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    Stopping Points

    Posted on March 9th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    68 – March 9

    “We can throw stones, complain about them, stumble on them, climb over them, or build with them.”—William Arthur Ward

    Sometimes you’re the one putting the boulders in your path. Then the “Yeah, buts” you hear are in your own mind. Recognize any of these?:

    1.     Yeah, but I don’t have the time.

    2.     Yeah, but I don’t have the money.

    3.     Yeah, but I don’t have the education.

    4.     Yeah, but I don’t have the talent.

    5.     Yeah, but I’m not pretty (handsome, smart, strong, or ____) enough.

    6.     Yeah, but I have too many other things on my plate.

    (Continued on page 68 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I love myself the way I am!”


    A journalist I know wrote me on Facebook to ask what I what I would say to a sad reader who is disabled at 57 and in credit card debt. She gets a small monthly disability check  and has a house paid for, but nothing else. Did I have any words of wisdom for her?

    Well, of course, Teacher Chellie couldn’t resist, so here’s my response:

    People do get themselves into some pickles, don’t they? I know they want a magic answer to have their debt disappear, but it’s going to take money, which means it’s going to take work.

    I have a standard letter that I send when people write me who are in bad financial straits. I adjust it to fit the circumstances, so this is what I’d say to your gal:

    I’m sorry to hear you’re disabled and have debt that needs to be paid off. The good news is that you have a house that’s paid for. Lots of people don’t have a big asset like that, so congratulations are in order for your accomplishment!

    I know life gets tough sometimes.  It’s hard to keep the faith that things will get better when the economy is in trouble and nothing seems to point to a better day. There is a better day coming, but you have to take the right steps to make sure you’re in the sunlight when that day arrives. There is no magic answer. You have to find some work you can do to bring in money – either employment in a job or start your own business.

    I met a woman once who owned a very successful employment agency. When I asked her how she got started, she said she was in a serious car accident and was hospitalized for almost a year. She was her own sole support, and she said she had to find a way to make a living from her hospital bed. Immobilized, she couldn’t move anything but her mouth, so she said to herself, “Well, I can talk on the phone so I’ll do telephone sales.” And that’s how she started her business.

    What talents or skills do you have that people might pay you for? Look in the want ads, post your resume online, talk to friends, old employers, or start your own business.

    It is only your will and determination to succeed that will keep you going. You determine what you want to happen and you dedicate yourself to doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

    If you need better skills in your chosen profession, take classes, read books, listen to tapes (available at the library free!) and get a mentor or partner in the business who knows more than you. Join or start a mastermind group of friends who can help and support you and each other. Read all my past newsletters in the archives on my web site at Follow every instruction and do every exercise in my books “The Wealthy Spirit” and “Zero to Zillionaire”. You can get them free at the library and I wrote them to help people who couldn’t study with me personally. You can do your own self-study program. I am also writing a daily blog which can help you.

    Affirmations work–to put you in the mindset to take action to achieve your goals. The hardest time to do them is when you most need to do them. And you have to act your way into feeling happy and rich while you’re doing them. Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between the truth and a lie. So, eventually, what you tell it actually becomes true.

    And that’s when the magic money clicks in – when you’re not looking for it, when you’re busy doing work that helps people – that’s when all manner of unforseen events occur and people send you gifts of money, you win a cash prize, you find money in the street, someone pays you back money you forgot they owed you. The Universe is waiting to shower gifts upon you, but you can only receive them through your happy, joyful, positive thoughts and actions. Your desperate, needy entreaties only get you more of desperate, needy situations. See?

    Good luck! I wish you the very best of success and abundance.



    Getting Past the Past

    Posted on March 5th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    64 – March 5

    “The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy.”—Helen Hayes


    Chuck was having a hard time. He was trying to do his positive affirmations, but the negative voices kept coming up. He was very conflicted about his past, the negative upbringing, the angst in his family. He had many unresolved issues with his parents and as a result, he kept talking on and on about his problems, rather than the solutions to them. You could tell from the look on his face and the energy with which he talked about his past that he relished the struggle. I’ve seen this problem many times, watching people take class after class, ostensibly to learn to overcome their problems and become successful, but, in actuality, to wallow in their difficulties and celebrate their inadequacies. They are victims and it’s never their fault.

    I sensed that Chuck was on the verge of changing this behavior. He was ready to let go of the past and create a new future. He approached me after class one evening, told me of his struggle and asked if he could take me to lunch the next day. “I just know you have the answer and I will be able to get past my past!” he said. “Maybe I do,” I answered, “Let’s go to lunch and see.”

