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    Posted on July 26th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    207-July 26

    “If what you know now was enough, you’d already be where you want to go.”—Jack Canfield

    When I started writing this book, I didn’t know anything about the book business. What I did know was that if I was going to have a successful book, I had better find out as much as I could about writing, publishing, marketing, and selling books. Writing a good book wasn’t going to be enough. I had to know how the publishing industry worked, how to write a good book proposal, how to get an agent, how to negotiate a book contract, how to promote and advertise the book, and how to close book sales. I bought books on these subjects, listened to tapes, asked everyone I knew who had contacts in the publishing industry, visualized success, wrote down my goals, practiced my affirmations, meditated, prayed, and sent out ships every day.

    Brooke Harker’s cat on my book

    A few months later, I discovered that Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield were giving a seminar called How to Build Your Speaking and Writing Empire in my area. These two men, authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, had sold more than 50 million books! They were the perfect role models for me. I signed up immediately and drank in every word of the seminar when it was given. It was fabulous! Not only did they present a terrific amount of information, but gave many resources for getting more.

    The day after the workshop, my networking paid off: Through Women’s Referral Service, I met a chiropractor, Jim Blumenthal, who referred me to Theresa Stephens, who put me in touch with her friend Jim Jermanok, who put me in touch with his friend, literary agent Lisa Hagan at Paraview, Inc., who signed me as a client the day she received my manuscript. Lisa found me my wonderful editor and publisher, Deborah Werksman at Sourcebooks. They are all “My People!”

    Here is the short list of Mark and Jack’s success instructions:
    1. Visualize your goals
    2. Write down your goals
    3. Do affirmations
    4. Meditate
    5. Pray
    6. Take action (send out ships!)

    I like their list!

    Today’s Affirmation: “All creative forces are working together for my good!”

    It’s All About PR

    “After you’ve written your book, found an agent, gotten a publisher, and your book is finally in the bookstores, five percent of your work has been done.”—Jack Canfield

    You learn that, in the book world, PR is everything. When you walk into a bookstore, you are walking into a treasure house of 140,000 books. Online at, there are some 3 million books. Somewhere in your mind, dimly, you knew that, but nothing drives it home so much as walking into a bookstore and seeing rack upon rack of beautiful books and then you go find your section and see all the racks of beautiful self-help books and then, tucked into a small shelf on the bottom left, there is your one-and-only, your own beautiful book. Ahhh, you sigh, your book, your dream, has magically materialized and actually exists in a real bookstore in real space in real time. Then your eyes widen, you look around, and you think, “Gadzooks! (or some such expletive) How am I going to get my book noticed?”

    The answer is PR, PR, pr, PR, PR, PR, pr, PR, and more PR. As in public relations, press, advertising, newsletters, ezines, magazine articles, newspaper articles, radio if you’re lucky, television if you’re really lucky, etc., etc., etc. Then you put on your gold tennis shoes and do a book signing, speak at the Lions Club, the Direct Marketing Association, the Church of Religious Science, the Women’s City Club, the Society for Technical Communication, and anyone else who will book you. You go to other people’s book signings and schmooze, give copies of your book to celebrities (Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, Martha Beck, and Suze Orman all own of personally autographed copies of “The Wealthy Spirit”). You go to your six or seven regular networking meetings, National Association of Women Business Owners, Women’s Referral Service, Chambers of Commerce, NEW Women Entrepreneurs (it really helps if you like chicken).

    You do all this because, when you have lunch with Michelle Anton, the producer of the Dr. Laura radio show, she tells you how she found out about your book; that she didn’t know that you were on the “Dr. Laura” television show three years ago, that she didn’t get the press release your publisher sent with your book, and she didn’t get your letter that you sent with your book. None of that mattered. What mattered was that a friend of hers told her about the book. And that’s why, when someone asks what marketing strategy has worked the best to promote your book, you say, “The twenty years I’ve been out there networking.”

    Then, because book money comes three months after the end of the six-month royalty period, you make hundreds of gold calls on the gold phone because the NOW money of workshops is in the phone, where the LATER money of books is in the mail. You teach class two nights a week and enroll class every other waking moment. In your spare time, you write an article for Dr. Laura’s web site, you write your next newsletter, and you smile sweetly when people start asking you about your next book…

    And you thank God every day for giving you this rich, full, high-class-quality-problem-too-busy life where you can decide what dream you want, bring a book into being, and e-zoom your thoughts and feelings into the minds and hearts of a circle of friends.

