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    Baby-U-Deserve-Getting-Every-Thing (Budget)

    Posted on January 16th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    16 – January 16

    “It’s amazing how fast you can go through $7,000 with beer, pizza and The Gap.”—Ben Affleck


    What is your reaction to the word “budget”? A sinking, depressed, deprived feeling? You are not alone. Many people audibly groan at the mention of the word. For the vast majority, it connotes scarcity, lack, and limitation—none of which are very pleasurable concepts. “Budgeting” in common usage usually means cutting the fun, frivolity, entertainment, and spontaneity out of your life and creating a bare-bones, austere, nothing-but-the-basics spending plan—something you do when you’re stressed about not having enough money.

    That is not my idea of budgeting. I have reframed it above: It means designing a spending plan to achieve your number one priorities and get all those things you reallywant. A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went! This can and should be a very enjoyable process and not the bitter, restrictive pill you fear.

    It is important to know that a budget is not written in stone. It is a flexible, adjustable plan that reflects how you give valuable products or services to others (income) and how you choose to support others by buying their products or services (expenses). All of these are decisions you make, therefore you have the power to change them. We often feel so trapped by our previous decisions that we think that we’re stuck, but a closer examination will reveal that we can change everything if we are willing.

    The power of budgeting is that we decide before each month how we will spend our income, then as the month goes on, we write down our actual income and expenses. When we tally up the score at the end of the month, we can see whether or not we want to change our decisions for next month. Design a plan that works for you and then work your plan!

    Today’s Affirmation: “I happily spend the money I make in all the wisest ways!”


    I hear the wall of resistance going up all over the land.

    I know how difficult it is to face the reality of your numbers. Chill out, darlings. EGBOK. Everything’s gonna be okay. Breathe. Relax.

    Here’s the truth: your numbers are your numbers. They exist and they are real. Whether you know what they are or not.

    Can you see the danger that lurks in not knowing? How are you going to make an informed decision about how much to spend on your vacation, or birthday party, or your daughter’s wedding, or Christmas presents, or a new car if you don’t know exactly how much money is coming in and going out of your bank account? Can you afford to buy that house? How would you know?

    If you’re nervous or scared about your finances and feel out of control with your money, you probably don’t have a budget. So start one now. You don’t have to buy a fancy program and learn how to install it and use it. Just use an excel spreadsheet. Put columns down the left hand side and label them income and expenses. Next, put a column on the right for your budget amounts – what you plan to spend on each line item. The third column to the right of that one will be what you actually spend.

    It may take an hour or two to set it up, but after that it only takes about 2 minutes to log your numbers in every time you pay your bills. You’ll see what you spent, what bills are still due, and how much money has come in, and what’s left. This is the greatest management tool ever.

    Because you won’t be able to lie to yourself about your spending any more.

    Consistency Is Everything

    Posted on January 15th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    15 – January 15

    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”—Aristotle


    Money is a metaphor in life. It allows you to test your ability to manifest reality from your thoughts. It is tangible, concrete: You can count it; you can calculate your results exactly.

    Demonstrate it for yourself. Change your thoughts about money: Practice affirmations daily. If you’re already doing them, do more of them more often. Just as importantly, stop all the negative thoughts about money—give up your victimhood, your resentfulness, your anger, your jealousy. Appreciate and love everyone’s money—not just your own.

    Then translate your new positive thoughts about money into positive actions with money—making it, saving it, spending it. Send out your ships with the fresh new air of your joyful beliefs billowing in the sails. Then watch more money flow more easily into your life, Notice how much easier your work becomes, enjoy the increasing richness of your surroundings. At the end of the month, count your money. Do you have more than you did before? If the answer is yes, then congratulate yourself on a job well done.

    Now the trick is to keep doing it. Consistency is everything. Amazingly, many people stop after having great results for two or three months and revert to their old, ingrained habits. Perhaps they keep sending out ships, but think their mind has been changed forever, so they stop doing the affirmations, and behold! Their ships sink and they don’t know what happened. Or they keep doing the affirmations (thinking they’re some sort of magic charm) and stop sending out ships. No ships, no money. Very tangible. Very concrete.

    When this process has become internalized and your new habit, you have consciously learned the art of manifesting your reality. I believe that’s one of life’s greatest lessons that we’re on this planet to learn. Money is just a concrete, easy and convenient way to learn it. It’s school.

    You are supposed to graduate, however. If you get stuck in the school of manifesting money, you can be a very unhappy person. That’s why you see many people who have achieved great wealth give away a lot of it. They’ve learned how to manifest money and now they’re on to the next lesson. Now they’re looking for the ships that arrive with intangible treasures: Love, community, integrity, honor, authenticity, peace.

    Conversely, some people are trying to avoid the money school. They want the intangibles, but want to somehow skip the grades that involve feeding and clothing the body. They often suffer from the fear of financial insecurity, resent the jobs they take that don’t pay well and have spiteful opinions of people who’ve mastered money school. Well, they don’t seem to have the intangibles down either, do they? You can’t help the poor if you are the poor.

