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    Posted on October 24th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    297-October 24

    “After winter comes the summer. After night comes the dawn. And after every storm, there comes clear, open skies.”—Samuel Rutherford


    When I think of all the time and energy I have spent trying to convince people to take my workshop when they really weren’t that interested, I could cry. I finagle, I plead, I use all my fancy “closing techniques,” trying to convince them to do what I want them to do instead of letting them off the hook I want to reel them in on. I’m sure at these times that Chellie “has a lean and hungry look.” I am just as sure that it is not attractive.

    Desperation appears when we fear not having enough. Enough participants in the workshop, enough money in the bank, enough salary, raises, promotion, accolades, jewelry, cars, clothes, children, space, time. We grab, we horde, we corral, we fight, we scream. Fear-based decisions rule our minds, hearts, actions. The more we grasp at abundance, the more it eludes us. Frantically, we try to push the river…

    Continued on page 297 of The Wealthy Spirit

    Today’s Affirmation: “It’s summertime, and my livin’ is easy!”

    Ah, I’m reminiscing about my wonderful family reunion in Brevard, North Carolina. We had most of my generation’s cousins - the children of the children of Mama & Papa Livy. Mama and Papa had 8 children (who survived infancy; 2 did not): Woodie, Lou, Rob, Lloyd, Egbert, Charles, D.A., and the youngest, my mother, Chellie Le Nell. Fifteen first cousins, most of them married and had children and some of their children now have children – no, I’m not going to name all of them, I might get myself in trouble forgetting someone!

    White squirrel at Brevard, NC

    We had a wonderful time hugging and laughing and catching up on everything that’s been going on since our last reunion in 2008, which was the first reunion since the 60s. Organized by our intrepid Gail Livingston Hare, we stayed in the most beautiful bed and breakfast, the Key Falls Inn, built in the 1860s. We had a fabulous breakfast with everyone each morning, and hiked the Pisgah Mountains trails in the afternoon. We went to the Pumpkin Patch with the wee ones, just joining our family circle and our world. We shopped in beautiful downtown Brevard, and saw the rare white squirrels at Brevard College, one of the few tiny communities who live in a few hidden places in North Carolina. Oh, and we ate – how we ate! Barbequed pork and beans, cole slaw, summer squash & goat cheese salad, big breakfast spreads of eggs, sausage, cereal, biscuits, scones, and lots of coffee and sweet southern tea. Woodie’s chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake…oh, my!

    And we told stories, nodded, shared, hugged, and laughed. Sparkling eyes and deep smiles spoke deep caverns of love and cherished memories. We spoke reverently of those who have gone from this Earth but whose lives hold meaning for us still, and whose spirits surrounded us, extended our love from this world into the next.

    Take time to love. Work will wait. Enjoy each precious person in your life today.


    Cousins Reunion barbeque in Brevard, NC


    Suit up, Show up, and Shut up

    Posted on October 23rd, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    296-October 23

    “Sometimes you have to make the right choices and let your feelings catch up with them.”—Dr. Phil McGraw


    We pay too much attention to our feelings. We want to feel like making that cold call before we make it. We want to feel love for our fellow man before we donate to charity. We want to feel joy in our work before we work. When we don’t feel these things, we don’t make the call, love humanity or do the work. But we’ve got it backwards. The feelings we want come after we take the action, not before.

    We need to take the action that we know is the right action, regardless of how we feel about it. We can be terrified, angry, humiliated, sad, tired, or depressed, fighting our mental battles against doing what we know to be right, but the end result is that it doesn’t matter how we feel about it, what matters is that we do the right thing.

    In Alcoholics Anonymous, they have a wonderful saying about this: “Suit up and show up.” This is the instruction given to newcomers who are struggling with the new practice of being sober. Alcoholics often struggle with emotions that feel overwhelming when they no longer have the alcohol to escape into. If you asked them to “feel like going to an AA meeting” before they went to one, the room would probably be empty. So the instruction is “Suit up and show up”—just get dressed and go. How you feel about it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do it.

    When I made the decision that I was powerless over alcohol and became willing to turn my life around, they told me to go to ninety meetings in ninety days. I laughed. “Do you know what my schedule is like?” I asked incredulously. “I run my own business and I’m president of a trade organization. Impossible! Surely my case is different.” They smiled at me beatifically. “This is what you have to do to remain sober,” they told me. “How do you know?” I protested. “We’re sober and you’re not,” they replied. “If you want what we have, you have to do what we do.”