    Round Robins

    Posted on July 25th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    206-July 25

    “To make dough, do.”—Bertram Troy

    At many networking meetings, each person is given an opportunity to do a thirty-second commercial on their business. This is called a “round robin.” This is a great chance to advertise the benefits of the products or services you provide to others. It is important that you represent yourself in an interesting way—say or do something that stands out or makes you special. You can’t educate the audience or explain everything you do in thirty seconds—you just have to pique the audience’s interest so that they want to talk to you later.

    Here are some memorable examples from networking meetings I’ve attended:

    “If you’re in debt, don’t fret, call Bret.”–Bret Davis, Bankruptcy Attorney

    “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. And who did he immediately call? The law offices of Rhoda Walsh.”—Rhoda Walsh, Personal Injury Attorney

    A woman at the podium drinks a glass of milk, turns to the audience and says, “Got cookies?”–Shell Brown, Shell Brown’s Cookies

    “Give me your checkbook, your bills, your huddled receipts yearning to breathe free….”—Alan Smithee, Bookkeeper

    “I’m your brother-in-law in the jewelry business.”—Bruce Spiegel, The Jewelry Factory

    “Hair today, gone tomorrow.”—Rita Katzman, Electrologist

    “If you want to move your dream house closer, call Ellen Grosser.”—Ellen Grosser, Real Estate Agent

    “Have you heard that all printers charge the same?” Audience response, “It’s a lie!” “That’s right. I can get you the best price in town,” says Sharon Helmer, Printer

    Do you ever have to introduce yourself at a business meetings or events? Make it clever, make it entertaining, make people laugh. It’s not only fun—it’s good business. People like to be entertained. They will remember you. And that’s all marketing was ever about.

    If you are not in business or in sales, open up to the possibility of marketing the company you work for. Their success is your success—if they make more money, they’ll have more money with which to pay your salary. And if you aren’t employed, find a creative tag for whatever you are doing with your time: “I nurture children,” “I’m doing my part to hold down the divorce rate,” “I perfect golf swings.” Whatever you do, don’t put yourself down by saying, “I’m just a _____.” Be proud of who you are and what you do. Or change it.

    Today’s Affirmation: “People are always fascinated by what I have to say!”

    Here’s my round robin:

    “You’re gonna be rich tomorrow (sung to the tune of “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie)…if you take my class today! I’m Chellie Campbell and I treat money disorders – spending bulimia and income anorexia. My 8-week Financial Stress Reduction Workshop is designed to help you make more money and have more time off for fun. I’m also the author of two bestselling books, “The Wealthy Spirit” and “Zero to Zillionaire”, so if you’re living on peanut butter and jelly and would like to afford deli, call Chellie!”

    Photo design by Lou Bortone

    Want to start Making More Money and Having More Time Off for Fun Now?

    Classes are starting soon so reserve your space today for the next Financial Stress Reduction® Telecourses beginning Monday night, August 18 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm (PT), Tuesday afternoon, August 19 from 12:00 – 2:00 pm (PT), and Wednesday night, August 20 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm (PT).  Click here for information and to register or call Chellie at 310-476-1622 or email Payment plans available.

    “You’re one in a million! I have changed radically in my thinking since being in your class. The results are so evident to those who know me well, even my parsimonious husband, who has noticed my new enthusiasm for being actively financially responsible, is seeing a difference, especially in my bank account. You promised that I would earn back all the money that I spent to take the class before it ended, and I DID!!!” –Janet Cargill, 360 Image Consultant, 908-310-2148,

    You Are Unique—Market It!

    Posted on July 24th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    205-July 24

    “It is never to late to be what you might have been.”—George Eliot

    I was introduced to networking by my insurance agent, the late Sharlee Bishin. She came by my office one day, when I had only had my bookkeeping business for about a year. We chatted for a bit, and she asked me, “Where are you networking?” I looked at her blankly. “What’s networking?” I asked. Horrified, she said, “Come with me, dear,” and we were off to a dinner meeting of Women’s Referral Service, a wonderfully friendly group of supportive businesswomen (and men) founded by Nancy Sardella.

    It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was doing something wrong. Every person I met asked me what kind of work I did, and I would answer, “I’m a bookkeeper.” The reactions were swift and instantaneous. People frowned, drew back, changed the subject, or left in a hurry. As an actress, I had developed the ability to know when I had my audience’s attention and it was clear I lost it the minute I mentioned the word “bookkeeping.” No one wanted to have a conversation about that.