    There is internal wealth and external wealth. They are not mutually exclusive.

    Today’s Affirmation: “My ships are piled high with treasure and I’m unloading them today!”


    Being consistent is a challenge for me. I like to have freedom. Nine-to-five jobs always made me feel boxed in and controlled – and for such a large percentage of my life! 40 hours eek.

    But even theater jobs have that rigidity – the curtain goes up at 8:00 and you’ve got to be in place in costume and makeup. When I did Hello, Dolly! with Martha Raye, Bill Mulliken who played Cornelius, had been on Broadway in that musical performing 8 shows a week for 3 years. Yikes. Professional acting lost a bit of its stardust for me when I found that out.

    However, I have to be consistent with my teleclasses, too. Every week for 8 weeks, I show up and teach class 2 hours on Monday, 2 hours on Tuesday, and 2 hours on Wednesday. I can’t miss it, and I can’t be late when “the curtain goes up.” But those are small amounts of time compared to 40 hour weeks or 8 shows a week. I can handle that. And I take a 4-week break between sessions, too, so again I have plugged in some freedom into my life.

    If you are in business for yourself, you are going to have to develop a structure that works for your temperament. For me, a mixture of freedom and structure works best. I teach my classes Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays mornings I make phone calls. Afternoons are for meditation, napping and creating. Monday and Friday I do paperwork. When I add in special projects, I look at my schedule very carefully to see if I can handle the time commitment and where it fits in to my week. Then if I feel it’s worth the commitment, I put it on the calendar.

    Adding in writing time for this daily blog was a very big commitment, and I thought hard about whether I could do it. But I saw that I could write the blogs ahead of time if I felt like writing or if I was going out of town, so it feels more free than if I had to write it every day at the same time. And I love writing! But I notice that if I don’t have a deadline, I don’t do it.

    Figuring out what schedule works for you will make your life a joy or a drudgery. If you’re too committed every hour of the day, you won’t have time for creativity. If you’re not committed enough, you won’t do enough work to make a living. What’s the right balance of structure and freedom for you?

    See It, Want It, Get It

    Posted on January 14th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    14 – January 14

    “You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.”—Billy Wilder


    My first career goal was to become a professional actress. I fantasized about the applause of adoring crowds, fame, stardom and tears of joy streaming down my face as I collected my Academy Award for Best Actress. I dreamed of moving audiences to joy and laughter, rage and sorrow, and the wonderful acclaim I would receive. Great fantasy. I saw it. I wanted it.

    The trick was to get it—to bring my fantasy into reality. Maria Nemeth, in her book The Energy of Money, describes the difficulty of crossing the border from metaphysical reality to physical reality as “trouble at the border.” I had to make some effort to put my dream into being. I had to take risks; I had to step out into the unknown. I had to put myself on the line, without knowing whether or not I would measure up. I had to send out ships.

    So these are some of the “become an actress” ships:

    I auditioned to be in a play at my high school. I asked a friend what I had to do. When she told me I had to sing, I backed off—I was much too frightened to do that. But then she said, “Well, you’ve been taking dance lessons for years, so go to the dance audition and try out for a dancing part.” That felt like something I could do, so I joined the crowd at the dance audition, did the steps they showed me and was cast in the show. Success! I loved it. I loved the rehearsals, the people, the creativity, the teamwork solving problems—it was all terrific, just like in my fantasy.

    So I went to my school counselor, told her I wanted to be an actress, and signed up for all the drama curricular and extra-curricular activities. I took dance lessons, acting and singing lessons, read and studied plays, auditioned and performed in plays. Subsequently, I got a degree in Dramatic Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and made the trek to Hollywood as countless thousands before me. I had my professional pictures taken, got an agent and auditioned everywhere I could. I got my Actors’ Equity card performing in Hello, Dolly! with Martha Rae, my Screen Actors Guild card in The Time of Your Life with James Whitmore, and did odds and ends of dinner theaters, commercials, and Disneyland.

    Then the dream shifted, and I followed a new path: bookkeeper(!?). It seemed strange at the time, but now I see how the two seemingly different career paths were necessary training grounds for my current profession, financial stress reducer.

    You never lose anything, no time is wasted, all experience is meaningful. But you have to put ships in the water to get anywhere or you’ll never hear the lookout shout, “Land ho!”

    Today’s Affirmation: “All paths lead to my highest good.”


    While teaching my Financial Stress Reduction® workshops, I came to the realization that really I’m still acting – I’m just now doing my own one-woman show on money. Looking back, I can see that the part about acting I really enjoyed was the rehearsal period. The cast was a small, intense, artistic mastermind group creating a project together. We discussed the play, the philosophies behind the writing, examined our characters and their motivations, tried out line readings, movements, props, costumes. It was wonderful!