    I wanted what they had. I wanted it bad. I went to their damn ninety meetings in ninety days. I didn’t feel like it. But I got sober. I liked that. And I liked how I felt about it after I did it.

    To “Suit up and show up” I have added “and shut up.” When I was going to the midnight meeting on Sunset Boulevard, I whined about it. When I had to get up early and make the 7:00 A.M. meeting in Pacific Palisades, I whined about that, too. No one was interested.

    Shine the cold, clear light of objective reason on the passage of your life. What’s not in it that you want? Go get it. Forget how you feel now. The good feelings come after you do it. That is the secret of becoming happy, joyous, and free. And rich.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am happy, joyous, and rich!”

    Years ago, during one of the first Financial Stress Reduction workshops I ever taught, a woman in my class had a very rich “aha!” experience. Susan was an executive recruiter, bright, fun, and with a sense of ease about her. We were discussing how we worked our businesses, and she mentioned that she just worked until she made a good placement for which she was very well paid, and then took time off to play.

    “Hmmm,” I thought, “She’s in my class to make more money. I wonder if she just stops herself when she’s made the money she thinks is enough.” So I asked her what she thought would happen if she kept going and maybe made another placement instead of stopping at the first one. Her eyes got big and round and I could tell she hadn’t thought of that before.

    “I don’t know!” she exclaimed.

    I said, “This week, keep going and see what happens.”

    The next week she announced to the class that she made $35,000 that week, and that she had no idea she was capable of making that much money.

    I thought of this story last week when I was calling people about my Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses that start this week. I had a lot of ”maybes” on my list – people I had talked to who were thinking it over, wanted to read more about the details of the class on my web site, check out the testimonials, checking their schedules, etc. I had plenty of people coming – I’m happy and make my budget goals if I get 5-6 people in each of the three sessions - 15 people is fine. So usually, I just stop there…but then I remembered Susan’s story. What might happen if I just made a few more calls to follow up again with the interested parties who hadn’t yet committed?

    You guessed it. I enrolled 7 more people, for a total of 22. At my current special discounted price of $1997, that’s an additional $14,000! I can think of some things to do with that extra money, too – couldn’t you?

    What would happen for you and your budget if you just pushed yourself a little harder at the end, that surge of energy that a championship runner feels at the end of the race that pushes him over the finish line first?

    Just this week, go for it! And let me know what happens.



    Posted on October 22nd, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    295-October 22

    “Whether you know it or not, fear has developed your likes and dislikes, picked your friends and raised your children.”—Rhonda Britten


    Fear is what stops us from living our passion, from developing our dreams, from rising to the heights of success we envision. We are afraid we won’t be safe; we don’t feel secure; we’re in uncharted territory. Thoughts of the worst that can happen flood our minds and we’re afraid to take the chances.

    In the Hypmovation seminar I attended, we were told that it is normal and natural to have fears, but that we should “Face it; Examine it; Accept it, Reverse it.” It is a helpful anagram to remember, as is this one: “False Evidence Appearing Real.” But mentioned this in my class, everyone burst out laughing when one woman blurted, “Oh! I thought it stood for “F@%# Everything And Run!”

    That’s a funny comment, but we all know that running from your fear won’t take you in the direction you want to go. My friend, Rhonda Britten, a deeply courageous author and speaker, has helped many break the bonds of fear. In her book, Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses and Love Without Regret, she shows how all of us are controlled in some ways by our “wheel of fear” which keeps us from our “wheel of freedom.” When we understand the fears that limit our behavior, we can free ourselves of the limiting past and create new lives full of adventure, promise and happiness.

    Whatever your fear, you have to face it and move through it. Don’t let it stop you. We risk failure, but failure is often just a step forward to success. We almost always fail at first. Your first time at bat—did you hit the ball? Chances are you didn’t. (When I first started playing tennis, I needed three courts to play in because I couldn’t hit the ball where I wanted it to go.) You accept that you will improve with time and practice. Hopefully, it doesn’t keep you from ever picking up the ball in the first place. Have you ever watched a small child trying to learn to eat? They’re terrible at it. Food goes everywhere. But they keep on trying. You don’t see them give up and say, “Well, I hope mom sticks around to feed me because I suck at it.” So why expect perfection from yourself on the first try in the areas of business and money? Falling down and bumping your head a little is part of the deal.

