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    The First Law of a Thousand Times

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    Chellie with new gold iphone 6Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    154-June 3

    “Life is like a taxi. The meter keeps a-ticking, whether you are getting somewhere or standing still.”—Lou Erickson


    We have to hear the truth a thousand times before we understand it. This is “The First Law of a Thousand Times.” At the thousandth repetition, we hear the truth again but this time with a difference. Finally, we get it; we undergo the “Aha!” experience and we see clearly some truth about how we have been operating our lives.

    “Aha!” my mind clicks open and a shiver runs through my body. Voices ring in my head and I hear my mother telling me that truth when I was twelve, a teacher saying something similar when I was fourteen, a boyfriend whispering it when I was twenty, a client saying it when I was defending my position, a colleague repeating it when I “Yeah, butted” him, and my best friend murmuring it when I cried on her shoulder.

    (continued on page 154 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I hear the truth, know it, and live it today!”


    People want things to happen quickly and easily, and sometimes they do. More often, it takes sending out lots of ships over long periods of time. Here’s a question I received once on Facebook about that:

    “Since people are having trouble getting people to show up on preview calls these days, do you have any insight into why you were able to get such a good turnout? I suspect it is your title and that your content stands out from what others in the marketplace are offering. I agree that engaging people who are interested is key. I think a lot of people think if they just do a preview call and send some follow up emails they’re going to fill their programs. There are a lot of people sitting there who probably want to join but need a little reassurance or clarification. Your tracking is amazing!”

    Jeannie, you ask a good question. My opinion is that most people underestimate the time and effort it takes to build an audience. Before the internet, everyone went to networking groups. The big mistake I saw people make was that they would go to the meeting, have a display table, pass out their brochures and business cards, and then go home and wait for people to call them. If everybody does that, then everyone is sitting alone at the office waiting for the phone to ring.

    Somebody has to go first, so I decided it would be me. (Mostly because I was determined to fill my workshops because otherwise I was going to have to go get a job. Horrors.) So I called people to get to know them, and bought stuff and referred business to them as much as possible. Then at every meeting I had friends, and people started to buy my stuff, too. After that, the testimonials came, more networking, more phone calls, more success.

    When my first book was published in 2002, I had already been networking for 16 years and many of those people knew me and bought a book, then bought copies for friends. I did radio shows, guested on other people’s teleclasses, published an ezine, did as much inexpensive PR as possible. Then I heard from people from all over the country (and foreign countries too) who wanted to take my 8-week program but didn’t live in LA so I started doing it as a teleclass in 2009.
    The internet is wonderful but much more impersonal, and there’s lots of competition. How many ways can you say “I help you make more money”?? There are gazillions of people out there promoting that. It isn’t about the buzz words, the hooky title, the numbers of follow-up emails. It’s about having unique and interesting content that shows YOU as an authentic leader with knowledge, heart, and experience, as well as a lot of love and caring for helping others. You have to know yourself and what “your people” like about you and show that in every marketing piece or comment you write.

    Then you can work on the real selling, which is personal. “Your people” are attracted to you and want you, but they still need to be coached to spend their money, because people are twice as afraid of losing their money as they are hopeful of gaining more money! That’s what sales is all about. I would recommend that everyone write down every objection their potential client will have to buying their product or service and then write out what they will say to counter the objection. I did this as I made phone calls to people, and tried out different things to say. I kept 2 lists: 1) say this because it works and 2) never say this again because it makes people mad. After awhile, you’ve got a great script!

    Be willing to make 100 bad telephone calls. By the end of that, you’ll be making great relationship calls.


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    Grand niece & nephew Kara & Maxie

    Grand niece & nephew Kara & Maxie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    153-June 2

    “Train a child in the way he should go, and walk there yourself once in a while.”—American Proverb


    As people start to practice positive affirmations, they often become very conscious of the negative voice inside their heads. Where does that voice come from? Who is it? As children, we hear and record many messages from our parents, our teachers, and other influential adults in our lives. Some messages are more forceful than others, are repeated more often, make a deeper impression, or for some reason in our own psyche are latched on to and repeated. These messages become internalized, and like a continuous loop tape recording, play out endlessly in our minds.