    But after the show was set, and we performed what we had decided on, every performance, every day, and for me things got really boring very quickly. In school, a long run was 4-5 performances a week for about 4 weeks. And then we were on to the next show. It was like a repertory company, changing plays and parts all the time. Professional acting was an entirely different venture.

    When I did a musical show at Disneyland 5 shows a day 5 days a week for 9 months, I thought I would die of boredom. We had a great cast of crazy characters and the musicians all doubled and tripled on their instruments, and we started putting in different songs just for fun. We were always getting in trouble for that…

    Theater at Ephesus

    I remember the host of our show, Fun With Music, was dressed as Merlin, and at the beginning of the show he would introduce the musicians and have them play a bit of music on the different instruments. They invented a game where the music the musicians would play would be a bit of the theme song from a TV show. Then in his response, the actor playing Merlin had to indicate that he knew what the show was. For example, the clarinet player played something fromStar Trek, and Merlin said, “I see you go boldly where clarinet players haven’t gone before” which was a take-off of the opening line of the TV show. We all got a big kick out of watching that interplay. (In any production, there are always many inside jokes going on onstage that the audience is never privy to.)

    Many years after I started teaching my workshops, I realized I had created for myself the exact thing I most enjoyed – a small, dedicated, creative mastermind group of people who wanted to grow and succeed. And now I get to be the director! Awesome how life turns out.

    What has been a recurring theme in your life that may have taken you by surprise?

    The Black Limo Fantasy

    Posted on January 13th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    13 – January 13

    “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”—Abraham Lincoln


    Annie shared her dream of being an artist. Well, she was an artist of course, but she wanted to be paid to be an artist. This is a distinction I run in to with many people. They bubble with creativity, pour their souls out onto canvas and marble and paper, then sit in the middle of their wonderful work and cry. “But how do I get recognized?” “Why isn’t the world beating a path to my door? Why doesn’t this work sell?”

    They remind me of the Black Limo Fantasy: When I was eight, the nation was in love with The Mickey Mouse Club—and no one more than I. I wanted to play with them, dance with them, be one of them. I hadn’t a clue how that could happen. My fantasy was that talent scouts were driving up and down the streets in a Black Limo, looking for talented children to whisk away to stardom. I kept my eyes peeled for the Black Limo with the talent scout in it. Alas. It never came to my neighborhood.

    Grand niece & nephew Kara & Maxie

    So I look at my beautiful artist friends and don’t want them to wait one more day for the Black Limo. It’s not coming for them, and it’s not coming for you. It is parked at a corner somewhere in your future, its motor running, waiting for you to arrive. And you don’t find it in one seven-league boot stride. You find it by every day making one baby step towards your dream. The purpose of art is communication with people. You have to pick up the golden phone—the one with the money in it—and talk to people who might own a piece of your dream. Find out where the Black Limo is parked by asking everyone you know, then even calling people you don’t know. Talk to gallery owners, corporate art buyers, interior decorators, architects. Enter contests, display at the local Rotary Club art fair, form a support group of other artists, and share connections. This is called “Sales and Marketing” by business people. I call them “Sending Out Ships.” They are the delivery system for your creations, whatever they may be. You have to get them out where people can buy them, otherwise they’re just hobby-crafts that you give away at Christmas.

    Annie never thought she could make a sale. Not only was she afraid to make a phone call, she was reluctant to make a sale when someone called her and asked to buy one of her paintings. There were people in her life who wanted to invest money, time, and connections in her dream, and she wasn’t letting them help her. She was afraid. The fear stopped her cold. I told her that I wasn’t a therapist and I couldn’t find the source of her fear. I could only tell her to get over it, or on her deathbed she’d be regretting instead of reminiscing.

    The next week, she started selling paintings. She found her Black Limo. Where is yours?

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am now earning a great big income doing what makes me happy!”

    For the artists among you, I want to share about my good friend, Gayle Etcheverry, artist. She is a master at sending out virtual art ships!

    When I met Gayle at a networking group, she was working as a fitness instructor. I loved her energy – she just shone so brightly, I knew she was a dolphin. So I made it a point to talk with her, and she told me her burning desire was to be an artist. I could tell from the enthusiasm and joy with which she spoke of it, that she was ready to make the leap.

    Gayle Etcheverry

    She came to my workshop, and started her transition. She started painting every day, found a partner, and started doing murals for people’s homes and businesses, and scenic work for the motion picture industry (her photograph is in the LA Times every year at Oscar time as she paints all those big Oscar statues gold). She started selling her paintings on EBay, she got commissions, she developed her web site, and she has a weekly BlogTV show where she talks with people while she paints!

    Her first book launched a couple of years ago – it’s all about how to be a working artist:

    “Thinking Outside the Frame: How Artists Make Actual Money in the Virtual World”

    by Gayle Etecheverry

    In these pages Gayle Etcheverry’s intelligent inspiration reveals what no other generation of artists have had the power to attain: You literally have the world at your fingertips. The great Masters of Art have nothing on you; for you can turn the actual world into an interactive gallery of your own work.