    Change the way you look at the feeling of fear. Instead of a nervous energy of anxiety, hold it as the energy of excitement. Great actors always say that they get butterflies in their stomach before every performance. If they don’t get butterflies, they know they aren’t going to be good. They need the energy of the excitement to transform their performance and make them soar. You need it, too. That’s what it’s there for. It’s not nerves—it’s energy.

    Harness those butterflies. Use that energy. Gulp and go!

    Today’s Affirmation: “My energy and excitement help me reach my highest goals!”

    Dr. Alan Schoonmaker writes some wonderful articles in Card Player magazine. He’s giving advice to poker players on how to improve their game, but I find so much of what he says useful to any endeavor:

    “It won’t be easy or pleasant, but self-improvement is hard and often painful work. You’ll just have to tolerate that pain. If you’re like most people, you can handle physical discomfort better than it’s psychological counterpart. For example, if you diet and exercise, you naturally accept hunger and aching muscles. You may even sya, ‘No pain, no gain.’

    “Trying to avoid the pain of critically examining and changing yourself can cause several mistakes:

    1.  Inaccurately assessing your strengths and weaknesses

    2. Overestimating your ability to improve

    3. Working on the wrong issues”

    He makes the great point that people love working on things they are already good at, because it feels good. But people hate working on the things that they aren’t good at, because it feels bad. “Many people don’t realize that they will gain more by working on their weaknesses than on their strengths. They work on their strengths because – at least partly – they enjoy the process.”

    Ah, I’ve seen that often in my workshops. The accountants love working on the budgets, but the salespeople hate that part. The people who need the time management class the most, have something come up that prevents them from attending that session. When we focus on everyone in the class telling their story and their goals, the people who aren’t good at listening get frustrated. But that’s the most important skill to have in sales!

    Keeping people on track to learn in their uncomfortable places is the highest skill of every teacher.

    Gulp and Go!

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    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    294-October 21

    “The man who leaves nothing to chance will do few things badly, but he will do very few things.”—George Savile Halifax


    I was a drama major about to graduate from college when a classmate called. An agent from Hollywood coming to see him in a play and he hoped I would sit next to the agent and say good things. I agreed; I was delighted to help my friend and got to meet an agent myself in the bargain.

    Frank Levy was a new agent at Creative Management Associates (now ICM), one of the top two agencies in the world. We hit it off right away, discussing plays, films, and performances—and my friend, Joe, naturally. It was an enjoyable evening, although it didn’t pan out in a deal for my friend.

    A week later, I got a call from Frank. His secretary had just quit and he offered me the job. I was so astonished, I almost “Yeah, butted” him out of it: “But I don’t take shorthand.” “That’s okay,” he said, “I don’t dictate much.” “And I don’t type really well,” I admitted, wanting to be honest. “That’s okay, too,” he answered, “What I really need is someone who can read scripts and write opinions on them. You can do that.” I took a big gulp of air and plunged in. “All right. I’ll do it!” Breathlessly, I hung up the phone, amazed that I hadn’t even finished school and had my first job in Hollywood—at a top agency, too!

    Reality set in my first day on the job, when I was faced with an electric typewriter. I looked all over it but could not locate the “on” switch. I went looking for help and found Sandy, another secretary. “How do you turn this on?” I asked, pointing to the typewriter. She flipped the switch underneath the keyboard. “Oh, Sandy, I never went to secretarial school and I don’t know how I’m going to keep this job! Will you please help me?” I threw myself on her mercy, she laughed and said of course she would help, and we became fast friends from that moment on.

    Soon, I was working for both Frank and Joe Funicello, Annette’s brother. Stars came and went from the offices daily, and I met many of them. But I wanted to be one of them, not their agent’s secretary. Eventually, Frank helped me get my first union acting job and I left.

