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    The Color Purple

    Posted on December 9th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”


    342 – December 8

    “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”—Ambrose Bierce


    We rub up against each other the wrong ways sometimes. Like trying to force a jigsaw puzzle piece into the wrong slot, we try to make others fit into our picture. What we mean to create gets lost, misunderstood. Fights erupt, grudges carried, friendships broken. We listen but do not hear, for our understanding is blocked by the stone walls of our own perception.

    Linda, my friend, fellow writer and proposal coach, called today to offer help with my book proposal. I had gotten a very positive response from a publisher and was waiting to hear whether they were going to make an offer to buy it. Linda thought that we could spend additional time and energy polishing the proposal and the combination of our positive focus and work would help the project along. I thought she was telling me the proposal wasn’t good enough yet and I’d better do some more work on it or it wasn’t going to sell. To say she didn’t find me in a receptive mood is a rather gross understatement.

    “The proposal is fine just as it is!” I exclaimed. “It doesn’t need to be redone a fourth time! One of these publishers is going to buy it soon and I don’t have to polish it again!” Linda quickly backpedaled, tried to explain; I wasn’t buying it. Here was Linda, trying to help, and I bit her nose off. I felt she was telling me my book hadn’t been picked up because the proposal wasn’t good enough. Playing the waiting game while trying to keep my thoughts positive was stretching my fragile nerves tauter than I realized. I’m not proud of my response. St. Chellie would never have responded this way.

    We hung up the phone quickly, but both of us sat with the negative energy and fought mental battles. She wrote me a letter, I wrote this page; I called her back. We explained our intentions, our feelings, our love, mutual admiration, and respect. Our friendship held, peace and equanimity restored.

    Sometimes our words belie our intentions. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” doesn’t always work. What they want done isn’t always the same as what we want done. As an actress, I watched directors at work—some yelled at all the actors; some coddled all the actors. But the best directors yelled at the ones that needed yelling at, coddled the ones that needed more confidence, left alone the ones who needed to work things out alone. Linda is a fabulous writer and in her meticulous attention to detail produces work much closer to perfection than I. I rush to completion, let the details fall where they may, and get done faster. They are different styles of work and behavior, and we each have much to gain from the other.

    When her blue meets my red, a clash may occur, but if we keep talking, reaching for understanding with compassion and love, we create purple.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I enrich my life with wonderful friendships in rainbow colors.”


    Anger is actually a good tool to have in your toolbox. I know because for years I didn’t have it. In my family growing up, it just wasn’t okay to be ill-tempered, out-of-sorts, or angry. If you were, you were sent to your room to collect yourself. This was really great for a peaceful, conflict-free atmosphere at home most of the time. However, when I needed to be angry or fight back out in the world, I was missing that ability, having squelched angry feelings for so many years. Like when my husband yelled at me, I froze. Yelling scared me – I wasn’t used to it. I just wanted to tell him “Go to your room and settle down!” Not really effective.

    After my divorce, bit by bit I got reaquainted with my anger. I watched other people who had a healthy sense of balance and who were lovely, kind, and even-tempered most of the time but who could get their dander up and draw the line in the sand and yell back at someone at appropriate moments. It was a skill I needed to learn, so I studied it. You see, if you don’t have the potential for anger, you will often get pushed too far, compromise your values to keep the peace, and otherwise behave as a tuna.

    Playing poker helped me with this. Nothing can make you more ill-tempered than losing money, especially when other people are winning your money and lording it over you. Argh. One night, a woman (I’ll call her Susie) was drinking heavily, winning a lot of pots, and laughing and loudly making fun of everyone else, cackling that they were bad players and deserved to lose, etc. My patience was wearing thin when she won yet another pot against a lovely older gentleman who she then raked over the coals, calling him a stupid player.  She was standing up and laughing, and sitting next to her, I said, “Come on, Susie, settle down and sit back down.”

    “Don’t tell me what to do, you freaking bitch!” she screamed.

    That was it for me. I stood up, looked her dead in the eye, and yelled back even louder, “I’m not a freaking bitch – you’re a freaking bitch!”

    Whoa! That completely shocked her. The floorman came running over and got between us and suggested there was a seat in another game if one of us would like to move. I stood my ground. I was really mad! And she left to go to the other game.