    With a paint brush in one hand and your mouse in the other, you can accomplish ‘virtually’ anything. All you have to do is decide that “I AM an Artist”, follow the basic instructions laid out between the covers of this book, and “fake it” till it becomes Fact.

    Whether you are a full-time artist, or a part-time dreamer, nothing is impossible when you’re – ‘Thinking Outside The Frame’

    Gayle’s book cover

    To see more of Gayle’s paintings and order the book, visit

    Goal Getting

    Posted on January 12th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    12 – January 12

    “If you look up, there are no limits.”—Japanese Proverb


    Goal setting is very important to achieving our desires. We have to know what the target is before we can hit it. But goal getting is the next step—taking action to get the goal you set.

    When I enrolled in Roger Lane’s The Finance Course, he sent me a form to fill out listing the things I wanted. Then he called me to find out what I had on the list. I told him one of the things I wanted was a brand-new Mercedes Benz. He said, “Great!” and asked me, “What model?” I said, “I don’t know.” Then he asked, “What color?” I said, “I don’t know.” “How much does it cost?” “I don’t know.” Roger got impatient with me at this point. He said, “Well, you’d better find out exactly what you want because that’s what we’re going to do in the class—get you the things you want. You can’t get anything if you don’t know what it is.” I said, “Oh! I’d better go shopping!”

    Now, you need to understand that at this particular moment in my life, my business was going very well and I was making good money, but I thought that there was no way I could really afford to buy a Mercedes Benz. My belief was that those cars were driven by rich people and movie stars. Well, I wasn’t that rich and I certainly wasn’t a movie star, so I “just knew” I couldn’t have one. I had already looked at and was ready to buy another, medium-priced car.

    As luck would have it, two days after this conversation with Roger, I went to a networking group and a woman who sold Mercedes Benz automobiles stood up and said that there was currently a special savings on car leases. I made an appointment to see her the next day. When I walked into the Mercedes showroom, there in the middle of the room, sparkling in the sunlight, was a beautiful metallic teal-green sedan with gold pin-striping. I was in love. Barbara came over to me and I told her, “I want this one.” She, good salesperson that she was, said, “You can have that one!” “Yeah, sure,” I said, disbelieving. “Show me the money.”

    We proceeded to calculate the costs of this purchase. She gave me a great deal and it turned out not to be anywhere near as expensive as I thought. In fact, the monthly payments were only thirty-two dollars per month more than the other car I was going to buy. I thought about how many times I might have stopped myself from having things I wanted merely because of a mistaken belief. Goal getting is knowing what you want, investigating what it will take to have it, and then taking the action steps to have it. What often happens is that you get it a lot sooner than you expect.

    I bought the car. I drove it home that day. And then I drove it to Roger Lane’s workshop that weekend! I told him I knew what color of car I wanted. He said, “Good. What color?”

    I said, “Green. Want to see it?” And I took him to the parking lot and showed him.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am a money-making machine and I’m making a lot of it today!”


    Okay, full disclosure here: I leased the Mercedes instead of leasing the Acura. It’s true that the lease payment was only $32 more for the Mercedes – it was $500 a month and the Acura was going to be $468. But the Mercedes was a more expensive car, so the balance owing at the end of the lease payment was more than I would have owed on the Acura.

    But I was more concerned with the monthly payment at the time, rather than the actual cost of the car. I think it turned out for the best, regardless of the money, because driving the Mercedes was like living an affirmation that I was rich and successful! It made me feel so good, and rich, and prosperous that I exuded that feeling throughout the day in my work and in my networking. I know it showed in my happy energy everywhere I went.

    Years ago, when I was teaching my workshops in the conference room at my bookkeeping service business, a few students and I walked out to our cars together. One of them, a guy named Ron, said afterward that they watched me as I walked to my car. There were two cars parked in the direction I was walking – one was an old nondescript car and the other was my bright, shiny green Mercedes. He told me they were so glad to see me getting in the Mercedes! Since I was teaching them about making money and being successful, they wanted to see visible proof that I had the goods, see?

    I remember another prosperity speaker and author I used to see at some of my networking meetings. He drove a 15-year-old car that had dents and needed painting. It just didn’t match his talk. Oops, which reminds me I’d better get that broken tail-light fixed on my Lexus SC 430…

    Yeah, yeah, I know this is all outward appearance stuff, and so Hollywood and all that. But ya know, nice stuff is nice!