    We met at noon and sat under the trees at the little sidewalk café. For forty-five minutes, he regaled me with stories of his childhood, the struggles with money, the poverty consciousness of his family, and the continuing problems throughout his working career that stemmed from his past. He had been in therapy, had taken classes and read books, and seemed to have a thorough understanding of how the negative programming of his childhood had created negative habit patterns in the present. I could see that he was ready to be done with the past and create a new present.

    “I just know you have the answer,” he said towards the end of our lunch hour.

    “I do,” I said.

    “Great!” he exclaimed. “I knew you would! Tell me the answer! What do I have to do?”

    I paused, looked him straight in the eye and decided to take the risk and tell him the truth straight out. I said, “Get over it.”

    His eyes widened in shock. He looked at me for a long moment, then started to smile and then to laugh. He said, “That’s it exactly. I knew it; I just needed somebody else to confirm it. Thank you.”

    We laughed together, sitting in the sun. After that day, his tension eased, he relaxed, he appeared more self-assured, he started thinking more positively, sending out ships, and his business prospered.

    You may not be ready to “get over it” today. Maybe you need more psychotherapy. Maybe you need more time to wallow. But if you want treasure, one day you must stop mourning over the sunken ships and build new ones.

    Today’s Affirmation: “With a glad heart, I welcome the treasures of today!”


    Write the story of your life. Read it over again. Is it a balanced viewpoint? Or is it weighted towards the negative or the positive aspects of your life?

    Now rewrite it—twice.

    The first time, write it from a loser’s perspective and focus on all the bad breaks you ever had, the people who were mean to you, hurt or robbed or beat you, and all your financial losses.

    When you write the second version, focus on winning. Take pleasure in every good thing that ever happened to you—every win, every success, every raise, bonus, etc.  Look at all the people who helped you, nurtured you, and loved you.

    They are both “The Story of Your Life.” They are both true. But which one do you focus on? Which one shows up on your face? In your body language? In your relationships? Which story do you think about before you go on a job interview?  Make a sales call? Go on a date? Which story of your life is showing up in all your current results—financially, professionally, and personally?

    To illustrate, here are some of the things I include in “The Story of My Life”:

    Version #1:  Lost election for cheerleader twice. Battered wife. Divorced. Failed as an actress—never had a starring role on TV, movies or Broadway. Left at altar three weeks before wedding.Worked for years as a secretary for little money.  Lost major $300,000 a year client right after buying out partners from business. Drowned in credit card debt.  Bought house at high price, high interest mortgage. Couldn’t pay bills. Couldn’t pay mortgage. Filed bankruptcy. Lost home to foreclosure. Robbed at gunpoint. Attacked in bedroom at 3:00 am. Car broken into 3 times, stolen once.  Mother died, followed by uncle, aunt, cousin’s six-month-old baby, best friend—all within 9 months of each other. Abused alcohol. No husband. No children.

    Don’t you just want to say, “Oh, poor thing”?  I feel depressed just writing all that.

    Version #2:  Won election for Pep Club President. Leading roles in school plays. Won Outstanding Senior Speech Arts Award. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from UC Santa Barbara. Selected Outstanding Senior for Drama Department. Worked often and had great fun in professional acting career—member of Screen Actors Guild, Actors Equity, and AFTRA. Found new career in bookkeeping service, grew business from $80,000 annual sales to $450,000 annual sales in four years. Made partner, then bought business. Able to save business after bankruptcy. Invented new business—Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops. Elected President of LA Chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners, won Small Business Administration Women in Business Advocate award, Pacific Palisades Rotarian of the Year, Womens Referral Service Member of the Year, Women in Management Most Inspirational Speaker. Got sober. Make six-figure income. Have fabulous friends and family. Enjoy every day—making money, having fun, and helping people.

    Same life, different perspective. Both versions are true. But if I allow myself to think about the first version, with all the negative things, each day before I make a phone call or write an email or go to a meeting, I’m going to be depressed. And that’s going to show. Then, if I call you and you’re a positive person, you’re going to be put off by the negative undertone you feel from me. However, if you’re a whiner and complainer, you’re going to be ever so attracted to me…see how it works?

    Beware the stories you tell other people. Telling them reinforces your belief about yourself, and creates your future from your past. Everyone has bad things happen to them. Everyone has good things happen to them. Winners focus on the good things and whiners focus on the bad things.