    As I sat back down, the other players at my table smiled at me and applauded. Hee.

    After that, when another player would snipe at me or cause a problem at the table, the other players would shush him and say, “Don’t make the redhead mad.”

    So anger is a tool in my box now. I don’t take it out often, but I’m glad to know it’s there if I need it.

    Take Your Stand

    Posted on December 8th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”


    343 – December 9

    “Honest criticism is hard to take, especially from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or a stranger.”—Franklin P. Jones


    At lunch with a group of friends, we were dreaming about the big time. We wanted to fill more classrooms, write bestsellers, and help more people with our heart-felt work. We dreamed of appearing on Oprah, Rosie, Sally, Montel, Charlie, Today, Good Morning America, Good Night Whatever. Of sharing the lessons we had learned through difficult, personal traumas so that others might take a shorter road to success and happiness. And of course, we hoped to be listened to, acknowledged, photographed, loved. We smiled at the thought of how our lives would be perked up, new, improved, bigger, better, richer, more.

    Then, because we are a thoughtful, balanced group, we talked about the down side of the big picture, of even fifteen minutes of fame. The long hours, the responsibilities, life on the road in a series of hotels, airports, endless smiling, and talking with countless strangers. And criticism—in print! I thought of all the terrible reviews I had read in the papers and how they must have hurt the people they criticized. As my friend Ann Hancock says, they’re called critics, not praisers. I saw the sacrifice that is involved in going wide with your dream.

    “Oh, I don’t like that part at all,” I gulped. “Can’t I just have the good stuff?”

    That’s when Rhonda Britten, author of Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses and Love Without Regret who had been listening to the discussion, nailed me. “You have to be willing to pay the price,” she said, “or your fear of it will stop you from getting it. To take a stand in the world, you have to be willing to be loved that much—and hated that much.”

    So I take the risk; I make my stand. Maybe my message will reach thousands—or maybe only a few. Armed with the power to say no, if I remember to stay in the balance of what I have written in these pages, I will retain control over my life. I will march to the drummer I hear, with faith that there will be others who hear it, too.

    Stand for what you believe. Do your work in the world, as wide as your purpose will allow. Your People will find you. There will be praisers who love you, and you may learn something from the critics. Faith, courage and your mission will sustain you. Everything else will fall away.

    Success is not a place you get to—it’s a state you live in. If you enjoy the process, instead of being attached the result, you will be a success every day of your life.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I enjoy my process and live in the state of success every day!”


    Rhonda and I formed our writers group, “Wild Women Writers” or “W3″ for short, back in 1998 when we both attended Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen’s weekend seminar “How to Build Your Speaking and Writing Empire”. We were both speakers and workshop leaders and were writing our first books. We had met at the WRS networking group before, so when Jack said, “You’ve got to create a writers group for support, encouragement, and feedback” I went up to her and asked her if she wanted to do that with me. We met for lunch and subsequently invited our friends Carol Allen, Victoria Loveland-Coen, and Linda Siversten to join us (Carol and Victoria were WRS members, too. It’s amazing how many fabulous connections I have made through that group! For those of you in Southern California, go to and find a meeting near you to attend!)

    We met every 2 weeks for many years as we all developed our businesses and wrote books, supported each other through the down times and celebrated the up times. Our schedules no longer allow that many meetings, but we still get together often, brainstorm ideas, encourage each other, and celebrate our wins with a big slice of See’s chocolate cake with whipped cream at our regular haunt, Marmalade’s on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley.

    Taking a stand is great, but it’s even better when it’s shared with fabulous friends.

    Hidden Agendas

    Posted on December 6th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”


    340-December 6

    “Two monologues do not equal a dialogue.”—Nick Harrison


    Tom and Linda are engaged to be married. Tom is nearly fifty, divorced with no children. He was married once before to a very wealthy woman, didn’t have to work, and so has a rather sporadic work history.

    Linda is from a wealthy family, very taken with Tom’s charm and good looks. She has always resisted taking money from her family and works full time at a lucrative profession. Her goal when they get married is to quit her job, raise three children, and live on Tom’s salary.

    Tom’s goal is to quit his job and live on his wife’s money.

    Neither of them has declared these intentions to the other. Their agendas are hidden. They don’t know that their dreams are at cross-purposes.