    The Money Is in the Phone

    Posted on January 10th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    10 – January 10

    “Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”—Jack Canfield


    As a single person working alone in my own seminar and public speaking business, I send out ships on a daily basis. Some are medium-sized cargo ships like speaking at a networking meeting where I can meet many potential clients. Appearing on television or speaking at a national conference are large cruise ships. Writing this book was an aircraft carrier! But my bread and butter canoes are follow-up telephone calls to people I’ve met who are interested in my work. I close all of my sales on the telephone so I know that “The money is in the phone.” To remind myself of this, I spray-painted my telephone gold. I paint my fingernails gold, too. It’s a mnemonic device, reminding me that the riches I desire are often just a phone call away. It’s not “Cold Calling,” it’s “Gold Calling!”

    Follow-up phone calling is a discipline. I work alone at home, and often people will ask me how I stay focused on work with all the distractions that are possible. You know, the laundry, personal chores, housekeeping, food, Oprah. (Oops, well I do watch Oprah—she’s terrific—and I plan my afternoon break for that. And I hate laundry, so that’s no distraction.) But for the most part, it’s easy to stay focused on my job. All I have to do is pay some bills. When there’s no more money, I remember that “The money is in the phone.” I get busy and call potential clients.

    Where is your money? If you’re a business owner or in sales, your money is in the phone. If you’re employed, you sold your boss on hiring you. Ask your boss where she thinks the money is in your business. Pay most attention to your tasks at work that produce income. Businesses must make money to survive and pay you—how can you help them make more money more efficiently?

    Focus on sending out the ships that bring in the treasure.

    Today’s Affirmation: “My phone is ringing off the hook with people calling to give me money!”


    People avoid the phone in droves. Either they don’t know that’s where the gold is, or it’s just too scary to reach out to someone they don’t know. (They want the gold to be in the email, but like direct marketing, the sales results from that are 1%.  Not enough.)

    Once I talked with a woman who had been a regular at one of my networking meetings but then stopped coming. When I called and asked her why, she said the group didn’t work for her – she never got any business from it.

    “How many meetings did you go to?” I asked.

    “I went to one every month,” she replied. (Only one?)

    “Did you call people after the meeting?” I inquired.

    “No,” she said. “If they wanted my services, they would call me.”

    I knew she wouldn’t be in business for long.

    Let me give you a tip: They aren’t going to call you.

    Why? Because they have a life, they have priorities, they need clients themselves, they have another appointment, it’s their mother’s birthday, they have to wash their hair. You and your stuff are way down at the bottom of their priority list. Even if what you have is what they most need and close to the top of their list, they aren’t going to call you. They have fears. They have objections: You’re going to charge too much, they really should remodel their house first, it’s their daughter’s birthday tomorrow, maybe you aren’t really the best one for the project, it’s too far to drive, they’d have to convince their Significant Other and that might mean an argument and that would lead to problems and oh it’s just easier to forget the whole thing…

    And you don’t call them, because you don’t want to hear all their objections. You want to hear “Yes!” so much! But not as much as you are afraid of hearing “No.”

    And those who do make calls often do them badly. They just PITCH themselves and their services instead of finding out about the other person and seeing if they can help them. Don’t you just hate sales pitches that start out, “Let me tell you about the wonderful (blank) I do”? The are all me, me, me, I, I, I, blah, blah, blah…

    So most small business owners continue to network, send out emails, and don’t get the results they want, and make a lot less money than they deserve. They never took a sales training about what to say when they pick up the golden phone.

    But wait, you might be thinking. Phone calls are old technology. Can’t I just get all my customers through advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and sending emails?


    Not if it’s just more pitching.

    Oh, you can get some. You can get followers, you can get readers, and eventually some of them will turn into clients. But the truth that no one wants to tell you is that it’s a very low percentage and it’s really slow. Don’t you get hundreds of emails, tweets, and posts every day? Do you read them all? Do you know the average open rate of an email newsletter is only 10-15%? Your copy had better be really great and you’d better have thousands of people on your list if you’re going to rely on that.

    The real secret to Social networking online is the same as physical networking in person – you have to create relationships. And you don’t do that by endless pitching. The tweets and posts have to engage the reader, reveal yourself and what you’re about, show your caring and expertise.

    I call this “Sending Out Ships” (so that some day your ship will come in). Here’s an example:

    Lucy, an attorney in Texas, a participant in my last Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop teleclass, said she had signed up for my newsletter, read them for months, then signed up for my 365 daily pages from The Wealthy Spirit. As she read them each day, so many of them spoke to her that she started printing them out and putting them in a notebook. When she got so many the notebook was messy, she decided to just buy the book. When I announced in my newsletter that I was having a free teleclass “Confidence, Charisma, and Cash” she signed up for it and listened. She wrote me to say thank you and that she enjoyed every minute of it, and she was interested in signing up for my workshop. That’s when I called her and closed the sale.

    So when you do get a call from someone who is interested in your product or service, how are you going to convince them that you are the one they should work with? Do you know what to say to close the deal when they are really interested but they have objections? Like time and money and I-have- to-wash-my-hair?

    What are the secrets to having wonderful, engaging phone conversations with prospective clients that result in higher ticket sales?