    I used to think that when you became successful, you wouldn’t have any more failures. Now I know that even when you become a fabulous success, you will still have losses. Success is in the margin between the wins and the losses. I learned that from poker: the best player in the world still experiences some bad beats and terrible results sometimes. But as your skill and experience improves, you will have more wins and fewer losses. You will win more money and lose less money. Same thing in business; same thing in life.

    So go, risk, explore, experience, learn, and grow. Improve your margins and improve your life. Every day is a winning day!

    “From Worry to Wealthy: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Success Without the Stress” was just released in February, and was the #1 Hot New Release in Women in Business and #1 Hot New Release in Budgeting and Money Management on Amazon. Filled with juicy stories and instructions on how to solve your love/hate relationship with money, make gold calls instead of cold calls, and live a rich and beautiful life, this is the book that swears nice girls CAN have the corner office! “What a wonderful book! This is a terrific guide to living a rich life – spiritually, mentally, and physically. Filled with wonderful stories and examples, keeping in mind these principles will help you have confidence, charisma and cash in your business and in your life.”—Barbara Stanny, Author Overcoming Underearning and Secrets of Six-Figure Women

    Jury Duty

    Posted on March 4th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    63 – March 4

    “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many…not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”—Charles Dickens


    In Los Angeles, they recently changed the requirements for jury duty so that if called, you only had to serve for one day or one trial. As a single, self-employed person, I had always been excused from jury duty because it would cause a financial hardship. But this new system made it possible for me to participate. Rather than regarding it as an onerous duty, I rather looked forward to the new adventure. It made me think about our system of government and how lucky we are to have a judicial system in which judgments are rendered by a jury of our peers. Beats tyranny and oppression every time.

    So my peers and I showed up at the Van Nuys courtroom, checked in and waited to be called.

    There were about three hundred of us in a large, comfortable waiting room. Fifty at a time, they called our names, upon which we proceeded to a courtroom, where we were to be interviewed as prospective jurors.

    In the courtroom, the panel involved a murder case, expected to last for eight days. The defendant was accused of murdering his estranged wife. One by one, the bailiff called the jurors to the jury box, where they were asked a set of questions. Many jurors were excused, based on their answers. They completed the jury before I was interviewed, and my jury service of one day was over. But the answers I had to the questions they asked struck me:

    Have you ever been a victim of a crime? “Yes, my home has been burglarized three times; my car has been broken into three times, stolen once; I have been robbed at gun point once and physically attacked in my home in the middle of the night once.”

    Have you or anyone you know ever been a victim of domestic violence? “Yes, I have.”

    Have you ever abused alcohol? “Yes, I am a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

    I had never added up all this information about my past in quite this way. And I saw how much of a victim I had been. I believe it’s because, at that time, I had a victim mentality; I thought negative, fearful thoughts and attracted those experiences to me. I noticed, too, that since I had actively practiced positive thinking, my experiences had also changed, and I was a victim no more.

    Please note I am not blaming all victims here, just noting that if you are a victim over and over again, maybe it has something to do with you. Like the old Marvin Gaye/Kim Weston song says, “It takes two, babee-ee-ee.” So I determined to stop thinking like a victim, stop telling victim stories, and decided to focus on winning. Now I tell success stories. How about you?

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am victorious over my past and creating abundance today!”


    Hallelujah, I am so glad not to be a victim Tuna any more! It’s so nice now just to feel safe, and happy, and prosperous. Ahhhh.

    But I get little reminders from time to time, that I am not perfect at the positive thinking thing after all.

    Once, we were having construction on our street for more than three months. The Department of Water and Power are replacing the water main. The street was filled with “no parking” signs and often got closed. Lots of trucks and drilling and noise.

    One day, I was worried about loud drilling noise during my afternoon teleclass. I hoped they would show up on a different day, or at a different time. But somehow I kept picturing how awful it would be if they started drilling right outside my house during the class.

    Bingo. Sure enough, the truck showed up to drill in front of my house at exactly 15 minutes before the class started and ended about15 minutes after the class was over. Out of the 40 hour work week, they chose the 2 hours that I most needed them not to be here.

    This is a perfect example of the Law of Attraction. I focused on what I didn’t want, and bam! I got what I didn’t want.As Abraham-Hicks noted:

    “The Universe is responding to you in your NOW.  So whatever you’re feeling right NOW means that is what you are sending out vibrationally right NOW, which means that is what you are attracting to yourself right NOW, which means your future is FULL of a bunch of stuff that is gonna feel pretty much like right NOW feels.”