    Here are two lists of adult messages to children:

    Can’t you do anything right? You are really talented.
    Your room looks like a pigsty. You have beautiful hair.
    You’re just like your father. I love you.
    You’ll never amount to anything. You can do anything you put your mind to.
    I told you so. Don’t worry, you’ll do better next time.
    How could you be so stupid? What did you learn from this?
    You’re old enough to know better. It’s amazing how smart you’re becoming.
    Because I said so, that’s why. You can figure this out.
    It’s for your own good. I trust you.

    (continued on page 152 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am, and everyone around me is, a miracle of life!”

    Create A New Causation

    Create a new Causation. Right from where you are you can declare that your circumstances work for you. For example: Whatever has been done or said against me now works for me. I detach from all sense of wrong and misunderstanding, bless all situations with love and forgiveness, and I freely move on.

    Easily said but perhaps not as easy to live and believe? If you’re currently in a difficult or upsetting situation, change your focus, declare a new causation. In the beginning was the word. What is your word?

    Each retelling of your upset merely engrains that upset deeper into your unconscious. How do you feel when you discuss something troubling? Stomach tightens, life seems bleak? What happens when you focus on a topic that is filled with possibility? How does your inner self react?

    In his book The Art of Being Yourself, retired Science of Mind minister, Dr. Frank Richielieu says, “I want a whole new thought pattern from which to operate. I desire to change my lack consciousness into an abundance consciousness. I change my consciousness of separation into one of unity. I know that by approaching this from the inside out, my life will take on new patterns automatically. I will not have to work on each individual problem separately, for my taking care of the parent will cause those problems to be cleared up at the same time.”

    This declaration sets a new causation from which you can expect a resulting chain. Dr. Richelieu reminds us that we are the “interior designers of our own consciousness.” Throughout his book he reminds us that “We experience life according to our belief, according to what we give Universal Law to work with.” That is, plant carrot seeds and carrots will grow; plant god seeds and god light will emerge. Which feels better to focus on, the problem or the solution? How many times do you need to discuss and reiterate the problem before moving into solution?

    There’s a school of thought that says, give 20% attention to the problem, and 80% to solution. What’s the worst that can happen if we invest in this method? We might forget some of the problem? We might not know who to resent? We might make the same mistake again?

    Or we might plant so many positive, life-giving seeds that our gardens become abundant with new vegetation from which to choose?

    Lorrie Kazan was chosen as one of the top psychics in a worldwide audition for the Edgar Cayce Institute. Contact her at for information about readings, free newsletters, articles and classes.

    Here Is This Week’s Prosperity Meditation:

    (Take a clearing breath, and let the mind open like a flower in the warm sun.)

    I surrender to the play of the birds in the furious sea. Gulls dive ferociously as sun pulls itself from the darkening day.

    Gulls swoop in this last dance of light, birthing the intrigue of a brilliant night. I am awed by the majesty of being which flows through me and every living thing.

    The moon sweeps the day away, as if this were a dream, so much power sways us on our divine destiny. Guided, whole, infinite and at peace.


    ©Lorrie Kazan


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    bridge with waterfallUpdated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    152-June 1

    “The average man is always waiting for something to happen to him instead of setting to work to make it happen. For one person who dreams of making fifty thousand pounds, a hundred people dream of being left fifty thousand pounds.”—A. A. Milne


    Transformational seminars are often uplifting, joyful, fun, and filled with fabulous life-changing accomplishments as people are motivated and encouraged by the group process to make improvements in their lives. But along the way, there is often incredible resistance to change as people break free of their “comfort zone.”

    One week, five people who had missed the previous “Time Management” session called to ask if they could transfer to a later session or quit and get a refund. The latter requests came even though the contract everyone signed before beginning the course specifically states that the course fee is due whether or not they complete the course.

    Time management is a major issue for many people; our lives seem to be a never-ending stream of possible activities. It is easy to become overwhelmed by competing obligations and fail to keep commitments. The participants who called to re-negotiate their agreements to complete the course had very legitimate sounding reasons for their requests:

    “Yeah, but we just bought a house, are closing escrow, have to move, and business is booming—we got three new clients this week! We just too busy right now.”
    “Yeah, but the class just hasn’t fit well into my schedule.”
    “Yeah, but I just got divorced and I’m too overwhelmed right now.”
    “Yeah, but I just got married and I’m too overwhelmed right now.”