    Years later, when I was looking for a literary agent, a friend put me in touch with Jim Jermanok, who had once been a top executive at ICM. When I called him, I said I used to work at ICM, too. “What did you do?” he asked. I told him and he laughed, saying, “I know Joe Funicello!” Synergy established, he referred me to Lisa Hagan, who became my agent. The ICM lessons are:

    1)      When someone offers you a job, don’t try to talk them out of it.

    2)      When you don’t know how to do the job, ask someone who does and follow instructions.

    3)      Gulp and go!

    Today’s Affirmation: “All my relationships are valuable in expected and unexpected ways!”

    Running Bad

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    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    293-October 20

    “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a terrible warning.”—Catherine Aird


    The bag lady I might become is never all that far from my mind. She lurks in hidden corners, waiting to catch me unaware. Just when I think I have the money thing licked, there she is, breathing her hot, stale breath on my neck. Sometimes I think I must play poker just to invite her back for tea when she’s been away a little too long. Poker keeps me humble. I fancy myself a sharp card player and I love to play; the luck runs for me and against me at different times regardless. Maybe on my unlucky days I play more poorly. I am sure that on my unlucky days I am poorer.

    With high hopes, I head for the poker club, expecting to make a few dollars and have a few laughs. And I get pounded. Nothing works. I can have the best shot at making a perfect hand, like three aces on my first three cards. Then every card after that is a brick, and against all odds, someone with a pair of deuces calls every bet I make and gets two more deuces on the last two cards. Four twos?! Then I get to experience anger and frustration and see how I am truly not kind to others after all. I am selfish, egotistical, and unlucky. It’s not fair! I am “running bad.” (This is a poker term used to describe an execrable flow of bad cards and bad luck.)

    Eventually, I run out of money and temper. I drag myself back home and check in on my home office computer. Aha! A fax…from someone who has decided not to take my workshop after all and has written me a note to cancel. Perfect. The bag lady pats me on the shoulder. “There, there, dear,” she commiserates. But she smiles her secret smile that warns me I mustn’t feel too safe here in my nice office in my nice house. I howl at the moon. (Silently, so as not to wake the neighbors.)

    The bag lady whispers to me all night long. In the morning, I write her this testimonial, giving her space and voice and time. She fades like a wraith in the morning sun, her mission accomplished. I have been reminded. There but for the grace of God go I. I pray and I meditate. I practice my affirmations. I revise my budget. Somewhere in the process, I recover my good humor and my love for my fellow man.

    But not for the guy who got four deuces. Maybe tomorrow.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I love and accept myself and my fellow man.”

    I sent this article out to the people who registered online for my free teleclass “Women Don’t Ask”, and thought you might enjoy it, too.

    It’s been my experience teaching women business owners how to be more profitable and happy in their businesses for the past 22 years, that women have particular issues relating to money, and a lot of it is subconscious.

    One of the things that stops women financially, is that culturally, we aren’t trained to ask for money. Try saying “I love to ask for money” and see how that feels. Yucky, right? Try this one “People love to give me money!” That usually feels good! We want it, but we want it given to us – we don’t want to have to ask. But in the marketplace, we have to ask – for a raise, for a promotion, for the business from a client. And then we have to set our price and ask for that!

    You see the problem.

    Asking for the business was a tough one for me initially. And then I learned the secret of how to make a great phone call that resulted in business…

    Nope, not every call. But lots of them! Here are my results for the last three weeks I’ve been calling people to see if they’d like to attend the last Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses of the year that begin next week. Here are my results:

    My next 8-week Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses begin next week – price is now $2997 (but am offering a discount to $1997 this last class of the year). One week I made 45 phone dials, talked with 22 people, enrolled 7. Next week I made 27 dials, talked to 11, enrolled 3. This week 68 dials, talked to 24, enrolled 7. Also have 13 strong maybes, and bunches for next class in February. I know all this because I keep track of how many ships I send out on my Ships Log!

    If you’d like to know more about how I do it, read the article below, and then call me up and get a free demonstration .

    Have a lovely weekend!



    “It’s Not Cold Calling – it’s GOLD Calling!”

    That’s one of my favorite expressions. I’m going to tell you exactly why right now, and just how I’ve used the phone to sell millions of dollars of workshop enrollments over the past 20 years.

    Are you now thinking “Ugh. I don’t want to be a telemarketer. I don’t want to call and bother people. I don’t want to have to do SALES!!”??