    Remember to always focus on what you DO want instead!

    I am humbled once again, remembering Catherine Aird’s admonition, “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a terrible warning.”

    Today I’m focusing on happiness, clarity, and winning big at everything I do. What are you going to focus on today?


    Risk: Gambling

    Posted on March 3rd, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    62 – March 3

    “Experience is a good teacher, but she sends in terrific bills.”—Minna Antrim


    “Do you ever gamble, Fred?” the player in seat two asked the dealer, a handsome black man with a bright smile.

    “Oh, noooo!” he exclaimed, shaking his head with a grin as he shuffled the cards. “I go to Gambler’s Anonymous three times a week. I lost $85,000 in one year, the house, and the wife. I don’t gamble any more.”

    Whenever I read an article or watch a television program about gambling, it is usually filled with stories like the one above. There are many of them. So why is gambling a $500 billion industry? Why are new extravagant hotels being built every year in Las Vegas? How can people continue to take these kinds of risks?

    Gambling has been a part of human experience since the dawn of time. Archaeologists have discovered gaming dice among the ruins of many ancient civilizations. (Cheating has existed just as long; a recent discovery at an ancient city site was a die with two fives on it.) With all of the negative press, the horror stories of terrible losses and the railings of anti-gambling forces in every era, gambling persists. Why?

    Because some people win.

    (Continued on page 62 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I have a wonderful budget for fun and entertainment!”


    People often wonder why I like playing poker so much. “You’re a financial coach and you gamble?” they ask incredulously.

    “And what part of life isn’t a gamble?” I retort. “The stock market? Going into business for yourself? Taking a new job? Moving to a new city? Getting married? Getting divorced? You take your life in your hands when you get behind the wheel of a car, jump on an airplane, or just walk across the street.

    Card Player Cruise was fun!

    “You’re playing the odds every day of your life, calculating the risks versus the rewards of any given action. Putting money in a savings account has low risk but also low reward, investing in a new business has a higher risk but a potentially much greater reward.”

    Playing poker is a fun game to play, but in addition it has helped me develop many useful skills that have helped me in my business. Do you have a hobby that is fun, teaches you valuable skills, and can make you money too? Here are some business lessons I learned at the poker tables:

    1. Patience. A poker professional once said, “To teach people to play poker, my first lesson would be to tell them to go outside and watch the grass grow for two hours. My second lesson would be for them to go outside and watch the grass grow for four hours.” Sigh. When the cards aren’t falling your way, you can’t make them come. You have to wait for the right cards, right position, or right situation. I thought about that when the economy turned south and the public stopped buying…well, just about everything. So you wait it out, knowing the shift will come. It always does.

    2. How to read people. You’ve heard about people having a “poker face”? That means they have the same facial expression whether they are happy or sad, strong or weak. Poker players are trying not to show their excitement when they have a strong hand, or to look strong when they are weak. Most people never school their expressions, and everything they think is writ large across their faces. When I talk with someone or teach my classes, I can see on their faces whether or not they agree with me – they smile and nod their heads, or they frown and shake their heads. When I teach teleclasses and don’t have the visual clues, I’ve been blown away to discover how clearly facial expressions show up in the voice! This skill alone has helped me improve my teaching skills and my ability to help others.

    3. How to figure risk/reward ratios. Poker players with math skills have an advantage in the game. If the pot has $5 in it and somebody bets $20, there’s now $25 in the pot – but you’ll have to pay $20 to win $25. Not a good bet. Even if you have the best starting hand and the best odds, you can still lose, so this is not a great investment of your $20. The guy who bet $20 has given you “bad pot odds” to call. Many players get caught up in the thrill of the game and ignore the odds. Similarly, it always amazes me how many business owners aren’t regularly counting their money and figuring out their profitability on each sector of their business.

    Poker is a game of making good decisions, and so is business. Use your money wisely, when the odds of success are with you, and the reward is worth the risk.

    What’s a gamble you took that paid off?