    Like a lifeguard who has fun in the sun at the beach on most days but who earns all his money on those few days when the surf is rough and people are drowning in the waves, I earn my keep by fielding these requests. I recognize that they expect me to be the “nice guy,” understand their difficulties, and let them out of our contract. But if I do that, I fail them. My job is to keep their feet to the flame and show them how they sabotage their money and their lives with “yeah, buts.” These people were running up against issues about how they manage their lives, their time, and their money. At these times, the inner self that is afraid to succeed, to move beyond its limitations, and to rise to the next level of accomplishment, throws a wrench in the works. “Stop!” it says. “Change is too difficult!” But it is here that opportunity lives. It is here that they can stop taking the easy way out, stick with their agreement, and learn the lessons they came to this class for. It is my job to convince them to do it.

    Three of them stayed and got the financial rewards they came for. One didn’t return my calls. And one’s screaming rage made me rather relieved she wasn’t coming back. I wonder how they’re doing?

    Today’s Affirmation: “I have all the time I need to achieve all my dreams and desires!”


    This page still holds true; people still sign up for class and want to drop out when the going gets tough. All their reasons sound so reasonable, and I should be understanding of their problems, shouldn’t I?

    But here’s the truth in one of my favorite quotes: “The world isn’t interested in the storms you encountered, but whether or not you brought in the ship.”–Raul Armesto

    I am pitiless, because business is pitiless. If you want to be in business for yourself, you have to keep your agreements, even when it’s hard to do. You have to show up for work, even when you don’t feel like it. You have to serve your clients, market and sell your products and services, maintain your web site, write your blog, post on Facebook and other social media, go to the networking meetings, pay your bills, save for retirement, make your house payment, etc. etc. ad infinitum. All the excuses in the world won’t excuse you from your responsibilities. If you fail to run your business profitably and responsibly your business will fail.

    Listen, everyone has problems. Everyone cries in the night, has a sick relative, is sick themselves, has a computer malfunction, gets overcommitted, runs out of time or money. As the country song goes, “Sounds like life to me.” Your job is to manage it.

    I didn’t always know this. In the very first year of teaching my workshop, I had a woman in my class who was very busy and stressed and in the middle of class asked if she could transfer to the next class. I felt compassion for her situation and agreed. The second time, she had more problems and asked to transfer again. I said okay. But she didn’t complete the class the third time either! That’s when I got it. People want to drop out of class when the going gets rough, they reach the point of change and they hit their issue – the thing that stops them from having all the riches and happiness they want in life. But that’s what they came to the class to solve, and my giving them a free pass out of the process just delays their healing. It was wrong of me to do that and I learned my lesson.

    Success takes work. Psychological and physical. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

    The Son of Jaws Meets the Bride of Tuna

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    Family - Campbell Castle in ScotlandUpdated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    150-May 30

     “There’s a sucker born every minute.”—P.T. Barnum


    “Easy money!” The ads seem to scream. “Work at home part-time and make thousands of dollars!” Solicitations arrive in the mail: “You’re already a winner of one of these four fabulous prizes: a new car, a new television, a new stereo, or luggage. Send your check for $39.95 shipping and handling to….” Of course you get the luggage—a plastic little fold-up airline bag worth $1.49. I know because I fell for that one.

    Have you? Here are the Top Ten Telemarketing Frauds, as reported by the national Fraud Information Center:

    1.      Work-at-Home Plans: Programs sold with false promises of earnings.
    2.     Telephone Cramming: Consumers are billed for services they never ordered.
    3.     Advance-fee Loans: Loan offers requiring payment in advance for loans that are never made.
    4.     Prize Offers and Sweepstakes: Consumers are asked to pay up front fees in order to collect a prize or be eligible      for one.
    5.     Telephone Slamming: Consumers phone carriers are switched without the consumers’ knowledge or consent.
    6.     Magazine Sales: Fake subscriptions or renewals to magazines which never arrive.
    7.    Travel and Vacation Offers: Offers of “free trips” that have undisclosed costs.
    8.    Credit Card Offers: Phony promises of cards for which payment of fees are required in advance.
    9.   Investment Opportunities: Use of high-pressure sales tactics and outrageous profit claims to get consumers to invest in phony investment pools.

    10. Credit Card Loss Protection Plans: Using scare tactics or misrepresentation to sell unnecessary “coverage.”

    Well, let’s see, in addition to having fallen for number four in the example above, I have also been taken in by number six and number seven. When I was in college, a nice young man came to the door and earnestly told me of his plan to pay for tuition through magazine sales. I bought several subscriptions which never arrived. Then I bought a vacation package to Las Vegas, but when I went to the address they gave me to pick up the documents, it was a vacant lot.