    Can this marriage be saved?

    Can yours? Get all your agendas into the open where they can see light of day and you can see the inside of your spouse’s mind. Tell each other the truth and then make plans for each of you to get your needs met. Negotiate and compromise. It’s possible if you are honest with each other. Impossible if you are not.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I speak the truth and declare my dreams so that others can help them come true!”

    Dolphin mosaic at Herculaneum

    Ah, so many times we are afraid to be real, to show our true inner being, to be vulnerable and stand in all our perfection and inperfection in front of another person. We try to figure out what it is they want to see or hear and be that and say that. So many dating books revolve around planning and strategies and say this and don’t say that and what a man wants is and what a woman wants is…but none of that measures up to being in your truth. Be who you are and say what you think and show your feelings. What could you possibly gain by hiding yourself? Showing a fake self can only result in a fake relationship. Those who cannot measure up to your truth don’t deserve it.

    Be who you are and let others fall away if they aren’t up to you. Those who remain will be the Diamond Dolphins of your life.


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    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”


    339-December 5

    “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.”—African Proverb


    My friend, Shelley, and I were talking this morning about dating. She had just been out on a date, and was recapping for me what had transpired. Although she had no interest in pursuing this particular relationship, she said it had served its purpose.

    “What purpose is that?” I asked.

    “Well,” she said, “I want to be more social, spontaneous, comfortable talking with men. Usually I’m uncomfortable.”

    “I know what you mean,” I replied, “I get uncomfortable too.”

    She said, “Well, at least you go out—you joined that dating service.”

    “I certainly don’t use it much now,” I rejoined.

    “Why?” asked Shelley.

    “I don’t like the energy when someone really likes me and I don’t feel the same way.” I pondered a moment, then said, “And I don’t like the other energy either—where I like them and they don’t feel the same way.” I sighed. “I guess the only energy I like is when I love them and they love me back.”

    “But the price of getting that is you have to risk the other!” Shelley exclaimed.

    “Yeah. It’s frog kissing—and sometimes I’m the frog!”

    Continued on page 339 of “The Wealthy Spirit”

    Today’s Affirmation: “The world awaits in friendly fashion, happy to grant my desires today!”

    If we’re ever going to reach any of our goals, we have to learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable. We’re never comfortable doing new things, going new places, or meeting new people. It’s an adventure and a mystery – we don’t know what will happen, whether we will be admired, accepted, and loved or rejected, dismissed, and disliked. We’re much more comfortable being with people where we already know we are accepted and liked. We like situations like we’ve been in before so we know what to expect and that we can handle it.

    Making it to the end of the hike with Cousin Bill

    But “if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten” as the saying goes. If what you’re getting now is perfect for you, by all means, keep on doing it. But do a few unexpected things now and then, too, or you may miss out on some of the most wonderful people and glorious experiences of your life! Yes, it could be worse…but it could be so much better, too! How will you know if you don’t try out some new things now and again?

    Plan something new this week. Go to a networking group you’ve never attended before. Reach out to someone on Facebook or some other social media site. Begin a conversation with a stranger. Open up to let something new and wonderful into your life. Have an adventure, and share about it with us here. You may help others have the courage to step into adventures, too.

    Me or We?

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    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”


    338-December 4

    “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”—Alexander Graham Bell

    I have to solve the problem of me before I can solve the problem of we.

    I learned this from trying it the other way around. In the whirlwind of my mad searching for the prince who would carry me off to happily ever after, I saw princes everywhere. I whirled and danced and obsessed and drank. When I got sober, my AA friends told me not to get into a relationship for a year. “Why not?” I cried. “That’s an eternity!” They knew that the alcohol kept me hidden from myself, and that when I stopped drinking and started facing myself, I was going to change. In a year, I would be a different person, with different needs, different goals. I was an infant about to grow up, and I needed to wait until I was adult before I would have a chance at choosing a healthy relationship.

    Well, that made sense to me. God knew, I hadn’t chosen any healthy ones up until that point. I was willing to give it a rest and see what I would become….

    I relaxed into my self and my work, and now I relish the freedom and power of being single. I am happy where I am. The whirlwind gave way to peace. Perhaps someone may join me on my path one day. But I know this truth: We must choose which road we want to travel before we can choose appropriate companions for the journey. Whatever road you choose, focus on its adventures, its benefits, the gifts it provides. Make the choice and be willing to pay the price. The difficulties are your teachers, designed to strengthen you in ways you have chosen to be strengthened.