    If you would like to learn my simple, friendly, engaging techniques for making warm calls that result in new friends, new strategic partnerships, and lots more new clients, take a look at my 8-week Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses  – click here for information.

    Or you can pick up your golden phone and call me at 310-476-1622!

    Flying Without a Net

    Posted on January 9th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    9 – January 9

    “One day John and George showed up…and told me we had a gig. I said, ‘No. I’ve got a steady job here.…I can’t expect more.’ And I was quite serious….But then I thought, ‘Sod it.’ I bunked over the wall and was never seen again by Massey and Coggins. Pretty shrewd move really, as things turned out.’”—Sir Paul McCartney


    The successful corporate executive had just been fired after twenty years. He told me he had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but had been afraid to “fly without a net.” I have seen many people like him give up their dreams for the illusion of security, trading their hopes and aspirations for what they think is a safety net. The tragedy is: There is no net. There never was—and never will be. We are all, always, flying without a net. There is no job from which you can’t be fired, no house that can’t be destroyed, no life that can’t be lost, no gold that can’t be stolen, no stock that can’t lose its value, no security that can’t disappear.

    So you might as well do what you want!

    When I decided to sell my business management company and teach the Financial Stress Reductionâ Workshop full-time, it was really scary. I didn’t know if I would be able to sell enough workshops, on an on-going basis, to make a living. With the bookkeeping service, my clients paid me a fee every month. This created a regular income stream. With the workshop business, however, a customer paid once for the workshop and then was gone. I had to generate new customers every eight weeks. I didn’t know if I could do that. I was terrified.

    But I loved teaching this workshop. All of my performing skills and financial skills were married in this creative outlet. My students were giving me great reviews and producing extraordinary results in their income. I had to go for it. I talked to people endlessly about the class and one by one, people enrolled. I would relax a bit at the beginning of each new course—I was safe for another eight weeks! But then, I’d look at the next course—no one was enrolled in it yet—and fear would strike again.

    It took about three years before I started to trust that, if I followed my own program assiduously, there would always be people in the workshop. As long as I take action—think positive, send out ships and count my money—I make a wonderful income from work I love. And as long as I stay centered—swim with dolphins, survive the storms, and seek balance and enlightenment—I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

    Make no decisions based on security. There is none. The safety net is an illusion. The only net you will ever have is the internal one you make for yourself. It is woven of goals, grit, determination, will, planning, resilience, creativity, and optimism. And the belief that if you fall, you have what it takes to get back up.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I soar to tremendous heights of success!”


    So here it is, twenty-plus years after I went full-time with the workshop business, still loving it, still swimming with dolphins, still enrolling people, still making money. Yes!! It works.

    Oh, I can also still look ahead to the workshop after this one and cry, “Oh, no, there’s nobody in my next workshop! What if I’ve already gotten everyone who’s gettable? What if The Competition gets them before I do? What if…”

    You can play the “what if” game too, can’t you? But it won’t do you or anyone else any good. I saw this quoted by one of my Facebook friends recently, ?”I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.”—Louise L. Hay

    A photographer client of mine once made me absolutely crazy with his “what ifs”. It was like he was determined to be anxious. As we worked together in class, he had clients and photography assignments lined up 4 months in advance, and then 6 months, and then 9 months! But it didn’t matter how far ahead he was guaranteed work – he could always see ahead to that blank space in the future where the unknown lurked. And what would he do then?

    How much of a guarantee would make him feel safe? One year? Five years? That’s a zero sum game. Look, you can’t even know that you’ll be alive 9 months from now. Or even tomorrow. So give up the worries and spend all your creative energy on figuring out how to make money serving others and doing what you want. That’s how you’ll enrich the world as well as yourself.

    The only reasonable “what if” is this one:

    What if Paul McCartney had continued to work at Massey and Coggins?

    Send Out Ships

    Posted on January 8th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    8 – January 8

    “The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps—we must step up the stairs.”—Vance Havner


    Thinking positive is your first step to living rich, inside and out. But it is not enough. You have to take action to achieve your goals. I call this “Sending Out Ships.”

    In the nineteenth century, the merchants in London built grand, tall-masted sailing ships. It would take many months, sometimes years, to build them. Then they would hire a crew, outfit the ship and store provisions for the long sea voyage. One fine day, the ship would weigh anchor, hoist her sails, and sail out of London harbor, on her way to visit foreign ports and trade for gold, jewels, silks, and spices. The trip would take many months—often years—and there were no communication lines open then: No ship-to-shore radio, no telegraph, no cellular telephones. Once the ship had sailed, the merchant could do nothing more; only wait for that future day when the ship would return, sailing into London harbor laden with treasure. On that day, the merchant’s fortune was made. And that’s where the expression “I’m waiting for my ship to come in,” comes from.