    After that, I got smarter. I asked more questions, and asked for a phone number so I could call them back. Funny how they never wanted to give me a number. If it looks too good to be true, figure out why they’re telling you. Ask questions, research, do your due diligence. Buy from people you know and trust—and are going to see again next Tuesday.

    There are sharks in dolphin’s clothing out there. If you fall for them, you’re a tuna.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am safe in the lap of luxury.”


    Have you seen any of these in your email in-box?

    My name is Mr. Song Li le I work with the Hang Seng Bank.  There is the sum of $19,500,000.00 in my bank”Hang Seng Bank”,Hong kong. I do solicit for your assistance in effecting this transaction. I intend to give 30% of the total funds as compensation for your assistance.


    My name is Richard Tang Yat Sun, A staff of Hang Seng Bank, Here in Hong Kong. I have a business proposal in the tune of US$24.5m to be transferred to an offshore account with your assistance if willing. After the successful transfer, we shall share in ratio of 50% for you and 50% for me. (I wonder if he’s related to Mr. Song Li above?)

    I am Mr.Musa Ibrahim, working in a Finance house. However I got your address through the International web directory online. During our recent reconciliation and auditing of our Finance house accounts, my department discovered an over dormant account with a huge amount of money, valued at US$  10,500,000.00 (Ten million, five hundred thousand, United State dollars, only that belongs to one of our late customers.He has passed away (dead) leaving no beneficiary to the account…I want you to stand in as next of kin to our late customer so that the fund will be released to you.

    Your Email ID won! EuroMillion Lottery Intl. Program FOREIGN SERVICE SECTION BARCELONA. REFERENCE NUMBER: SOXW/HAWIR BATCH NUMBER: 2011/149 /BMQ OFFICIAL WINNING NOTIFICATION. We are pleased to inform you of the released results of the EuroMillions Corporations Sweepstakes Promotion in conjunction with foundations for the promotion of software products organized for Software users. This Program was held on 10th March , 2011, in Barcelona- Spain. Wherein your email address emerged as one of the online Winning emails in the 1st category and therefore attracted a cash award of EUR1,500,000.00 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand  Euros) and an Apple  laptop. Your laptop, certificate of winnings and your cheque of (EUR1 500,000.00 Euros) will be sent to your contact address in your location.

    Please take note, lucky winners will pay for their courier services delivery.

    I also love the men who write me passionate mash notes on Facebook like this:

    i am steve by name,i like your profile,you are a beautiful woman,i am looking for a caring loving and honest woman,someone that knows what she wants,i am a man that was raised to believe women are the best gift God gives to men on earth and they deserve to be treated with lots of love care and respect,this i have vow to always do for the right woman when i find her,i will like to know more about you.will be waiting to read from can email me etc.etc.

    They usually use funny language like “dearly beloved” and “you fantastic  pretty” and have only 12 friends – all women. Sigh.

    So I should now have about $80 trillion and dozens of young male models trailing in my wake. Hee.

    The Chinese Version of Heaven and Hell

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    buddha-1-gayle-etcheverryUpdated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    149-May 29

    “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”—James M. Barrie


    This is a story I heard years ago, origin unknown:

    In the Chinese vision of Hell, many people are seated around a large table. The table is laden with fine food, piled high in the middle of the table, looking scrumptious and smelling delicious. At each place setting, there is a set of very long chopsticks with which each person can reach the food in the middle. But the chopsticks are too long for the people to be able to get the food into their mouths. So they are all wailing, angry and starving.

    In the Chinese vision of Heaven, many people are seated around a large table. The table is laden with fine food, piled high in the middle of the table, looking scrumptious and smelling delicious. At each place setting, there is a set of very long chopsticks with which each person can reach the food in the middle. But the chopsticks are too long for the people to be able to get the food into their mouths. However, everyone here is fat and happy—because they are using their long chopsticks to feed the person across from them.

    Someone once told me: “No one goes to Heaven until everybody goes.”

    Hmmm. Rather gives you a different sense of your responsibility in the world, doesn’t it?

    Today’s Affirmation: “As I give to others from my abundance, I give to myself as well.”


    My dear friend, Lorrie Kazan, wrote this great article – enjoy!

    Prosperous Times

    No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an unchartered land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.” — Helen Keller

    This quote brings me back to the idea of asking, “What’s the down side of positive expectancy?”  We’re hearing a lot of doom and gloom predictions these days; apparently doom and gloom is dramatic, sells papers, gets us hooked, but it doesn’t leave us anywhere we really want to go.

