing what was expected of us. Staying home from school just for fun would have been bad.

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It Pays to Be on Time

Today’s Affirmation: “Time is my friend and I am always on time.” “You will be on time for every rehearsal. If you aren’t here on time, everyone in the cast will sit and do nothing but wait for you to arrive. When you do, you will go onstage and make a formal apology to everyone in the theater whose time you wasted.”

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Cruise Day

Today’s Affirmation: “I think, therefore I’m rich!” Since the increase in family members means and increase in budget expenditures, my niece Marissa was contemplating how to tweak things and get another assignment for product placement in a movie. (She got copies of her aunties’ The Wealthy Spirit into the book store scene in the movie “Easy A”. I loved that!)

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Your Financial Thermostat

One way to raise your money consciousness is to raise your prices. Aren’t you worth more now, really?

Today’s Affirmation: “Every day, I’m burning brighter and growing richer!” Have you ever felt that, no matter what you did, you couldn’t rise above a certain amount of spendable income? That those extra fun frills in life you long for are always just out of reach, even when you get the raise, or the insurance settlement, or the inheritance? Like a broken thermostat, the financial setting has gotten stuck on an amount of money that you subconsciously believe is the best you can allow yourself.

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The Balance Sheet

Today’s Affirmation: “I accumulate assets that put more money in my pocket every day!” When I have people in my classes start adding up their net worth, the tension rises appreciably. “This isn’t reducing my financial stress!” they grumble. “Not today, maybe,” I tell them, “but by the time you finish this class you’re going to be happy you’re doing this exercise. You’ll love counting your money when you have more money to count!”

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The Saga of the Pants

Today’s Affirmation: “I am committed to achieving my goals.” Night after night she worked industriously on the pants until they were nearly done. But when she brought them downstairs for me to try on, they didn’t fit. The waist measured 38 inches instead of 41 inches. No amount of inhaling and pulling would make these pants fit. There was nothing to do but make a second pair.

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The Tenth Archer

Today’s Affirmation: “With confidence, reverence, and gratitude, I am always successful!” The tenth archer approaches anxiously. Filled with doubt and dismay, fearful that he alone might miss the target, he tenses as he lifts the bow. The arrow goes wide and is lost in the grass.

In misery and embarrassment, he exclaims, “Damn bow and arrow!” as he leaves the field.

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Get Rid of the “I’m So Tired Blues”

Today’s Affirmation: “Everything I do makes me richer and richer!” How many times do you start a conversation with someone asking, “How are you?” and receive the answer, “I’m so tired?” What a disempowering response! It’s a negative affirmation.

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