    Shelley, Bobbi, and me at Sibilla outside Rome

    If you are in a relationship, and especially if you have children, remember that not everyone is so fortunate. Bless the companions you travel with. Give thanks to God and then to them each and every day. Praise them, make deposits to their emotional bank accounts, acknowledge them, help them up when they stumble, nurse them when they are sick, and let them in to know you. Receive the sharing of their self with you with humility and grace. And love them. Whatever it takes to renew your love over and over, this you must do. Without the commitment to love, the dust of the road will clog your mouth and blind your eyes and boulders block your way. Notice that this road is, after all, paved with gold.

    Life’s treasures are more than numbers on a balance sheet, a bank statement, or a stock certificate. Your storehouse is also filled with the sweet drooly kiss of a one-year-old, laughter shared with a friend, and the warmth of a hand that sneaks into yours.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I give and receive love, joy, and laughter everywhere I am.”

    I have many treasured companions on my road in life.

    My roommate, Shelley, and I have been best buddies for over 20 years now, ever since I moved in with her for what we imagined was just for a few months or a year or so. But it just worked out so great that we just keep keeping on! Once, a friend of mine suggested I was so successful I really should buy my own house. I looked at her and said, “Why would I want to do that? So I can live alone? I like having a roommate!” It’s nice to have someone who cares whether or not you make it home safe at night – and knows that you do. It’s nice to have someone fix you chicken soup when you’re sick, or laugh with you at the funny movie, or trade clothes, or admire purchases, or just share how the day went. Maybe in our culture we only show that kind of relationship in our books and movies with romantic partners, married couples, or young school friends, but there are other options.

    Two women friends who took my workshop together decided they really liked the living model that Shelley and I had. They had both been thinking of buying homes separately, but then they looked at how they might pool their resources…and they bought a duplex! One lives in the upper floor living space and the other  lives in the bottom. They are in and out of each other’s spaces all the time and have fun sharing and looking out for each other.

    The typical American family might not be your family. So what can you create instead?


    Endless Potential

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    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”


    337 – December 3

    “I am definitely going to take a course on time management…just as soon as I can work it into my schedule.”—Louis E. Boone


    One of the benefits of our fast-moving, information-saturated, technology-enhanced lives today is the wide variety of choices we are offered. It’s wonderful to have the freedom to choose where we’ll live, what work we’ll do, what friends we’ll have. This is also a major cause of stress. We want to do everything, be everyone, live all our lifetimes in this one. There’s so much we could do—if only we had more time, more energy! Frantic to “live up to our potential,” we run through our lives like we’re trying to jump on a moving train. Then we’re scared we’ve chosen the wrong train, so we keep jumping on and off, changing trains at every station.

    In my hunger for experience and fear of missing out on something, I always seemed to take on too much. As a high school senior, I was Pep Chairman, Secretary of Girls League, Worthy Advisor of Rainbow Girls, and the lead in the school play all at the same time. During one period in college, I performed in a semi-professional dance company, choreographed and appeared in a campus main stage production, and rehearsed a reader’s theater production from midnight until four A.M. because that was the only time I was available. Meanwhile I carried a full schedule of classes.

    The over-commitment habit continued in my professional life as I juggled building a business with community service and holding board positions in organizations. It seemed I couldn’t join an organization without being president or vice-president, often holding board positions in more than one organization at the same time.

    But as I hurried through my life, with no time for reflection or thought, once in a while I would meet a business owner who was calm. They would smile serenely and say they used to be like me. But after building their businesses, working constant eighty-hour weeks, they finally sold their businesses and became consultants, working out of their homes. I didn’t understand why on earth they would want to work at home. But every so often, I noticed these tranquil people at the corners of my life.

    Then one day my frantic life began to fall apart, like a plate-twirling circus performer who put too many plates in the air at once only to see them all crash in pieces on the ground. The crash seemed awful at the time, but in actuality what a gift it was! As I sorted through the wreckage, I picked back up only the valuable pieces. I cleared space in my life for reflection, meditation, friendships, a slower pace of work. I simplified my life to contain only those things I most cherished. I became a consultant working out of my home.