    (Continued on page 205 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am the most unique and beautiful me I know!”

    I still attend WRS meetings – I’ve been a member for over 25 years now. They teach people how to network, too, with a “non-sales selling technique”. You’re taught that when you meet someone new, you ask them “What do you do?” and “What kind of clients are you looking for?” This keeps everyone open to hearing from other people instead of trying to pitch everyone they meet on their own business, see? Much more user-friendly. The groups motto is “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want” which is a quote of Zig Ziglar’s. It’s so true.

    Also, WRS does the most wonderful thing after their 30-second round robins – everyone gets an additional 10 seconds with which to thank someone else in the room for their product or service.

    I was feeling a bit blue one day – I was just a little tired and out of sorts, my email connection went down, and I just took the afternoon off to relax. I had a WRS meeting scheduled and didn’t really feel like getting up, dressed, and drive across town. But I know I’m always glad after I do it, so off I went.

    The meeting completed turned my head around. I always say “when I go to WRS, I greet old friends and make new ones.” The warmth of the people in the room embraced me, and I relaxed into the flow of energy from lovely dolphins.

    Wouldn’t you know, several people gave me testimonials after their round robins – how did they know I needed that? It made me feel so good to know that my work has helped people to grow and prosper and that I was appreciated. Isn’t that just what we all need and want every day?

    Find a place where you are surrounded by loving dolphins who have fun, make money, and do good in their business. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, contact WRS at and go to a meeting. Tell them I sent you! You just might see me there.

    And if you don’t find a group like this where you live – start one!

    Rewarding Investments

    Posted on July 23rd, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    174-June 23

    “Inflation is the crabgrass in your savings.”—Robert Orben

    Anne Farrelly, a financial planner in Los Angeles and author of Invest Without Stress gave me some figures years ago regarding particular investments:

    If you had invested $10,000 on December 31, 1979 in the following companies, this is the amount of money you would have earned from that investment by December 31, 1989—just ten years later:

    Neutrogena $286,000
    MCI $294,000
    The Gap $355,000
    Wal Mart $530,000
    The Limited $615,000
    Circuit City $810,000

    This is very good money to be making while you’re sleeping.

    Ann went on to say that during the same period, if you had made a $5,000 investment in Growth Fund of America on the worst possible day of each year (buying in at the highest price of the year) for the past fifteen years for a total investment of $75,000, the investment would have grown to $325,890. The key point is that investing—even at the wrong time—is better than not investing and sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the “perfect” time.

    In the nineties, the stock market had the biggest boom ever. The Dow Jones Industrial Average went from the 3,000 range to over 10,000. Lots of money was made during that period of time, even if some of it was lost when the technology bubble burst in 1999 and the next downturn began. Cumulatively, over the long haul, the stock market goes up.

    So what do you invest in? Financial advisors recommend having a varied portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc., in order to mitigate your risk (otherwise known as “hedging your bets”). When investing some funds in a single stock, pick a company whose business you know well and whose future prospects look particularly good to you. For example, my brother-in-law, Dick, had some extra funds he wanted to invest. He had noticed that the local Cheesecake Factory, where he often went for dinner, was always busy. The food was delicious, the service was exceptional, and they seemed to be successful. He did some research on their financials and their growth pattern, and decided this was a company he wanted to invest in. Over the next few years, he quadrupled his money.

    You can’t win if you don’t play the game. But I suggest you get a coach.

    Today’s Affirmation: “All my investments pay me handsome rewards.”

    The financial markets have been more turbulent since these statistics, and everyone lost money when the Great Recession hit Wall Street in 2008. But they were just paper losses. I held on through the gyrations and although I had the same 30-40% losses so many others had, I held on and stayed put and all my money magically reappeared.
    Here’s a great article about judging “reality” from my friend and fellow coach, Sharon Rich, who joins us as my Guest Blogger today:

    Inspired to Succeed: None So Blind As Those Who Focus on Reality

    A vice president in a health care organization sees the problems caused by upper management as unsolvable.
    She thinks she is just being realistic. She feels powerless to make any changes and fears that she will lose her job if she speaks the truth. She is paralyzed and feels her only option is to tolerate or leave. She doesn’t even consider the potential opportunities that might become available to her in identifying and addressing these challenges head-on.