    I know. You want all the advertising you do to work and just have people sign up to buy without having to talk with you. You want people to call YOU and tell you they want to buy your product or service.

    In the immortal words of Dr. Phil, “So how’s that working for ya?”

    That will work for a few small sales. But for the big-ticket items, they want to talk with you. They need you to coach them through the buying process!

    Because marketing doesn’t close the sale.

    Marketing includes:





    Social Media


    Publishing books and e-books

    Radio interviews

    Audio recordings

    Free teleclasses


    You’ll definitely get some interest in your work from this – people will love your content and want more. But then, they may just wait for all the free stuff and never buy anything.

    Sound familiar?

    “The money is in the phone!”

    ALL MY SALES HAPPEN AFTER THE MARKETING. They happen when I call them after I give a speech, a free teleclass, or meet them at a networking event.

    If you skip this step, you’re not only going to leave most of your prospective clients unfulfilled and underserved, but you’ll leave buckets of cash behind you everywhere you go!



    Allan Learns His Lesson

    Posted on October 18th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    291-October 18

    “If you lend someone twenty dollars and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.”—Unknown


    Allan is a sharp, young attorney in his own private practice. Like many sole practitioners, he leases office space from a larger law firm, and shares some of their equipment. He pays them for use of their copier and fax machines, for example. It is a co-operative, dolphin relationship that works in harmony for both parties. Most of the time.

    Recently, Allan spoke to me of his growing irritation with the senior partner of the law firm.

    It seems a shark fin or two was beginning to mar the surface of their relationship. On one occasion, Allan had a prospective client in his office, who he realized needed an attorney specializing in a kind of law that he didn’t perform. The larger law firm did perform this kind of law, however, so Allan hailed one of their attorneys, David, and introduced him to the prospective client. David said he was sure he could help, and escorted the client off to his office.

    A few days later, Allan saw David in the hall and asked, “Whatever happened with that client I introduced you to?” “Oh, it turned out great!” said David. “He hired us and I’ve spent the last two days just working on his case!” And David rushed off.

    As Allan stood there, glad to have helped out but wishing he had gotten a thank you for his trouble, the head of the law firm approached him. “You’re not paying enough money for using the fax machine in this office. We’re going to have to start charging you more!”

    Poor man. He had no idea just how terrible his timing was.

    Well, Allan bought his own fax machine the next week. And his client referrals are going to another law firm—of dolphins who say, “Thank you!”

    Take another look at the people around you. Are they saying “thank you” enough? Are you?

    Today’s Affirmation: “I thank God and all the people around me for my abundant blessings!”

    I remember when Allan told me this story and how amazed he was that someone would complain about the little fax charges and ignore the big money they were making from his referrals. But people do that all the time. It’s another version of “penny wise and pound foolish”. That old saying applies to earnings as well as expenditures.

    Business owners will often spend a lot of time and energy promoting a product or service that doesn’t bring in much income and ignore working on the big ticket items because the sales process is more involved, or more uncomfortable. I heard someone recently say, “In order to succeed, you have to get comfortable in the uncomfortable places.” That is so true! The sales conversation is often uncomfortable for people, so they don’t do it. I read a statistic years ago that said that 63% of professional sales people never ask for the order! It’s amazing, but true. We don’t want to do “bad sales” and be pushy, so we often just take about how wonderful our product or service is, give plenty of examples, and never complete the sale by saying, “So, would you like to buy this?”

    Amazing amounts of money are left behind that way. People want to buy or they wouldn’t be talking to you. But they need help past their objections. If you really believe your product or service would help this person, you have to be able to coach them past their obstacles and help them see the benefits that will accrue to them after they buy. You’ve worked hard sending out your ships, guiding them into your harbor – don’t stop before the treasure is unloaded at the dock!



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    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    290-October 17

    “Never hope harder than you work.”—Rita Mae Brown


    A bright young man of about thirty-five, Bob sat in my office and explained that he was looking for bookkeeping help for the new computer company he was trying to get off the ground. I asked him a lot of questions about his background and his prospects. He told me that he had received a $400,000 inheritance the year before. “Great!” I thought to myself, “a client who can afford to pay for my services!” I asked if he had a financial planner or stockbroker who was helping him to manage his assets. “No,” he told me, “the money is all gone now.”