    Edgar Cayce, who was the most documented psychic in history, often cautioned people about being too quick to judge their successes and failures.  Psychologist and Cayce expert, Dr. Mark Thurston, expressed similar ideas in Venture Inward magazine that are relevant for us and our prosperity.

    In How Do We Measure Success? Dr. Thurston reminds us that Cayce often nudged people to realize that “Sometimes when we seem to be failing most miserably in outer life, it provides an opening for our inner life.

    Those of us who are looking at creating prosperity from the metaphysical level, which is from the inside out, can look with added interest at Cayce’s words.  In 1943 he gave a psychic reading for a woman who repeatedly asked why her life was such a failure.  She had all the outer proof:  a cheating husband, failing marriage, estrangement from her children.  But Cayce told her that from a greater perspective, “her life was a failure only if she stopped trying.  Her soul-growth task was to avoid self-condemnation, be selfless, and keep recognizing the spiritual opportunity in what was happening.”

    The readings tell us that no matter what the circumstance, there is always a spiritual opportunity.  In fact, a reading revealed that Cayce’s remarkable talents were heightened in past lives, especially the one in which he was buried alive!  While it would be great to have his phenomenal gifts, most of us wouldn’t consciously volunteer to develop them through such difficult lifetimes, but who is to say that we aren’t in that same soul process of becoming our highest and best selves?

    Certainly, keeping one’s mind focused on spirituality and possibility seems healthier than what many of us do, which is habitually judge ourselves negatively and slip into fear-based, negative self-talk.

    Sometimes old habits die hard but they can be replaced.  What if we don’t judge our circumstances and ourselves from our limited earthbound perspective?

    Cayce said it was important to have an ideal, which each of us could use as a guiding star.  If, for instance, your ideal were love, then you would measure your thoughts, words and deeds against that ideal.  If you’re in self condemnation, are you living your ideal of being loving?  If not, then in Cayce’s cosmology, it’s only a failure if you stop trying.  From my perspective, the ideal of love guides one back to kindness to ourselves and others, no matter what.

    Dr. Thurston also notes that modern business are seizing upon holistic practices such as meditation and dream guidance because its shown to provide stress reduction, better decision-making, and an enhanced bottom line.

    We’re reminded not to mistake material success for spiritual depth.  While the two don’t automatically run concurrently, they certainly can.  Wherever you are in your current journey, the lesson here is stick with a positive ideal.  Progress can’t always be seen, especially in the moment, by the critical mind but what we develop within us is ours for life–or if you believe Cayce, for lifetimes.

    Lorrie Kazan was chosen as one of the top psychics in a worldwide audition for the Edgar Cayce Institute.  Contact her at for information about readings, free newsletters, articles and classes.

    Tax Advice

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    Santorini by ChellieUpdated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    148-May 28

    “There’s only one thing worse than paying income tax; and that’s not paying it!”—Anonymous


    I am not a CPA, nor an enrolled agent. I don’t prepare tax returns, so I am not going to give you specific tax advice. This is just the general news I think everyone needs to know:

    1. Get professional advice. Pay the money. I never had a tax preparer that didn’t save me more money on my taxes than his or her fee cost me. In The Millionaire Next Door, authors Stanley and Danko outline many areas where the typical millionaire saves money, buying second-hand cars, resoling their shoes, etc. “But they are not nearly as price-sensitive when it comes to purchasing investment advice and services, accounting services, tax advice, legal services, medical and dental care for themselves and family members, educational products and homes.” They state that the affluent account for only about 1 percent of the U.S. households, but they pay 25 percent of the tax on personal income. Taxes are the largest expense they have, and they want the best advice they can get on how to reduce that burden. The tax preparer’s fee is even tax-deductible


    (Continued on page 148 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I happily pay my fair share to help my government run efficiently and effectively.”


    Marc Weiss gave a great talk at a WRS ( meeting I attended, and I invited him to share some of his information with you here on my blog. Although you may love your work like I do and not necessarily want to retire, you will want to have a retirement account regardless. It feels good when you have savings and investments! You attract more money when you feel rich and prosperous and secure.

    Breaking Down Your Retirement

    By Marc H. Weiss

    Archer Weiss Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

    Telephone: (818) 346-3700

    Saving for retirement is often a daunting task.