    The president of a digital marketing company believes that “no one has money to spend right now.” He can find plenty of evidence to support this reality, in the media and from his own personal experience in reaching out to companies for new business who have said “This is not the time.” This belief combined with his fear of rejection and failure is actually preventing him from being able to find and target companies who are growing and profitable and in need of her services.

    The head of a PR agency focuses on the likelihood of losing a client if she asks for fair compensation in today’s recessed economy. Not wanting to fight reality, she charges less than she knows she needs and is struggling to make a living. She doesn’t see the potential of winning the client over by making a strong value proposition.

    Every business (and life) situation has BOTH challenge and potential. When we focus exclusively on what’s lacking, what’s not working or what might go wrong, we miss the wealth of opportunities that surround us. When we focus too much on “reality” (meaning fear), we become blind to possibilities that could turn our situation around far faster than we could even imagine.

    A critical leadership best practice is while remaining aware of the challenges, keep your focus on the potential. Form a vision for a better way and let that guide your thinking, decisions and actions. Be a little (or a lot) unrealistic. Dare to believe that things could be much much better. And then put your focus on making it so.

    Where are fear, frustration or lack keeping you from seeing the opportunities right in front of you?

    Ask yourself if you’re being driven by wanting (it may feel like needing) control, safety, approval, separation or connection. Be brutally honest.

    Get coaching support in shifting from reacting to these blinding wants to activating the creativity of what’s possible. Your success depends on it.

    Sharon Rich is the founder and Chief Growth Engineer at Leadership Incorporated. She works with smart ambitious leaders in smart ambitious organizations of $5-50M who are committed to growing the business. Her clients have a strong sense of purpose, yet aren’t making progress on critical high value initiatives. Sharon gets them clear, unstuck and achieving their objectives with confidence.

    Market Research

    Posted on July 22nd, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    173-June 22

    “We jump off buildings and make our wings on the way down.”—Ray Bradbury

    It was 1990, and the recession was in full swing in California. I had survived in business one year after losing my biggest customer and most of my clients and friends knew about it. Now they were afraid as business prospects diminished, money got tighter and “lean and mean” became the business order of the day. I started getting a flood of calls that sounded like this: “Chellie, things are getting difficult. When you had your problems last year, what did you do? Somehow you survived a major downturn in your business—maybe I can, too.”

    Jumping in to help, I dispensed a lot of free advice over lunch. When three people in the same week told me I should teach a class in these principles, the Financial Stress Reduction Workshop was born. Or rather, the flier for the workshop was born.

    One of the most important ideas I had gleaned through my own disaster recovery program was this: “Do What Makes Money First.” I couldn’t afford to spend an inordinate amount of time and money creating and advertising a workshop that wasn’t going to produce income for me and my company. I needed to make sure it would sell. So, I wrote a flier advertising the benefits of the workshop, cut and pasted some graphics on it, and mailed it out to my entire mailing list.

    And waited.

    No one called. But by this time, I was committed to the idea of my workshop, had visualized how it could help people and I wanted to do it. Unwilling to give up, I got out the mailing list and started making phone calls to the likely suspects I thought would be interested in this class. Over the phone, with enthusiasm and excitement, I promoted the benefits of the class and enrolled twelve people within two weeks. (These are my personal examples of the principles “Sending Out Ships” and “The Money is in the Phone.”)

    Soon, I had twelve people destined to show up for class. I had sent out the ships, the ships had come in and were due to be unloaded in three weeks. Then, and only then, I sat down to write the workshop.

    Years later, I met a woman who did it the other way around. She invested $13,000 in four-color brochures, mailing lists and advertisements for her weekend seminar. Breathless with anticipation, she waited for the phone to ring and for enrollments to arrive in the mail. She never made a phone call herself. When only two people signed up for her workshop, she canceled it and folded her business—a $13,000 loss.

    Research your idea to make sure people want it and that you can sell it before investing money in it.

    Today’s Affirmation: “People are clamoring to pay me for my wonderful services!”

    So how many of you waited until the night before it was due to write the term paper for class? Yep, me, too. This story is an example of that. I get inspired by deadlines.

    My usual mode of writing papers when I was in college was to do a lot of ruminating about the subject while I was walking to class. I had pieces of paper in my coat pocket, and when I happened on a word or phrase or idea that worked, I would scribble it on one of the pieces. My pockets got rather full as the deadline neared.

    Then a day or two or even the night before the paper was due, I’d pull out all the pieces of paper and organize them on the desk. I would take each bunch that represented a paragraph and think about it until I had it clear in my head, and then type the complete paragraph. Then I’d repeat that process with the next group of bits.