    Now, I take time to be happy and to know that I am. And I have no intention of living up to my potential.

    You don’t have to, either. Just because you can doesn’t mean you must.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I now claim and celebrate the abundance of my life!”

    Ah, it makes me very nostalgic to look back on all the things I’ve done, the places I’ve been, and the people I’ve met. But it also makes me tired! Wow, did I overdo it back-in-the-day. Of course, what I could do at 25 I would not attempt at 65. Not saying you can’t spin like a top if you want to, it’s just the older and wiser Chellie doesn’t want to.

    A while back, a friend sent me a casting call for the new Oprah network – they were looking for outgoing people who wanted to have their own TV show and she thought that would be great for me. But I know what hard work that job is and how many hours it takes. Young Chellie would have adored it, but Wise Woman Chellie has a different agenda.

    I wrote them a letter that began:

    Dear Casting,

    I treat money disorders – spending bulimia and income anorexia. I wear gold tennis shoes (only) and have gold sparkly nail polish and I am a Financial Stress Reduction® Coach.

    But let’s get something straight right off – I don’t want to have my own show. So I’m a little out of the box already, eh? (Not Canadian, just like that expression).

    I don’t want to BE Oprah – I want to be ON Oprah. Or any other show, like the new ones you are developing. Since the days when I was a professional musical comedy actress, I always preferred the comic lead to the romantic lead. I’d rather play Ado Annie than Laurie in Oklahoma because you don’t have to work as hard, you’re not onstage as much, and then when you do show up you are a bright spot and make everybody laugh. So give me the Ed MacMahon spot on somebody else’s show…

    And you know what? I got an answer from them right back that said they were putting me on their list of experts for their shows.

    Be true to yourself and your OWN vision. You’re unique and wonderful – lead with that.


    Free Seminars

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    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”


    334-November 30

    “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”—Maureen Dowd


    When I first started doing the Financial Stress Reductionâ Workshops, I modeled my business on other seminar leaders and did what they did that seemed to work. Many of them put on free introductory seminars and asked everyone they met to come to them, and this was the first stage of the enrollment process. A percentage of the people at the free seminar would get excited and enroll on the spot for the fee seminar, and that’s when they made money.

    I followed this example for about six months. My experience was this:

    1.    Lots of people will say “Yes!” to a free seminar. Only about half of them will actually show up. (It’s unfortunate, but many people don’t consider it a commitment unless they’ve paid money for it.)
    2.    When you’re listening, you’re selling. When you’re talking, you’re not. And you’re rarely listening at a free seminar because you’re talking. You still have to follow up later.
    3.    It takes a lot of time and energy to plan, enroll, and teach a free seminar.
    4.    It takes no more time and energy to enroll someone for a paid workshop than it does to enroll them for an unpaid one.
    Be the star of your own movie – photo by Lou Bortone

    After I figured this out, I decided to stop giving free seminars. It was too much work for too little reward. I looked for another way.

    And found it: Speak at the monthly meetings of local organizations. There are many of them, from Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs to Women in Management and National Association of Women Business Owners. They do all of the planning, enrolling, organizing, marketing, advertising, selling for you! Plus they give you a free meal. All you have to do is show up.

    And “sing for your supper.”

    Today’s Affirmation: “I love to speak and sing and people love to hear me!”

    Big Business or Small?

    Now I’ve been happy as a poker player with pocket aces with my little workshop business, helping people, getting kudos and getting paid. I find people to invite to the workshop by going to networking groups, speaking, internet marketing, and giving free teleclasses (which are like the free seminars I didn’t want to do, but which really work for us coaches in the internet world). Now I teach my 8-week workshops as a teleclass series: 8-10 people call in from all over the world, I teach them, we all hang up. I love my income. I love my overhead. I love my commute. I love my life.

    There are other business models for coaches and seminar leaders – some have million-dollar businesses! Here’s a description of one from my book “Zero to Zillionaire”:

    T. Harv Eker is the president of Peak Potentials Training. He’s in the workshop business, too. He has a big vision, a big company and he’s making big money. His game plan is masterful—he contacts the presidents of various networking groups and offers free passes to his Millionaire Mind Intensive 3-day seminar for each member of their group. They do all of Harv’s marketing for him by advertising this wonderful free benefit to their membership. It’s a classic win-win-win scenario: Harv wins, the organization wins, and the members win. Brilliant!