    Sometimes though, breaking big, complex issues – such as saving for retirement – down into more manageable pieces can make all the difference in the world. Here are three basic questions to ask yourself when it comes to your retirement savings. While these are far from the only questions you’ll need to focus on in order to achieve a successful retirement, if you know these answers you’ll have a definite head start.

    Question #1 – Am I contributing enough to my retirement accounts?

    Retirement accounts, as the name implies, are great places to save money for retirement. The tax-favored nature of these accounts often helps individuals to accumulate far more value than would have been achieved in a taxable account. If you are working and have earned income, you’re most likely able to contribute to some type of retirement account – something you should seriously consider. Making even small contributions consistently over time can add up to big savings down the road.

    Am I contributing to the right type of retirement account?

    Depending on your age, your income and your employer, you may have access to a variety of retirement account options.  For instance, let’s say you are 50 years old and make $100,000 per year and your employer offers a 401(k) option. In this case, you’d have a number of choices on where to save for retirement on a tax-favored basis.

    You could defer a portion of your salary into your 401(k), you could contribute to an IRA or you could contribute to a Roth IRA – in fact, you could even have some combination of all three. What’s the best place? That depends on a number of factors (beyond just your age and income), and is a decision that is best reviewed with a CPA or financial advisor who has specialized knowledge in this area and has a keen understanding of your current financial situation and long-term goals.

    Do I have a plan for taking money out of my retirement accounts?

    In determining how long your money will last, it’s not just the size of your accounts that matter; it’s the way you distribute the funds from those accounts. Distributions from some accounts, such as a Roth IRA, may be tax-free, while distributions from other types of accounts, such as 401(k)s or IRAs, may trigger significant amounts of income tax.  Determining just how much to take from each account and when to take it can play a major role in helping you achieve your financial objectives.

    Marc H. Weiss

    Archer Weiss Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

    Telephone: (818) 346-3700


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    lobsterUpdated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    147-May 27

    “A government that always robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul.”—George Gershwin


    One morning, I got up early and went to a networking breakfast. The sun was shining, business was good, and the people at the meeting were fun. I was in a great mood as I sat down with my plate full of bagels, eggs, fruit and cereal. The gentleman who sat next to me, though, was clearly not in the same frame of mind.

    “I can’t believe how much money I have to pay in taxes,” he complained. “I had to write such a big check to the IRS this week, it’s obscene. And what the government does with the money is even worse! I can’t stand the fact that I’m paying for the industrial military complex, the stupid politicians, the no-good people who aren’t working but collecting welfare…” On and on he railed.

    Oh, no! I had inadvertently sat next to one of the “Ain’t It Awful” people. I put up my mental shield so that I wouldn’t take in the negative energy, and waited for him to wind down a little. I could tell he was upset and needed to vent, so saying anything but “Hmm” was useless at the moment. Until he was done, he wasn’t going to be able to hear anything I said.

    Finally, he seemed about finished with his list of government entities that shouldn’t get his money, so I looked up at him, smiled and said, “Oh, none of my money goes there.”

    “What do you mean?” he asked, scowling.

    “Well, my tax money goes to all the good things, like the libraries and the schools. It fixes the roads, pays for policemen to keep me safe and firemen to rescue me if I need it. It goes to pay for the space program, which I really like, and to the relief organizations to feed the poor and starving. It goes to the welfare recipients who really need some assistance briefly and then go back to leading productive lives. I like how the government helps people with my money.”

    “But you don’t know your money goes there!” he argued.

    “You don’t know your money goes to those other things either,” I replied. “But I’m happy and you’re not.”

    He stared at me and I smiled. Then we both started laughing and had a lovely breakfast after that.

    Maintain your positive outlook in the face of other’s negativity and you will stay happy. Who knows? They may decide to join you!

    Today’s Affirmation: “I choose beliefs that make me happy.”

    I divide the world into three groups: Dolphins (glad), Sharks (bad), and Tuna (sad or mad). A friend forwarded me a fabulous take one of her friends wrote on this subject:

    Are you a shark, a dolphin, or a tuna?

    What a great question… After way too much thought I have concluded that I am none of the above.

    I am a LOBSTER

    I am protected by a hard shell on the outside, but am really soft on the inside.  And what is inside me is highly valued by humanity.

    In order to grow, i periodically shed my hard exterior, allowing me to become vulnerable from time to time.

    I am expensive.

    I am resilient.

    I am a fighter.

    I am a seductress.

    When I want someone or something, I am determined and I go after it.