    This was back in the day of manual typewriters and no easy erasing system, so if you made a change in the beginning of the paper, you’d have to type the entire paper over again. Can you imagine?? I hated to do that kind of repetitious grunt work, so I made sure to have everything outlined ahead of time so that I only had to type one draft and turn it in. Copies required onion skin and carbon paper. Yes, it was the Dark Ages.

    Hee. This sounds like my version of “In my day, we had to walk two miles in the snow to get to school…”

    But let me remember in this moment to passionately Thank God for this wonderful age with live in now, with computers that allow changes in the beginning of the document, easy and effortless correction of errors and misspellings (Spellcheck rocks!), and attached printers that can print multiple copies on demand at a touch of a button.

    We live in a truly magical age!

    New Projects

    Posted on July 21st, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    172-June 21

    “I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.”—Thomas Edison


    When requested to fit a new project into my calendar, I ask myself these three questions:

    1. Is it going to do a lot of good?
    2. Is it going to be a lot of fun?
    3. Is it going to make me a lot of money?

    This is the first test, and at least two out of three answers must be yes.

    Then I ask two more questions:

    1. Is it going to take a lot of work?
    2. Is it going to take a lot of time?

    Hopefully, the answers to these questions are no. If they are yes, I have a final question:

    1. Is it worth doing anyway?

    If the answer to that is yes, I do it.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I do a lot of good. I make a lot of money. I have a lot of fun.”


    “Girls just want to have fun…” goes the Cindi Lauper song. Boys, too, I should imagine. I certainly do.

    When it come to accumulating assets or accumulating experiences, I fall decidedly on the side of experiences. I want to have fun now; I don’t want to sludge at a job I hate waiting for the day I retire to live free and love my life. Besides, statistically, 29% of people don’t make it to age 65. And after retiring at age 65, 33% of those people are dead within two years.

    Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?

    I want to have fun now. I want to live free now. I want to travel and love my life now.

    Traveling buddies in Greece

    You have to figure out what work/life balance you want. Is it okay with you to have less stuff and more memories?

    I’d much rather travel and remember the wonderful time I had than buy another stock or bond. (I can hear the groan of a thousand Financial planners across the land as they read that. Hee.)

    I’d rather invest in stocks and bonds than buy a house with a big mortgage that I have to serve. With other investments, I can buy more when business is good and less when there’s a lull like the Great Recession. (Now the groans come from Real Estate agents.)

    Owning a house is great, and having investments is great, too. You just might want to balance it all so that you get some time off and some great vacations, too.

    That’s Financial Stress Reduction®!

    If you know someone who could be making a lot more money, a healthier profit, whose work shouldn’t be so all-consuming or so hard, then the Financial Stress Reduction® Telecourse may be just the guidance, support, and help they’re looking for. For more than 20 years, I have been helping small business owners make huge leaps in their income and enjoy fabulous success and prosperity. Details at then call Chellie for your discount coupon at 310-476-1622.

    Dreams, Luck, and Diligence

    Posted on July 19th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    170-June 19

    “By the streets of ‘by and by’ one arrives at the house of ‘never.’”—Miguel de Cervantes


    Dreams and goals are not the same. Just thinking how nice it would be to have a bigger house, a new car, a business of your own, the relationship you’ve always wanted, a vacation in Europe, a diamond ring, or a vacation home, won’t get it for you. The dream is there to spur you to action. It is not action itself.

    Some people seem to think that good things happen to people through sheer luck. They think that other people in life are just luckier than they are—that they have these things through some unfair, lucky twist of fate. This belief disempowers them completely. Instead of putting some effort into achieving their dreams, they fantasize about winning the lottery, inheriting a fortune from a long-lost relative, or that someone will come along, see their potential, and shower them with gifts. Once in a blue moon, this actually happens to someone, and then all the dreamers use that as the shining example that their fantasies could come true. Never mind that the odds are fourteen million to one.

    When these odds beat them, they often turn resentful, and bemoan their fate, saying life isn’t fair. They start to hate the people who have the things they want. Resentment will get them nothing. It is a misuse of creative energy. It’s been said “resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

    (Continued on page 170 of The Wealthy Spirit. My publisher asked that the complete book should not be a permanent record on the internet, so some pages are not posted in their entirety on this blog.)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I walk, talk, look, act, think, and am rich!”


    I read biographies of successful people and watch TV biographical programs all the time. I especially love the parts of how they struggled in the beginning, when they were just one of the millions of unknowns struggling to make their mark.