    Having Fun on Low Budget

    Posted on February 28th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    59 – February 28

    “There were times my pants were so thin I could sit on a dime and tell if it were heads or tails.”—Spencer Tracy


    If this is a month you have chosen to be on “Low Budget,” remember that it is just for now, not forever. Make it a game! Your goal each day is to spend as little as possible. How can you have a great time without spending money? You can get the whole family involved—have a prize for the best idea. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

    1. Go shopping in your closet. Create new outfits from all the assorted shirts, skirts, pants, scarves, shoes, belts, and jewelry. Discard anything you haven’t worn in a while and donate it to charity. You’ll be doing good for others and at the same time creating space for more abundance when you get to “High Budget.”
    2. Write a poem, a play, a story, or a song. Draw a picture. Play the musical instrument you haven’t picked up in a while.
    3. Organize a family or neighborhood talent show and encourage everyone to contribute their talent. Create “First Place” Awards for everyone: Each person will be the best in their own unique category (for example, “Best Song by a Blond Girl Scout”).

    (Continued on page 59 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “My life is rich in fun and adventure!


    Always remember that being on Low Budget is just for one month.

    Even if you have a long range plan to save for a down-payment on a house, or dig yourself out of debt, it will be too depressing if you think about living on the cheap for too long. If you can be cheerful during your Low Budget days, and know that they aren’t going to last forever, and gee, something great could happen today or tomorrow or next week and you could move up to Medium Budget! – then you’re going to do your positive affirmations with more energy and excitement, aren’t you? And that will have big payoffs in your daily joy and prosperity.

    Whatever budget you’re on, always make sure you are living below your means. Committing to too many ongoing monthly expenses without leaving room for savings, emergencies, or opportunities isn’t going to make you a happy camper when the Homeless-Harry-or-Harriet-You-Might-Become wakes you from a sound slumber when the economy tanks, your child needs an operation, or the family breadwinner loses their job. This past recession has taught that lesson, but has everyone harkened to it? Or will the spending splurge start again immediately?

    Now is the time to plan a better future. While you do that, figure out some low-cost pleasures that are really fun!

    What do you do for fun when you’re on Low Budget?

    Campbell Cash

    Posted on February 27th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    58 – February 27

    “Just as a sunbeam can’t separate itself from the sun and a wave can’t separate itself from the ocean, we can’t separate ourselves from one another. We are all part of a vast sea of love; one indivisible divine mind.”—Marianne Williamson


    I invented “Campbell Cash” for my workshops, in order to play a game like the one the cruise line’s “Ship Shape” dollars. I had pretty green coffee mugs made to use as a prize, with dollar signs, hearts, and prosperity affirmations on them.

    I was excited about putting this game into practice at my next workshop. At the first session of the eight-week class, I explained that participants could buy them only with “Campbell Cash” dollars on the last day of the class. They would receive a “Campbell Cash” dollar each time they came to class and each time they did their homework. I would also give out additional dollars from time to time when people had special “wins” or accomplishments in managing or making more money. They needed fifteen of them in order to buy the mug.

    Just as on the cruise ship, people jumped into the game of getting as many “Campbell Cash” dollars as they could. They looked for “wins” in their week that they could share in class, they came to class, and they did their homework. People learned to ask for money—they got very creative and kept asking me, “Do I get a dollar for that?” It built an energy and excitement that carried over throughout the workshop.

    A few people still had some difficulties with the homework, or with asking for a special dollar. What was I going to do if some people didn’t get their fifteen dollars needed to buy the mug on the last day of class? God forbid anyone should leave class without a mug. I was still unsure of the best thing to do when the day of the last class arrived. Looking around the room, I asked everyone to count their dollars. As they added up their total, I saw some people looking proud and happy, and others looking a little sad.

    I asked Linda in the front row how many dollars she had. “Seventeen,” she said proudly. “Congratulations!” I said, “You get a mug!” I turned to Lana sitting next to her and asked how many she had. “Only fourteen,” she said sadly. Without the briefest hesitation, Linda turned to her and gave her a dollar. A ripple of love and wonder thrilled through the room as everyone sighed with happiness and understanding. They knew what to do. The next person had sixteen dollars, got her congratulations, then promptly handed her extra dollar to the man following her who only had fourteen. It continued this way until everyone in the room had enough to win their mug. There was a loving smile on every face, and a tear in every eye. Especially mine. And it has happened like that in every class since.

    Is there someone in your life who needs your dollar in order to get their prize?

    Today’s Affirmation: “I have great abundance in my life and plenty to share with others.”


    What was clear in my class was that each person got one mug for sixteen dollars. If they accumulated more dollars, they still just got one mug. Nobody really had a burning desire for two, three, six, or twelve mugs. The competition spurred them on during the class because it was fun to win, and fun to be acknowledged for their success. If they had dollars left over after redeeming their mug, those extra dollars were now worthless to them. But they were still valuable to the people who didn’t have enough to get a mug.