    But some people are going down to the dock, waiting for their ship to come in—but they haven’t sent any out! If you want the fortune, your responsibility each day is to send out some ships. And you had better send out more than one, because stuff happens to ships: One runs aground just outside of the harbor, another sinks in a hurricane. A few get commandeered by pirates, the whirlpool gets one, and on the next one there’s a mutiny and they sail off to Pitcairn Island and aren’t heard from for another twenty years. Then, of course, there’s the one that hits the iceberg! Once you send the ship out, it’s out of your control. You are only in charge of sending it out, not when it comes in.

    When you get into the habit of sending ships out on a daily basis, even if you know some ships aren’t going to make it back home, you are still confident and optimistic because you know you have a whole fleet sailing out there. It creates a positive expectation that ships are going to be sailing in, docking at your pier and unloading riches for you any minute. Positive energy shines from you. You feel good about yourself because you’ve been doing what it takes to succeed. This is what Tony Robbins, in his book, Awaken the Giant Within, calls “massive, positive, constructive action on a daily basis.” (Although that sounds a little too much like hard work to me.) I prefer the image of breaking the champagne bottle and waving goodbye to a proud clipper ship on a beautiful spring day as it sets forth on my behalf. And then celebrating the ship’s safe arrival with all my wealth.

    Ships at Dubrovnik

    Send those ships out every day. Then prepare to unload your treasures.

    Today’s Affirmation: “Today is a big money day!”


    Every little action you take towards getting your goals pays off. Even the ships that sink are adding to the energy you possess that helps build the next ship. It doesn’t matter that some ships sink, it matters that some of the fleet make it into port unloading treasures at your dock.

    People often ask me to give them examples of ships. If you’re in business for yourself, ships are sales and marketing. Here are some of my ships:

    This blog

    My website

    My Dolphin Club

    Email newsletters

    Email ads

    Building relationships on Social Networking sites:




    Building relationships at live networking events

    Calling people I’ve met at networking events

    Giving speeches

    Answering email questions

    Answering phone questions

    Follow up, follow up, follow up

    An attorney in Texas named Lucy, gave a great example in one of my Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop teleclass. She said she had signed up for my newsletter, read them for months, then signed up for my 365 daily pages from “The Wealthy Spirit”. As she read them each day, so many of them spoke to her that she started printing them out and putting them in a notebook. When she got so many the notebook was messy, she decided to just buy the book. When I announced in my newsletter that I was having a free teleclass “Confidence, Charisma, and Cash” she signed up for it and listened. She wrote me to say thank you and that she enjoyed every minute of it, and she wanted to sign up for my workshop! That’s when I called her and closed the sale.

    This is how sending out many little business ships that finally cumulate in someone becoming your client. Some people refer to this as the sales “funnel”. You provide free information and newsletters, then some low cost services, and then a bigger sale. It takes sending all the little ships to produce a big ship coming that brings you the treasure. But it all starts with sending out a ship. And then another one…

    Write “Thank You!” on All Your Checks

    Posted on January 7th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    7 – January 7

    “If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get.”—Frank A. Clark


    It is important for your personal prosperity to take joy in the process of sending people money. As you write the check or pay the cash for your purchase, know that you are creating financial benefits for many unseen individuals who make their living from these transactions. Smile and write “Thank you!” on the bottom of every check in the memo portion. “Thank you!” that I can buy this wonderful product or service that I want. “Thank you!” for providing it for me. “Thank you!” that I have the money to buy it—and that the check is good.

    Andrea James, a bright young financial planner, took this idea to heart and decided to try it. Her boyfriend was applying for an exclusive apartment through a rental agency. He knew that there would be many applications for this apartment, and prepared his with care. Andrea insisted that he write “Thank you!” with a big exclamation point on the deposit check he submitted with his application. A skeptic, he scoffed, rolled his eyes and snorted with derision, but finally acquiesced and wrote it on the check.

    He got a call two days later. Although there were some seventy-five applicants for the apartment, he was the one who got it! He asked why he was the one who was chosen. The apartment manager said she picked him because he had written “Thank you!” on his check! It had brightened her day, and she said that a person who would do that was the kind of person she wanted living in her building.

    He writes “Thank you!” on all his checks, now.

    Give of your abundance happily to other people and they will likely do the same—happiness is catching. Send the money back out and around and eventually it will circle back to you. Then you will send it out again. We are all linked together in the circle of abundance.

    Today’s Affirmation: “Thank you, God, for the abundant gifts you provide for me every day.”


    I still write “Thank you!” on all my checks, although we don’t use checks as much now as we once did, do we? But you can write “Thank you!” on your credit card slip, too, or just say the blessing as you pay someone with cash. I’ve been doing this for probably 15 years or so now.

    Up to this day in the calendar, I’ve focused on changing your relationship to money, how you think about it, believing there is enough for you, and that you deserve it.

    Now it’s time for you to share your money with others. Happily!

    You must get into the Universal flow with money – it’s always moving, coming in and going out. It isn’t of any use at all when it’s static. It’s supposed to be multiplying, and it’s supposed to be shared. Every time you pay a bill, you’re blessing someone who provided the product or service for you. You are helping them to grow and prosper, and feeding their families, and maybe their employees, too.