    I used to think that famous celebrities were just so special that they were instantly recognized at their first audition, but that almost never happens! Most stars were relentlessly rejected at first. But they weren’t going to let a few failures or bruised egos or unopened doors stop them.

    Here’s a typical story from the days of early Hollywood:

    “In the blighted year of 1929, Broadway musical star Jeanette MacDonald, ‘That Girl with the Red-gold Hair and the Sea-green Eyes,’ made a screen test for Fox Film Corp. Her co-star for the test was Archie Leach, a member of the company performing “Boom-Boom,” the Shubert prodction in which MacDonald was appearing. The studio flunked both players, explaining, ‘We feel neither of these people has a screen personality.’ So much for Fox’s prescience. Archie Leach, transmogrified into Cary Grant, would soon make his mark at Paramount, and Jeanette MacDonald, the movie musical’s first superstar, would become, by the late 1930s, the darling of MGM and the top-grossing film actress in the world.”–from Hollywood Diva by Edward Baron Turk

    So don’t be dismayed by the nay-sayers strewn in your path. They are just obstacles on the road to your success. Climb over them, go under them, or go around them. They are training you to be creative and strong, and which are needed to maintain a career in the spotlight. So keep on going and prove them wrong!

    What was the worst review you ever got? And how did you prove them wrong?

    Life Missions

    Posted on July 18th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    199-July 18

    “Your lost friends are not dead, but gone before, advanced a stage or two upon that road which you must travel in the steps they trod.”—Aristophanes

    I believe that. I believe we come to this planet to learn and grow in spiritual understanding. It is school. When people have learned the lessons they’ve come to learn, helped the people they came to help, they move on to the next level of experience. It is hard for those of us left behind to say goodbye—we miss them. We may feel incomplete or that we have unfinished business or just that we want to hold them or talk to them one more time. We “rage against the dying of the light.” But I don’t believe the light dies—it just changes residence.

    A lot of the people I have known and loved in this life have left this realm of existence. For me, they are still alive. I think of them as my cheering section on the other side. I envision them having monthly support meetings to talk about my progress and give me some inspirational pep talks in my dreams. (Sometimes, when I’m not doing well, I think they meet daily.)

    When I’m afraid or lonely, I ask them for help. “Intercede for me!” I cry. “Help me out of this mess!” I always picture them laughing when I do that. “Come on, Chellie,” they chide me. “You know better than that! You chose this. Choose again!” They make me laugh, too. We sign off with “I love you.” They are with me always.
    Love never dies.

    Call a meeting of your spiritual guides—from this world or the next. Ask for guidance. Look for wisdom. Pray for enlightenment. And love.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am love, you are love, we are all love.”

    I went for a walk in the woods this morning, enjoying the crisp green shrubs and eucalyptus trees, the sharp sunshine, and the birds chirping in the brush. I walk before the summer camp Tumbleweed starts, and greet the horses chewing their straw as they await the young campers.

    I thought back to Camp Arbalado, a YMCA camp in the San Bernardino mountains, that I attended several years running for a week or two. I loved those summers! Making mom earrings out of manzanita and chartreuse lichen (she would graciously put them on and show me she was wearing them, and change them in the car before she got where she was going), catching lizards, doing KP after meals in the mess hall, and singing around the campfires every cool evening surrounded by my friends.

    We had a cheer as we hiked the dusty trails:

    Ma hee ma ha ma ho
    Ramanicka bomanicka
    Nit tat nat tat
    Soap fat rag
    Hobba gobba ricka racka
    Hobba gobba firecracka
    Hobba gobba razoon
    Johnny play your bazoon
    Sis boom bah
    Wanda witch
    Rah Rah Rah!

    Wanda was the Camp Supervisor and a darling. Everybody loved her and “Wanda Witch” was a term of great affection.

    I remember the frozen surprise of our counselor the day we dumped a pail of water on her when she walked through the door of our cabin. I remember the kangaroo courts where we convicted campers of crazy rule infractions and sentenced them to silly penalties. One day our whole cabin missed dinner entirely because we were sitting on the hillside at the camp chapel watching the shapes of unicorns and castles and Indians form in the clouds. Even now I can feel the sun baking my face and the breeze cooling the sunburn into freckles. The love of nature and boon companions echoes through the years to this day.

    Indulge your memories of places and faces of long ago and the joy you had once you can experience again and again. So much of this life is a great blessing.