    I felt so sorry for him in that moment. What a gift he had wasted! Here he was, hopeful that he could make back his fortune with his start-up company, which now had no operating capital. He had several potential buyers for his product, a lot of hope, a lot of dreams—but no money. We tried to help him with some bookkeeping for a while, but his company never got off the ground, and he couldn’t pay for our services, so we parted ways.

    He sent me a prospectus on another new start-up company a couple of years later. He wanted me to send it out to possible investors I might know. At the end of the letter, he mentioned I could reach him at a certain phone number and then said if the phone was disconnected (“Oh, the life of an entrepreneur”) I should try his roommate’s number.

    Would you invest your money with this man? Would you ask your friends to invest money with him? No matter what his dreams, his plan, his optimism, Bob had proven himself incapable of managing money. He’s thinking positive which is good, and sending out ships, too. But he hasn’t been counting his money. This makes him a tuna. He may become a dolphin one day, but until there’s proof, only another tuna would give such a person more money.

    Anyone like Bob in your life? As a friend of mine named Clancy said, “Teach him Spanish. I suggest you start with ‘Adios!’”

    Today’s Affirmation: “I invest with success in people who are smart money managers like me!”

    I have to admit that I’m a Tuna-in-Recovery myself. I think I’ve made every Tuna mistake on the planet.  These are some of the Tuna behaviors of which I have been guilty:

    1.   Getting involved (romantically and professionally) with Sharks

    2.   Having low self-esteem

    3.   Not asking for what I wanted

    4.   Not asking for enough money, raises, bonuses, perks, etc. at work

    5.   Not believing I was worthy of success

    6.   N0t saying positive affirmations (whether I believed them or not)

    7.   Not taking the good advice of smart Dolphins

    8.   Getting stuck in the mud and wallowing in it instead of figuring a way out and taking action

    9.   Continuing to do something that wasn’t working because “it’s bound to work someday!”

    10.  Whining and complaining about my life

    This is not an exhaustive list. This is just what came to mind off the top of my head in about 5 minutes.  What would you add to the list? Which ones have you done?

    College Costs

    Posted on October 16th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    289-October 16

    “Too caustic? To hell with the cost, we’ll make the picture anyway.”—Samuel Goldwyn


    According to census figures, here are the average annual earnings of Americans, based on their level of education:

    Education Level                                       Male                            Female*

    No high school diploma                      $16,818                       $8,861

    High school diploma                           $25,453                      $13,407

    College diploma                                    $47,126                      $26,401

    Think it might be a good idea to go to college? College graduates make nearly double the income of high school graduates who don’t go to college.

    If you want to attend college, but are afraid of the cost, read on:

    College is more affordable than people think. A 1997 American Council on Education survey found that 71 percent of respondents said that a college education was “not affordable for most families.” They also thought that the cost of getting a college degree was much more than it actually was. In another study, respondents guessed the cost of annual tuition at a four-year college was nearly $10,000 when in reality it was closer to $3,000.

    So much is written about the high cost of a college education that many people never investigate the possibility. They know it’s expensive so they don’t bother to look into it any further. But there are many financial aid programs available to help at every stage of the process. Contact the financial aid office at the colleges you are interested in. They will assist you to get the help you need, direct you to scholarship possibilities, work-study programs, grants and loans. Read Anna and Robert Leider’s book, Don’t Miss Out: The Ambitious Student’s Guide to Financial Aid. Written from a consumer’s point of view, they list hundreds of scholarship, grant, and loan sources.

    Continued on page 289 of The Wealthy Spirit

    Today’s Affirmation: “I always generate plenty of money to do what I want to do!”

    College costs certainly have escalated since I wrote this back in 2000.  Now it’s not unusual for college to cost $10,000 per year and more. My friend’s son went to medical school and the cost was about $65,00o per year. Yikes! The biggest overall problem I’m seeing is that too many young people are graduating from college saddled with huge debts. And in the current economy, new college graduates are the largest group of the unemployed – a whopping 24% of these young people can’t find jobs.

    I’m not telling you this to disuade you from getting a college education. It’s still an important long-term investment in your future, especially if you need a degree in order to succeed in your chosen profession. But I think it’s reasonable now to consider waiting to go to college until you’re sure of your course of study and exactly how it will pay off in your future. Just to go and get a general education without being certain of your goals is probably not the best choice to maximize your benefits.