    So I got my free pass and I went to the seminar. There were some twelve hundred people at the one I attended in Los Angeles in 2004. For three days, Harv gave an informative, fun, involving seminar. “You have a millionaire mind!” everyone high-fived each other on cue. And for three days, from eight o’clock in the morning until ten at night, he sold you—masterfully—the next ten programs that you are going to need if you are really committed to improve your money and your life. The programs come with high price tags—I remember one was $3,995—but then he gives you a big discount because he really cares about you and wants to help. So he slashes the price to $2,995, throws in the $1,000 CD set for free along with it, and then discounts the whole price again. But you have to take advantage of this offer right now, because this course is almost sold out and he only has 50 spaces left…

    Need I tell you that hundreds of people jumped up out of their seats and ran to the back of the room to give the waiting employees their credit cards? Because they “have a Millionaire Mind!” And Harv has a Millionaire Bank Account. He told us he makes over a million dollars a weekend. Fabulous. I was watching a master at work. I saw what was possible when your vision was huge.

    Do you think I am jealous or sad that my business is so much smaller than his? Well, I admit I wasn’t too fond of him in the beginning when one of my favorite networking groups started touting his financial seminar from the podium every meeting and not mine. He was Oz, the Great and Powerful, and I was Dorothy, the Small and Meek. Was my vision too small, I wondered? Should I be doing what he’s doing? (I hate it when I should on myself.) But I got over it. Some people would rather come to me and sit with 12 people in a living room for 8 weeks than go to a hotel and sit with 1200 people for 3 days. Some will prefer personal attention over mob psychology. I will always find “My People”. Harv will always find his. You will always find yours. There’s no such thing as competition.

    Listen, my hat’s off to Harv. He is a master of the big picture seminar business, like Tony Robbins and Werner Erhard before him. Hey, if you want that big picture, go ahead and get it. Have 48 or 4,800 employees. Get 25,000 emails a day. Train thousands of people. If that’s what you want, if that’s what Zillionaire means to you, then go for it! It’s your movie and you can write the script that way if you want.

    For me, I’m rather more in alignment with comedian Steven Wright, who said, “Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy. Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.” The Big Blockbuster Movie isn’t my movie. I am too aware of the big price one pays for the big picture. T. Harv Eker names it in his book:

    “Are you willing to work sixteen hours a day? Rich people are. Are you willing to work seven days a week and give up most of your weekends? Rich people are. Are you willing to sacrifice seeing your family, your friends, and give up your recreations and hobbies? Rich people are.”

    No, non, nein, no, no. Nope. Not me. Not willing to pay. If you want the big goal, good for you. Be my guest. Go read one of the big boys’ books. But make sure you take a good squint at the price tag for that life, too. The big vision doesn’t come cheap. Sign me up for the Small Independent Film, the smaller vision, a smaller goal, and a smaller price, thanks. I don’t have ten workshops, I just have one. One workshop that works is all I need. I say what the price is and that’s the price all the time for everybody. I purposefully did not create a business. I created a job for myself.

    Every time I examine my business and whether or not to expand, I filter everything through my goal within the goal: I want to be small and happy and rich. I want a life full of fun, hobbies, family and friends every day that I’m alive. I want to have dinner with my buddies. I want to play poker. I want to go to the movies with my 92-year-old daddy while he’s still here with us. I want to help plan the baby shower for my niece. I want to be happy every day. I want a business that I run, not one that runs me. I want work that gets me to a life, not work that is my life.

    $200,000-300,000 a year sounds just ducky to me. If that sounds good to you, you’re in luck—I have the program for that. Check it out at



    Smart Shopping

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    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”


    335-December 1

    “The owner of a second-hand car knows how hard it is to drive a bargain.”—Unknown


    There is a guiding principle to smart shopping that has nothing to do with searching out the lowest price. While looking for bargains is certainly a good idea—why pay a higher price if you can avoid it?—too many people will buy anything if it’s a bargain. They end up with closets and houses full of mismatched objects they got a great deal on, but that they don’t really like or look good in. Smart shoppers buy quality rather than quantity, and buy things that they love.