    My daily prayer is “Thank you, God, for blessing me indeed, for enlarging my territory, for your hand always being with me, that I bring joy, light, love, peace, prosperity and happiness to all I meet, including myself.” (reworked from “The Prayer of Jabez”). I love my life, and so many happy memories.

    Choose Beliefs That Make You Happy

    Posted on July 17th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    198-July 17

    “Life precedes form and life survives the last atom of form. Through the countless days proceeds the life-ray, the one, like a thread through many jewels.”—The Book of Dzyan

    One lazy Sunday afternoon, I opened up my keepsake trunk and pulled out some of my old scrapbooks. Nostalgically, I reminisced over pictures of high school dances, dried flowers from the corsage I wore at the cotillion, drama reviews of plays performed, bits of cheerleading pompon. I remembered the hopes and dreams of the girl I was then and the fun I had dancing through days dappled with sunlight and shadows.

    The phone rang, bringing me back to current reality. It was my friend, Carol. When she asked me what I’d been doing, I told her I had been having fun looking through my “remembrances of things past.”

    “Ugh,” Carol exclaimed. “I hate to do that.”

    “You do?” I asked. “Why?”

    “Because it reminds me how fast life is passing and how much time is gone already. I’m getting older and there’s a shorter and shorter length of time left to live.”

    “Well, of course, that’s true. But then there’s the next life to look forward to!”

    “No, I don’t believe in that,” said Carol. “There’s only one life and this is it. I’m an atheist. When you die there’s nothing.”

    “Oh, I can see why that would make you feel bad. It must be scary, too,” I commiserated.

    Carol agreed that it was very scary—and depressing.

    “Well then, Carol,” I said, “I think you should change your beliefs. We are both experiencing the passing of time, but I’m happy about it and you’re miserable.”

    “But I believe what I believe!” she protested. “I can’t just change my beliefs!”

    “Sure you can,” I replied. “Look at it logically: If you’re right, when I die—I won’t know. There’ll just be nothing. But I’ll live this whole life happily, thinking my beliefs are true. Your belief, on the other hand, makes you miserable. And if I’m right, and there’s a life on the other side of this one, you’re going to be very surprised. And you would have been unhappy all this time for no reason. So the smart choice is to choose a belief that makes you happy to believe it right now!”

    I’m not sure she got it. Do you? Re-examine all your beliefs right now. What limiting beliefs do you have—about anything—that make you miserable? Find evidence to believe things that make you happy instead. You can believe that “the world is a terrible place” and prove it by example. But I can say, “The world is a beautiful place,” and prove it just as easily. For which belief do you want to gather proof? Do you want to think positive or not?

    Today’s Affirmation: “All my beliefs are positive and make me happy!”

    The 3 Aspects of Self

    I was on vacation in Bali about 25 years ago and had the opportunity to go parasailing. Part of me was excited to do it and part of me was filled with fear. It took me an hour to get up enough nerve to put on the harness and allow myself to be lifted into the air. As I sailed through the air high above the water, I had two opposite feelings simultaneously. “How could that be?” I wondered. How could I feel exhilarated and at the same time so scared?

    The answer to this question was recently revealed during a class I am taking called Awakening To Life taught by Craig Hamilton. He talks about who we are from three aspects: the ego self (who lives in duality), the Self with a capital S (called the non-duality realm, our divine, eternal, immortal, infinite Self) and a third self he names the evolutionary self. It is this self that the class is exploring and becoming more familiar with.

    When I identify with my small self, I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, angry, unstable, confused, unhappy and frightened. That is the part of each of us that has concerns, issues, problems, fears and suffers confusion. The part of me that feels exhilarated is my evolving self. That is the part of each of us that loves, laughs, enjoys, is curious and compassionate. Usually one is dominant and the other lingers unnoticed in the background. When I was swept up into the air on my parasailing adventure, both parts emerged to the forefront simultaneously. I felt the fear of my small self and the joy of my evolving self at the same time.

    The evolutionary self uses the human body to see, hear, smell, taste and feel the world of time and space. This evolving self is curious not afraid, excited not threatened, expanded not contracted, clear seeing not confused. When I identify with this aspect of who I am, I welcome change, have lots of energy, feel alive, care deeply, and am content to live in the mystery of not knowing what’s next.