    No one ever suggested that they would sell their extra dollars, or barter something else in exchange for them. Everyone in the group had bonded over the eight weeks of the class, and everyone wanted everyone else in the group to be successful. People were genuinely delighted that they were able to help someone else get their mug. And it didn’t cost them anything.

    One of the problems in today’s world is that people feel they have to bank endless numbers of dollars because they might need them someday. It doesn’t matter that they have all they need right now, and they’ve got their mug. They’re fearful of the day they might not have it.

    What if they break it or lose it? What if it’s stolen? What if they get old or sick or lose their job and can’t get another one? So they put away money to ensure their future security. But how much is enough? One million dollars? Two million? Six billion? How much money stays out of circulation as a hedge against imagined future disasters? How many people go without their mug while others stockpile mug upon mug upon mug?

    I’d like to live in a society that guarantees every neighbor has at least one mug. Then after that, if especially talented and you want to accumulate more, if you like competitive games, you can go for it. Collect ten or twenty mugs. A garage full of mugs. Knock yourself out.

    It’s fine with me that some people have more than one. It’s just not fine that some have none.

    “Ship Shape” Dollars

    Posted on February 26th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    57 – February 26

    “Money won’t make you happy…but everybody wants to find out for themselves.”—Zig Ziglar


    My friend, Korey, and I went on a cruise. We worried about gaining weight, since there was so much scrumptious, abundant food supply on board that we couldn’t believe it. There were about twelve meals per day: Pre-breakfast snack, breakfast, after breakfast snack, mid-morning snack, pre-lunch snack, lunch, after lunch snack, afternoon tea, cocktail hors d’oeuvres, dinner, mid-evening snack…by the time the midnight buffet arrived, I couldn’t get so much as another cracker in my mouth! We decided that we would counter all the food by exercising: Always using the stairs instead of the elevator, making sure to do a lot of walking, dancing in the disco, and going to aerobics class every morning.

    We showed up for aerobics class the first morning bright and early. There was a good crowd at the class and the instructor, Debbie, was energetic and upbeat, so a good time was had by all. Debbie was dressed in a cute yellow Royal Caribbean T-shirt and matching visor. At the end of the hour, she gave each one of us a yellow “Ship Shape” dollar and told us that we would get one at the end of each exercise program on the ship. If we collected ten “Ship Shape” dollars, we could redeem them for a yellow T-shirt and visor just like hers. Everyone’s eyes lit up. A free prize?

    Cruise ship at Santorini

    (Continued on page 57 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I accept rich rewards—and I deserve them!”

    My friend, BJ Gallagher, writes the most delicious books, like Dancing in the Rain, and It’s Never to Late to be What You Might Have Been. She often quotes me, which of course thrills me no end. So it’s time for me to return the favor. Here’s some great information on happiness from her latest book, The Road to Happiness.

    Happiness is Contagious

    Not too long ago, researchers from the Harvard Medical School and the University of California at San Diego made an important discovery—happiness is contagious. Your happiness is influenced not only by the people you know, but also by the people they know. In other words, happiness spreads through social relationships—groups, cliques, teams, clubs, clans, communities, gangs, neighborhoods and families.

    Sadness is contagious, too, but it seems to spread much less efficiently, according to one of the coauthors of the study, Dr. James Fowler, of U.C. San Diego.

    Fowler explains how your happiness is affected by people you don’t even know: “We have known for a long time that there is a direct relationship between one person’s happiness and anothers. But this study shows that indirect relationships also affect happiness. We found a statistical relationship not just between your happiness and your friends’ happiness, but between your happiness and your friends’ friends’ friends’ happiness.”

    Fowler and his colleague, Nicholas Christakis of Harvard, discovered that there are three degrees of separation when it comes to happiness:

    15% – If your friend, family member, or other direct social contact is happy, your probability of happiness increases by 15%.

    10% – If the spouse of your friend, or the boss of your spouse, or some other second-degree social contact is happy, your probability of happiness increases by 10%.

    6%  –  And if the friend of a friend of your best friend, or some other third-degree social contact is happy, your probability of happiness increases by 6%.

    Having more friends will also increase your chance of happiness, but not as much as having happy friends. With regard to happiness, quality seems to be more important than quantity.

    Want more happiness in your life? Hang around happy people.