    Another choice that can have great benefits is occupational training – learn a trade and become an electrician, contractor, plumber, etc. These jobs pay well and are always in demand. After all, you can’t outsource your plumbing to India or China.

    I look forward to the day when our economy turns around, college costs diminish, and unemployment isn’t so high. As a society, we need to be making a much bigger investment in education overall.


    Are You Keeping Part of What You Earn?

    Posted on October 15th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    288-October 15

    “Dig a well before you’re thirsty.”—Chinese Proverb


    Okay, here’s another of those pages bugging you to save money. So, have you started yet?

    Just think for a moment about all the money you have had pass through your fingers during your lifetime. From your first childhood allowance or your first job to your current salary or business gross income. How much is that? Or if that is too overwhelming to contemplate, just look at your gross income for the last ten years. How much is that?

    What is left over after all that money has been in your hands? How much did you keep? What is the sum total of all the money you currently possess? At a seminar given by Consumer Credit Counselors, I learned that the life savings of the average fifty-year-old is $2,700. If you have more than that, congratulations! If less, you have some work to do.

    During several months in 1999 and 2000, the American savings rate was a negative number. That means we borrowed more than we saved. And in the best economy mankind has ever known!

    Start the savings habit now. Open a savings account for any amount of money and start. Then put 10 percent of all you earn into it—throughout the month with each bit of income you get. You will find that the money you need to pay the bills still comes in. It is part of the way you create abundance—by committing to it and then taking action to do it. Live on 90 percent of your income—you do it when things get tough, so why not do it now in order to save for your future?

    If you can’t do 10 percent, then do 5 percent or whatever it takes to get you started. Just get started. You’ll like yourself—and your money—when you do.

    Then if you get thirsty, you’ll have a well.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I invest wisely and well and my money makes money!”

    The 2012 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka. A letter to the Editor of the Los Angeles Times noted that one of Gurdon’s high school teachers, as quoted by the BBC, reported:

    “I believe Gurdon has ideas about becoming a scientist; on his present showing this is quite ridiculous; if he can’t learn simple biological facts, he would have no chance of doing the work of a specialist, and it would be a sheer waste of time, both on his part and of those who would have to teach him.”

    Ah, the Naysayers lurk everywhere on a person’s road to success. I think they are really mentors, whose job it is to show you that you must toughen up and make your dream happen in spite of them!

    The Rule of Three

    Posted on October 14th, 2014 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    287-October 14

    “Yesterday is a canceled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is ready cash—use it.”—Kay Lyons


    I had just received a large cash settlement from an auto accident I had been involved in. Gleefully, I held the $12,000 check in my hand. I thought about what I should do with all this money. At the time, I had debts, so I considered using it all to pay down my debt. That felt good, but not great—I wouldn’t have anything fun to show for my good fortune. Then I thought, I could save all the money, but here again, I wouldn’t have any enjoyment of the money right now. What I really wanted to do was spend all the money on fun and extravagance. But that didn’t feel very responsible. I wrestled with the problem a while, then called a friend of mine, Gale Johnston, a certified financial planner.

    When I confessed my dilemma, Gale laughed and told me about the “Rule of Three.” This is what she told me to do:

    1.      Take a third of the money and put it towards the past—pay off debt.
    2.      Take another third of the money and put it towards the future—invest it.
    3.      Take the last third of the money and have a good time in the present—spend it.

    I did as she suggested, and felt responsible and had fun at the same time.

    I’m praying you receive a large windfall soon, so you can try this out for yourself!

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am successful, generous, and happy!”

    I love feeling responsible. Makes me feel like I am a good citizen, a proper role-model, smart, savvy, and together. I’m taking care of the future, storing my nuts for the winter like the squirrel in my backyard.

    But then I love throwing caution to the winds, escaping the bonds of frugality, and splurging on fun, excitement, travel, poker, and fine dining! I don’t see any critters in my backyard doing that, though…they are all devoted to searching for food, building a nest, attracting a mate.

    Except sometimes, it seems the birds just sit in the trees and sing, apparently for no reason except to revel in the sound of their song.

    I think the life lesson of that is: When you’ve stored some nuts, be sure to take some time off to sing!