    When i make love I am tender, and become vulnerable and unguarded, and allow my mate to see what is beneath my hardened exterior.

    I do not slow down or weaken with age, but improve.

    I am a loner, but when I am in groups I show hierarchy and dominance.

    I move slowly and thoughtfully through life, but have the skills to artfully retreat when threatened.

    I am not the most intellectual, but am clever when I need to be, and have been known to get myself out of sticky situations.

    My core is perfectly balanced and symmetrical except for the part of me that is my deadly defensive mechanism, (my claws).

    I love that! Can you think of another sea creature that perfectly describes you?

    The Leopard Comforter

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    QuiltUpdated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    146-May 26

    “If you think you’re too small to be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito.”—Anita Roddick


    There was a beautiful animal print comforter with matching sheets and pillow shams that I had my heart set on. To buy the complete set was expensive, however, and I was saving for it, hoping that it would go on sale. Finally, the department store was having a white sale, and although this particular bed set wasn’t in the catalogue, I hurried down to the store to check on it.

    There it was! One of the showroom beds had been made up with my comforter set: comforter, dust ruffle, satin sheets, shams and throw pillows all in beige, brown and black leopard designs. It was beautiful! Excited, I eagerly rushed to the cashier’s stand and asked the woman if it was on sale. Her attitude stopped me cold. Never looking at me and moving very slowly, she sighed and picked up the sales catalogue. “No, it doesn’t look like this one’s on sale. Sorry.” And she turned away.

    Hopes diminished but not dashed, I went back to look longingly at the beautiful bed set and thought about what I could do to get it to be on sale. The saleswoman I had talked to was clearly not interested in helping me. She was one of those people I call “bench warmers”—there to put in the hours required, doing as little as possible while they are there. They don’t care about their work or you. I knew I needed a different kind of salesperson. Did one exist in this store?

    (Continued on page 146 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I buy my perfect treasures at perfect prices!”


    I held on to that beautiful comforter for many years. It’s tough to let go of things you love that also have a history.

    But it’s gotten rather dingy and worn, and I started thinking about a new one. My roommate, Shelley, had gotten a quilt hand-made for her by a lovely woman named Kerry in Temecula, and I thought maybe I’d get one made for me.

    So on a trip to Pechanga, we once again went to visit Old Town and look in the antique stores and have lunch. So we naturally stopped by the quilt shop, and there was Kerry, bright-faced and smiling. Behind her on the wall was a gorgeous quilt in black and white with gold and brown accents featuring birds. I just loved it!

    Now this quilting store is for hobbyists, they don’t usually make quilts for people, but Shelley had talked Kerry into it for hers, so I pointed at the quilt on the wall and said, “Would you make that one for me?” She grinned and said, “Yes, of course,” and we happily browsed through the store, gathering materials for my quilt, plus two shams and a pillow to match. She agreed to get back to me with the pricing and we went off to Pechanga.

    She called the next day, said she had made a mock-up of the quilt (because I needed a larger one than the sample), gave me a price and invited us back to look it over, approve the design, and give her a deposit. On our way out of town, we stopped by to look at her beautiful mock-up and she threw in the shams and pillow as a gift. I was delighted!

    So0 then I just had to wait for her to finish it – and I could hardly wait! (You know how I believe in having a lot of “I can hardly waits” to look forward to in your life).  I also had a great excuse to go back to Pechanga, too, and I could hardly wait for that. And then in June, there’s always the Ladies event at the World Series of Poker in Vegas…

    Life can be an endless series of “I can hardly waits” if you plan it right.

    Whose Advice Are You Taking?

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    Blue door in SantoriniUpdated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    145-May 25

    “If I wanted to become a tramp, I would seek information and advice from the most successful tramp I could find. If I wanted to become a failure, I would seek advice from people who have never succeeded. If I wanted to succeed in all things, I would look around me for those who are succeeding, and do as they have done.”—Joseph Marshall Wade

    Jeff, a music producer enrolled in my workshop, was working on pricing his services. He had a strong feeling that he was undercharging his clients, and that he could improve his profitability significantly by raising his rates. I asked him what amount of money felt right to him when he said, “I charge ____ dollars per hour.” We tried out a couple of different figures, but $75 per hour was what his gut feeling told him was appropriate. This was significantly more money than he was currently charging, and he was nervous about asking for it.