    Debbie Leaper, president of StylePoints, offers personalized color and wardrobe consultations at her studio in Toluca Lake, California, and has a wonderful sense of style. She maintains that a good wardrobe can actually help your bottom line by increasing your income. In her newsletter, she cites Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s statistics: When someone meets you for the first time, 55 percent of what they think about you is determined without you even saying a word. Their opinions begin the moment they first see you and are based on your appearance and your body language. In the first seven seconds of meeting you, your audience makes ten rapid-fire decisions about you, including what you do for a living, how trustworthy you are, how much money you make, and how successful you are.

    Debbie lists these things to avoid when shopping for clothes:

    1.    Impulse purchases of fad clothing that will soon be out of style.
    2.    Unusual or trendy colors that coordinate with nothing else in your wardrobe.
    3.    Colors that look good on your friends—but not on you.
    4.    Fabric that is shiny, itchy, or cheap.
    5.    A “can’t resist” markdown that will fit when you lose five pounds.
    6.    An outfit that looks swell on the mannequin—whose body type bears no relation to yours.

    She then suggests that buying more expensive clothing may actually be cheaper for you in the long run. Debbie gives a formula for calculating the “cost per wearing:” Take the cost of the item and divide that by the number of times you expect to wear it: For example, a pair of dark wool gabardine pants that costs $150 could be worn once a week for nine months or thirty-six times annually. If they last three years, each of the 108 times it is worn costs $1.39. Not such a bad deal, when compared to $50 bargain trousers made from cheap synthetic fabric. This so-called “bargain” will be worn approximately six times before the fabric starts to lose its shape, develops a sheen, or starts to pull. The cost per wearing in this case is $8.33—not such a bargain, after all. Try buying fewer items, but more expensive, quality ones. The few pieces you have you will treasure, and you’ll feel “like a million” wearing them.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am gorgeous! I am beautiful! I am divine!”

    Me with Jaime Kalman 
    I made a guest appearance with host Jaime Kalman  on AE Movational Chat on ActorsE at We had a ball talking about life, money, goals, obstacles and successes!

    Jaime is a Coach, too, and we met at my usual networking stomping grounds – WRS We hit is off immediately, and of course I followed up with a Gold Call :) It’s a perfect example of what WRS founder and owner Nancy Sardella talks about – you can get a lot of business opportunities from people in your same profession. There’s no competition – there’s room for everyone to make money, do good, and have fun!




    A Lesson in Negotiating

    Posted on November 29th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”


    333-November 29

    “Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.”—Albert Einstein


    Sarah Edwards, with her husband Paul, has written many books on creating the life you want to live, including Working from Home,Secrets of the Self-Employed, and The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook. Years ago, she called me to say that a local department store was looking for speakers for a series of events and she had given them my name. I thanked her for alerting me to the opportunity, and when they contacted me, the department store representative asked what my fee was. When I said, “$1,500,” she explained that it was a trial program and they didn’t have a large budget. But it would be great publicity and exposure for me in my local area. Would I be willing to negotiate my fee? I agreed, and discounted my speaking fee to $1,000.

    Sarah called me back a few hours later and said that they were asking her to speak as well, and wanted to know the amount of fee they were willing to pay. Speaking fees are very diverse, and it is often difficult for speakers to know what kind of budget the company has in mind. If you ask for too little, you don’t look professional and if you ask for too much, you can price yourself out of the market. I was happy to share with her my negotiations with them, since she had gotten me the job.

    She called me back two days later, laughing on the phone. She said she just had to tell me this story. Knowing that I had lowered my price for the department store event, and figuring they would try to negotiate with her as well, she decided to ask for more to begin with. So she told them her price was $2,000 and settled for $1,500. But that wasn’t all. The next day, another friend who had also agreed to speak for them called Sarah to compare notes on pricing, too. That woman had said her price was $3,500 and settled for $2,500! It was a perfect lesson in negotiating.

    Look again at your price. Who picked that number?

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am worthy of glorious abundance!”

    Today’s Guest Blog Post is from Geredette McGuinn of An Emerging You:

    There are many ways of getting from point A to point B in our lives. And, things don’t always happen the way we imagine they will.

    I am an Energy Healer. This is something that appeared to me several years ago . . . through my journey of life changes or transformations. I truly feel that I have been given a gift and with this gift of healing, I still have my own life experiences where I need to consult and get advice from experts in their field.