    In class, we did an exercise this week in which I was guided to look at my current life from the perspective of my evolving self. I was shocked at what emerged. Instead of being overwhelmed by how many things there are to do, my evolving self saw all those things as opportunities for fun, miracles, aliveness, flow and got excited about taking them all on. It knows all things are possible; it has no idea “how” things will evolve but with all the excitement of a child, it looks forward to the adventure!

    I am getting better at calling forth my evolving self to be dominate and inviting my small self to linger in the background, be silent and just watch the unknown become known. It is a practice that only gets practiced when I become aware that my small self has snuck into the dominant position and my evolving self has silently faded into the background. When I hear the frustrated voice of my small self in overwhelm, I stop, shift my attention to my evolving self and ask what it sees. My bad mood vanishes and often I break out in laughter of the absurdity of the narrow view of the small self.

    This year life events have besieged me raising my stress levels and throwing me out of balance. Craig’s Awakening To Life class is helping stabilize me and getting me back on track. I am very grateful to be learning and practicing seeing the world through the eyes of the evolutionary self. I look forward to sharing more insights with you as the class unfolds.

    Until you return, fill your days with GIGGLES, JOY, and APPRECIATION!

    Sylvia Silk, D.D. Director of the Institute For Balanced Living, Los Angeles,CA, USA
    DoctorofDivinity, SpiritualCoach, ReconnectiveHealingPractitioner, Writer


    The Businessman and the Wise Woman

    Posted on July 16th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    197-July 16

    “To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent, that is to triumph over old age.”—Thomas B. Aldrich

    “Getting old isn’t what it’s cracked up to be,” complained the aging rich and powerful businessman. “What’s left of my hair is gray and I have aches and pains I never had before. They never told me that.”

    “Of course they told you that,” said the wise woman.

    “No, they told me I’d have money, power and prestige,” he replied.

    “Well, you do have that,” she said.

    “But it doesn’t matter!” he cried.

    “Ah,” she said. “That’s what they never told you.”

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am young at heart, rich in life experience, and loving in spirit.”

    This is the Tao of Chellie in a nutshell:

    1. There are two kinds of people in life “Your People”
    and “Not Your People.” Anyone who mentions age, looks, height,
    weight, or any other non-relevant issue for not hiring you is “Not
    Your People.” Here’s the four-letter word to use in this
    situation: “Next!”

    Dolphins on Etruscan bowl

    2. Yes, there’s a lot of discrimination in business and no,
    the entry level jobs don’t pay well. This is the way it was when I
    was acting and clerking in the 70s and 80s and I’m hearing the same
    complaints from people now, so this probably isn’t going to change
    anytime soon. There are always perky young things who are willing to
    do anything for a foot in the door and when supply exceeds demand it
    depresses prices. That’s basic economics. Your only chance is to
    find an enlightened company that needs and values your particular
    skills – and is willing to pay top dollar for them – or create your own

    3. Women need to be more aggressive in the marketplace. This
    doesn’t mean you have to be a ball-busting screamer, but you have to
    learn to SELL. When I owned my bookkeeping service, I complimented
    the team regularly. Every time I did, within an hour, all the men
    who worked for me were in my office asking for a raise. None of the
    women did. I wondered why that was–I think it’s because in school
    you got good grades and pats on the back for doing a good job. So
    when we get that in business, it feels natural. We just missed the
    part about having money attached and that we have to ask for it or
    it is withheld.

    4. There are two tracks in every business – administrative and
    sales. The heads of companies always come from the sales track,
    never the administrative. If you really want to make money, find
    something you believe in and get a job selling it on commission. You
    will learn how to create money really fast! Getting someone to hire
    you and pay you the money you want is a sale. Asking for a raise is
    a sale. Asking your kid to clean up his room or your spouse to go
    with you to the movie you want to see – those are sales, too, and
    women are selling all the time. It’s a natural skill – just use it
    to make money and get the job you want.

    5. Success is a percentage game. There will always be a lot
    more “Nos” than “Yeses” along the way to success. It took me a year
    and a half to find a publisher for my first book, but I didn’t care
    how many “Nos” I got, I was determined to find a publisher who
    believed in me and my work, and eventually I did. The “Nos” don’t
    matter–only the “Yeses” do. You just keep going until the “Yes”

    6. AGE: I started my workshop business at age 42, got a
    publisher for my my first book at age 54 and my second book at age
    58. I’m 66 now and I’m not done. My third book, “From Worry to Wealthy” will be out next year.

    Are there people who will discount me or discredit me because of my age? Yes. Do I care? No.

    True self esteem is this: anyone who doesn’t like you is an idiot.