    So many people get caught up in the fear of lack and limitation with money, afraid to let go of it because maybe they won’t get any more. Talk about negative thinking! If you’re going to buy the item, be glad to pay for it and help enrich another person. Otherwise don’t buy it. Sit at home and play with your money instead.

    Doesn’t do much for you on its own, does it? Money is only a medium of exchange. Feel rich and prosperous and generous while you exchange your money for something you desire – you are helping and blessing another. This is good! Enjoy the mutual benefits and satisfaction!

    More money will show up for you tomorrow.

    Prosperity Thinking

    Posted on January 6th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    6 – January 6

    “One plus one is two. Two plus two is four. But five will get you ten if you know how to work it.”—Mae West


    We create our own reality from our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. What you focus on expands—focus on fear and you will become more afraid. Focus on love and acceptance and you will get more of that. As you focus on and believe in your ability to create financial abundance in your life, you will begin to receive it: Believing is seeing, not vice versa. Saying prosperity affirmations daily will help you to do this.

    Yes, yes, I know you’ve heard of this before. Prosperity affirmations aren’t new. But I ask you: Are you doing them? Consistently? Every day? Because you are thinking about money every day, and I know from experience, what most people are thinking about money is not prosperous or affirmative. Do you clench your teeth when bills arrive in the mail? Do you shudder when you hear the word “taxes?” Do you respond with envy and sour grapes when a rich person is mentioned to you? If so, you need to start reprogramming your consciousness to develop a healthier attitude toward money so that you can attract it into your life.

    Now, if you try doing prosperity affirmations for three days and then give up in disgust, it’s not going to work. Neuro-linguistic programming states that it takes twenty-one days to establish a new habit. In order to reframe our attitudes and beliefs about money, we need daily practice. For twenty-one days in a row. That means that if you practice saying positive affirmations for ten days and then forget a day, you have to start all over again. What we want to happen is for the new programming to become second nature so that when we hear the word “money” or “wealth” we brighten up, lighten up, and feel like we own it.

    Claude Bristol, in his book The Magic of Believing, suggests a technique called “mirroring.” Stand in front of a mirror and say your affirmations out loud with power, meaning and energy. Try this for five minutes at the beginning of each day. There is something utterly transforming about talking yourself up this way.

    Obviously, if we say positive affirmations for five minutes each day but then go back to our old negative groove for the other twenty-three hours, fifty-five minutes of the day, it will take a long time to notice any progress. It is important that you monitor your thoughts and words throughout the day and catch yourself in any negativisms. When you notice one, repeat two positive affirmations—one to counteract the negativism and the other to move yourself forward.

    Find additional times and places to practice your affirmations. Standing in line at the post office or the grocery store, waiting for a bus or a friend at a restaurant, or while taking a shower are great times to run through your list. Another great affirmation time is while driving. It only takes 5 percent of your brain power to drive so use the rest of your brain positively!

    Today’s Affirmation: “My affirmations work for me, whether I believe they do or not!”


    I’d better mention that although 5% of your brain will take care of the mechanics of driving, it will take a bit more than that to make sure you follow all the rules and read the signs or you’re likely to end up in Timbuktu when you were headed for Santa Barbara. I’ve often “come to” in the car and wondered where the heck I was.

    Actual sign in Albuquerque

    And when you’re doing affirmations standing in a line somewhere, it’s best to do them silently to yourself so people won’t think you’re a crazy person talking to the air.

    Once a man in my workshop said that he wasn’t doing the affirmations because it made him feel silly. I suggested that doing the affirmations was something I felt was responsible for the successes that people continually had with my workshops. He still looked dubious. But I got him when I said this, “Would it be worth it to you to feel silly for 5 minutes a day if it would help you double your income?”

    That looks like a pretty good trade-off, doesn’t it? I told him to try it for the 8 weeks of the workshop. If it didn’t work, he didn’t ever have to do them again. But to not even try doing them is to have contempt prior to investigation.  He doubled his income.

    Secret Code Alert:


    The Law of Attraction was well-known to me and I had been practicing positive thinking for years when I began my workshops in 1990. “What you focus on expands” is a well-known phrase attributed to many different people, from Edgar Cayce to Abraham-Hicks. I quoted it without attribution because I couldn’t determine the originator of the phrase. But including it rings a bell for all the Law of Attraction followers, and they recognize me as one of “Their People”.

    It’s great to leave clues like this in your writings. I left another one with “contempt prior to investigation” that I mentioned above. It’s a well-known phrase used by a popular 12-step program that I belong to. I’ve included many of them throughout the book, and I’ve received many emails from people in the program asking me if I’m a friend of Bill W? That’s another code used by people in the program to identify each other. More about that when we get to page 79 in March…

    Aren’t codes fun?