    I feel that my life experiences have brought me to another deeper level of understanding and compassion . . . in a way that only those who go through it truly understand all of the feelings, emotions, challenges, etc.

    I am one of those who has experienced the financial difficulties of our current economic times. This includes a short sale on my home, difficulty getting work, difficulty paying bills, etc. Being an Energy Healer is not a free ticket to an easy and smooth life as some may feel. Again, I am human and I am on a path to learning and life experiences as everyone else in this lifetime.

    What I get to do as an Energy Healer is to clear and heal those difficult experiences in our lives so we are not carrying them within us and attracting more difficulties in our lives. By clearing these issues it leaves room for more positive experiences and to our next experience.

    For my next experience, I was led to Chellie Campbell. I met her at a networking event where she was giving a speech. Sometime after the event, she called me. As soon as I heard her on the telephone, my heart sank. I remember meeting her and my mind was automatically saying “I don’t have money”. My financial situation at that time was difficult. She told me about her upcoming Financial Stress Reduction program. I listened to her and shared with her about my financial situation. Chellie listened, and she gave me some suggestions on what to do to begin making contacts. She is such a warm and compassionate person who has really “been there” with her life experiences, shared her stories and I began to think more positively about building my clientele.

    Well, I am now taking Chellie’s class and learning so much! I am also well on my way to making things happen for myself and my clients. I’m also feeling very optimistic and more confident than ever before!

    As my mentor says: “We only have this moment and it leads to the next moment”. With Chellie’s help, it can lead to a very happy and prosperous moment!

    Many Thank Yous Chellie!


    About Geredette McGuinn:

    I have been given a gift of Energy Healing that is similar to how a Medium works. We talk about things you are going through and things you would like to change and through what I receive as a Medium, I then do your Energy Healing.

    As we live our life, we have various experiences . . . these can be difficulties as well as happy times. These techniques help to release, clear and heal physical, emotional and spiritual blockages enabling you to feel lighter and happier. When these items are cleared, you are then able to create the life you desire and An Emerging You! Contact Geredette in Los Angeles, CA at 773-895-7886.


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    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    332-November 28

    “You, yourself, as much as anyone in the entire Universe, deserve your love and affection.”—Buddha


    Vince taught me about prizes you give to yourself. He was an executive search consultant for the recruiting firm where I first learned bookkeeping. A very cheerful, upbeat guy with a great smile, he always set goals for himself. And he told everyone in the office about them!

    Every month, Vince would have a sales goal. “I’m going to make $20,000 in placement fees this month!” he would declare. “And when I do, I’m going to buy myself a brand new….” You can fill in the blank, he always had a new prize that he wanted, something extra to strive for beyond just getting enough money to pay the bills. Something sexy as they would say in Hollywood, something with sizzle, with pizzazz.

    One month, in particular, I remember that his prize of choice was a Gucci wallet. He declared his goal and showed everyone in the office a picture of this beautiful leather article. He put a picture of it on the wall where he could see it as he made his sales calls.

    The first month, he didn’t meet his goal, but that just made him work harder, and he redoubled his efforts the next month. Finally, the day came when Vince let out a whoop and literally danced into the front office. “I did it!” he cried. “I made my goal and now I’m going out to buy my Gucci wallet!”

    And he did. He left right then in the middle of the day, went down to the department store and bought that wallet. He was beaming as he brought it back to the office and showed it around to admiring oohs and aahs from all of us. “What a nut,” some people thought. But I just thought he looked happy.

    And, I noticed, he sure was making a lot of money. Picked out a prize for yourself lately?

    Today’s Affirmation: “Life has many treasures for me to enjoy and I deserve them!”

    A friend of mine sent me this note one morning – perfect for today!

    “I found a pub here in Jacksonville that had a team Trivia night. None of the friends I invited to join me showed up, so I played as a team of one. The category for the first round trivia was pop music, which is not my best subject.
    (I’m more of a science and history guy.)

    “The game organizers had three gift bags (filled with little Christmas chachkas) on the stage that I had assumed were for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Mais non! One of them was an “encouragement prize” for the person in last place, which I WON!

    “So even when I don’t win first place, I still win!

    ” ‘I win often, and I win big!’