    –Excerpt from The Road to Happiness: Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

    By Mac Anderson and BJ Gallagher

    Julie and the One Hundred Calls

    Posted on February 24th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    55 – February 24

    “God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into the nest.”—Josiah Gilbert Holland


    Julie, a sensational public speaker, hated making her sales calls. She loved speaking and was really good at it. She had valuable lessons to share and wonderful experiences to recount; people loved listening to her and learning from her. But “sending out ships” was hard: Pick up the phone, call strangers who may or may not want to talk to her, get rejected, rebuffed, put off, disconnected…oh, this was not fun at all.

    She knew this was a necessity in her business, however. And it’s a necessity in every business! Until you become known, with so many repeat and referral clients, you have to be out there talking to people. The more you talk to people, the more you become known. You can’t wait for people to discover you and call you—it could be a long wait, and how will you eat and pay your bills in the meantime? Not making phone calls is like standing in the shadows at a party—you know you’re there, but no one else does. You have to pick up the golden phone and smile and dial.

    She made one hundred phone calls over the next two days. And the hundredth call resulted in a speaking engagement for four thousand dollars! That’s her motivation for the next one hundred calls.

    Am I hearing “Yeah, buts” from you now? Are you wondering how this story applies to you if you aren’t in your own business or in sales? Well, how about making one hundred calls to help your boss or your company improve their profitability and see what happens? Or one hundred calls to get a better job? Or one hundred calls to raise funds for your favorite charity?

    What could happen for you in one hundred calls?

    Today’s Affirmation: “I receive tremendous rewards every time I dial the phone!”


    If there’s a problem in a business, the problem is usually in the shipping.

    Not postal service shipping, but “Sending Out Ships” – sales calls, marketing, advertising, etc. People need you! You’ve got to put your hand up, put a sign out, and let people know who you are, what you do, and where you are.

    Here are some samples of ships you can send out:

    Ads online

    Ads in newspapers & magazines

    Ads on television

    Listings in membership directories

    Networking (you’re the ad)

    Give speeches

    Facebook (and don’t just send pitches, be a real friend and contribute to conversations)





    White papers

    Press releases

    Joint ventures



    Web site

    Membership site

    Squeeze page or sales page

    Shopping cart

    Books and ebooks (The Wealthy Spirit was the best brochure for my workshop I ever did)

    Book signings

    Free teleclasses

    Free consultations

    Free samples

    Advertising specialties (pens, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.)

    Videos on Youtube



    WOM (word of mouth)

    What else do you do? What works best for you in your business? How do you know what’s working? Are you keeping track of what pays off best?

    Ships Logs

    Posted on February 23rd, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    54 – February 23

    “In any business, there are jobs that are productive and sometimes confrontational, for they test you. And then there is all the other work, none of which earns any money.”—Stuart Wilde


    Wilde is talking about sales. Where there are no sales, there is no money. If you are in business for yourself, it won’t matter how good you are if you don’t have any customers. Getting and retaining customers must be high on your list of daily activities. Otherwise, you aren’t going to be in business for long.

    In my seminar business, if I don’t “send out ships” to get people to attend the workshops, there won’t be anyone in them, and I won’t make any money. End of business. But since this was the most “confrontational” aspect of my work, I found I’d do just about anything else during the day. That’s what paperwork is for—it’s an excuse not to market your business. I’d reach the end of the day and feel like I’d worked hard, but stayed unconscious as to how many sales calls I’d made.

    Then one day, I was complaining to a friend about working too hard and not making enough money. He asked how many sales calls I made each day. I looked at him blankly. “I don’t know, exactly,” I said. He only had to raise his eyebrows and I got the picture.

    (Continued on page 54 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “All my beautiful ships are bringing me fabulous money!”

    This is the Ships Log I use. At the beginning of the day I’m going to make calls, I write down how many times I intend to dial the phone, how many conversations I expect to have (instead of leaving messages), how many appointments to meet or talk with someone I will set, how many networking meetings or appointments I have today, and then how many clients I expect to get in the “Target” section of the form. As I make calls throughout the day, I make hatch marks in the “Actual” column.

    If you keep track faithfully, you will know exactly how many phone calls it takes to get a client. Then you multiply your actions to achieve the results you want!

    Work Hours

    Posted on February 21st, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    52 – February 21

    “I believe that people who work twelve hours a day should go home with bigger loaves of bread than people who work eight.”—Michael Levine


    No, no, I disagree! I enjoyed a lot of Michael Levine’s Lessons at the Halfway Point, but this one I take exception to. Success cannot be a matter of how many hours of the day you work. At some point—namely twenty-four—we run out of hours. What then?