    Afraid of losing business if his price was too high, he needed to do market research in order to find out what other people in his business were charging for the same services. He came back to class the next week and said that based on his research, $75 was too high, and he should only charge $50 per hour. He seemed resigned about it, not as excited and happy as he had been about $75 per hour.

    This didn’t feel right to me. I asked him who he had contacted about pricing—was he talking to people who owned successful recording studios or people who were struggling? I saw a wave of understanding wash over his face as he thought back to the people he had talked to—they were all people he knew who were struggling!

    (Continued on page 145 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am successful and earning more and more money every day!”

    Here’s a wonderful story posted on Facebook by one of my Dolphin Graduates, Jack Molisani:

    Over the weekend I passed a booth in front of my local Vons grocery store selling raffle tickets to raise money for prostate cancer research. I know someone who is a prostate cancer survivor, so I gave them a $20 and got a bunch of tickets.

    They just called–I won a food gift basket!

    But then I thought, “Boy, I bet a food bank could use this food more than I can.” The store manager said a food bank does come in every morning to pick up day-old bread, so I said please give it to them.

    He thanked me and went to check my name off the list and said, “Mr. Molisani, you actually won TWO gift baskets–the only person to do so!”

    Amongst the other baskets was a smaller one with gardening stuff (petting soil, seed, etc.), so I took that one for myself.

    BOY, you just gotta love karma!

    P.S. Thanks, Chellie Campbell–This morning I did my “Today is a big money day!” affirmation, and it was! 😀

    Tunas Can Learn

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    Chellie in dolphin balloon hat by Suzanne Haring

    Chellie in dolphin balloon hat by Suzanne Haring

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    143-May 23

    “The closest to perfection a person ever comes is when he fills out a job application form.”—Stanley J. Randall


    I learned a lot from Jennifer Martin, a fun-loving, free-spirited woman from England who worked as an account executive at the employment agency where I was the office manager. Jennifer was in sales, matching prospective employees with prospective employers and receiving a commission from the fee paid to the company for this service. She had fun, she stood her ground, she made a lot of money, and she wasn’t afraid to tell you the truth, even when it hurt. My meek little co-dependent soul lapped up her lessons in self-esteem.

    Grumbling about the state of my finances, one day I said to her, “I’m not making enough money. I’m going to ask for a raise!” “Is that right?” she said. A chill went through me and I spilled my coffee. You see, Jennifer only said “Is that right?” whenever someone said something particularly stupid. As I stood there fumbling in my mind, trying to figure out where I went wrong, she decided to help me out.

    “What makes you think you deserve a raise?” she inquired. I didn’t know what she meant. “Well, I’ve been here a year now,” I replied, to which she answered, “So what? Just warming the seat for a year isn’t worth anything.” I was shocked. She was my friend! How could she say that?

    As I stared at her with my mouth open, she smiled. “Come with me” she said, and sat me down and gave me some lessons in selling. She explained that asking for a raise was like a sale. I had to convince the buyer—my boss—of the benefit to him of paying me more money. And I needed to back up my request with proof of my value to the company. I needed to document my accomplishments and show how much work I did above and beyond my original job description. I should stress my commitment to the company and that I would continue to grow and improve in my job. A cost comparison of what salaries were paid other people in similar positions would help to make my case as would any accomplishments of mine that had helped save the company money.

    What an eye-opening experience and valuable training that conversation was. I took her advice, did my homework, prepared my presentation—and got the raise.

    So are you warming the seat or are you making a valuable contribution? Prove it.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am paid very handsomely because I’m worth it!”

    Jennifer and I stayed friends over the years, through different careers and life’s ups and downs. At one point she went back to school to become a nurse – a lifelong dream that she had started once in England but given up. While she was studying, she worked for my bookkeeping service for a time. When she got her nursing degree, she started traveling the country taking different jobs in a variety of locations, and enjoyed the adventure of living in different cities. Eventually, we lost touch with each other, and years passed with no word.

    Then came the internet and google, and I tried finding her, but there were too many Jennifer Martins – one directory listed 3254 of them – and I gave up. But then Facebook came into vogue, and one day last year, she found me and sent a friend request! (I think they should have a “renew old friendship” request.) I was delighted to find my old friend again, who now lives on the East Coast but is still happily nursing people back to health. She loves her job as I love mine, and we are both happy campers.

    I often think of the old song “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.” Jennifer is definitely a gold.

    Treasure your friendships – that is the real gold on this Planet Earth. Reach out and touch someone today!