    Late one evening in the fall of 1985, I was hard at work with running the business management firm I co-owned with two attorneys. We shared office space, and Merv, one of the partners, was working late that night, too. He came by my desk to say good night and I looked up at him in frustration. “There’s so much to do!” I exclaimed. “I could work every hour in the day and never get it all done!”

    Antique clocks at Corfu, Greece

    “That’s right, Chellie,” he said, “Work will expand to fill the time you’re willing to devote to it. At some point, you just have to say, ‘That’s enough’ and go home.”

    I thought about that many times in the next few years as I tried to find how many work hours were “enough” for me. When I was president of the National Association of Women Business Owners Los Angeles Chapter, the first motion I put on the table at the first Board of Directors meeting was this: “I move that there will now be thirty-six hours in every day.” It was seconded in a heartbeat, and passed unanimously, amid riotous laughter.

    Would that we could solve our time-management problems so easily! But even if we could make thirty-six-hour days a reality, we would have the same problems managing our time as we do today. We spin like tops trying to do too much. There is so much to do in the world! We want to do all of it and we want to do it today. I see people on the overwork treadmill every day, and it isn’t pretty. People have the equation wrong—they think more work will equal more money. They look at some successful people who are working twelve-fourteen hour days and mistakenly draw the conclusion if they want to be successful, they will have to work twelve-fourteen hours per day, too. But what they fail to notice is that the successful person isn’t working that many hours because they have to. They’re doing it because they want to—this is their fun! Don’t put more hours in your work—put more fun in your work hours. It’s the passion and drive that’s fun, and that’s what creates success.

    Even if you enjoy work and work a lot, at some point you’re going to run out of hours. Everyone has only twenty-four hours in a day, but we are all making different amounts of money. Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Stephen Spielberg aren’t making more money because they’re spending more time at work than you. They’re making more money because they’re leveraging their time differently. What can you do today to work lighter instead of longer?

    Today’s Affirmation: “The more time off I take, the more money I make.”


    When The Wealthy Spirit was released, I started receiving emails from people around the world who were enjoying the book. What a wonderful blessing of the internet, to receive confirmation that yes, some people were not only buying my book, but getting value from it.

    Since I didn’t know how long the book would be in print and available, or how many people might feel drawn to actually write me, I started saving all the emails in a word file.

    Imagine how fun it was when I received this one:

    Dear Chellie:

    Greetings from Planet E-mail.

    A great friend showed me your Wealthy Spirit book and pointed out that you had quoted me in your fine work. # 52.

    My name is Michael Levine and I am the author of Lessons at the Halfway Point among other books.

    Your Wealthy Spirit is a fine piece of work and you should be very proud.

    Respectfully, I think you missed my point on my works but would love to share the meaning with you on a phone chat.  My website is

    Again, thanks for including me.



    He gave me his phone number, too, so I called him up. He owns a very successful public relations firm and handles a lot of big-time Hollywood clients. This is from his web site: “Throughout its 26 year history, LCO has represented Hollywood’s biggest and most powerful names and brands including Dave Chappelle, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Nike, Playboy, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Suzanne Sommers, Paul Stanley, The Laugh Factory, Prince, David Bowie, Peter Guber, Pizza Hut, George Michael, Cameron Diaz, and hundreds more.”

    Wow. And he wrote me a letter? I was impressed.

    Michael was terrific and down-to-earth when we talked. He let me know that his point in the book was that rewards shouldn’t necessarily be about the number of hours, but that people who are dedicated and work hard to succeed should receive appropriate remuneration for that. I agreed with that and we had a wonderful chat.

    I’ve met some fabulous people and had experiences I never would have had if I hadn’t written this book. It was first published in 2002, and in 2009, my publisher asked me to make some edits, add testimonial blurbs and an updated photo, then re-released it. They were getting some big orders in because of the economic crisis of these last couple of years made my topic quite timely.

    I’m still collecting emails in my word file. Now it’s over 300 pages. I feel very blessed.

    If you haven’t been collecting your compliments and testimonials, start now. If you don’t have the actual notes or letters, just write down what you remember. Whenever you have one of those what’s-the-use-nothing-is-working-life-is-futile days, you can review your collection and remember that you have touched people and made a difference. There’s nothing better for the spirit than that.