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    Why Swim with Sharks When You Can Swim with Dolphins?

    Posted on January 26th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    26 – January 26

    “Why do some people always see beautiful skies and grass and lovely flowers and incredible human beings, while others are hard-pressed to find anything or any place that is beautiful?”—Leo Buscaglia


    There are three kinds of fish in the sea: Dolphins, Sharks and Tuna.

    Dolphins are wonderful creatures: intelligent, happy, and playful. They communicate; they swim in schools. They’ve been known to ward off a shark attack and protect the other fish. They are fun-loving and beautiful, arcing in graceful leaps over the waves.

    Sharks are eating machines. It’s not their fault; they were born that way. But their job is to eat you. If you find yourself in the water with a shark, put your shark fin on or get out of the water. It’s very difficult for a dolphin to act like a shark, and you’ll never be as good at it as a real shark, so I recommend getting out of the water.

    Tuna fish are food. They don’t know that the blood in the water is their own. They think everything that happens to them is somebody else’s fault. They take no responsibility for their choices. It’s like there are three kinds of people: the people that make things happen, the people that watch things happen, and the people who say, “What happened?” (Those are the tuna.)

    Sharks will steal your money and tuna will leech money from you. Real money is made when you have dolphins on your team.

    Who are the fish in your sea?

    Today’s Affirmation: “I now attract people who reflect my highest good!”


    In my book, Zero to Zillionaire, I further outlined two kinds of sharks and two kinds of tuna. See if you recognize any of these in your life:

    There are two kinds of Sharks:  Angry Sharks and Con-Artist Sharks.

    1.      Angry Sharks are completely self-obsessed.  They have no real empathy for other people—they just can’t tell that you have thoughts and feelings just like they do.  They see you as only one thing—food.  They are angry with life and the world and are going to take it out on you.   These sharks tend to scream and yell and throw tantrums in order to get their way.  They will tell you everything that’s wrong with you if you give them an opportunity—like if you say, “Hello.”  They are powered by rage and it is fearsome to behold.  They rip you apart right away.

    2.      Con-Artist Sharks are Sharks in Dolphin’s Clothing.  They pretend to be your friend and imitate Dolphin behavior in order to get close to you.  There’s no such thing as an obnoxious con-artist.  They have charisma, a hail-fellow-well-met bonhomie, and a ready smile.  But look in their eyes—there’s nothing there but calculation.  They are running numbers, figuring what you are worth and how they can take advantage of you.  They come to you with offers that sound so fabulous!  You suspect maybe they’re too good to be true, but what if it really is your lucky day at last and this is a fabulous opportunity for you to get rich??  So you throw your skepticism into Davey Jones’ Locker and board their Pirate Ship to search for the treasure.  But you’re the treasure and now they’ve got you walking the plank into their jaws.  They are your best buddy—until they slowly rip you apart.

    After you’ve been swimming in Shark-infested waters, you feel hurt, wounded, and betrayed.  You are suffering, bleeding, crying—and usually, you are broke, too.

    Sharks don’t want to pay you.  They want all the money for themselves.

    Tuna come in two species:  Angry Tuna and Timid Tuna.

    1.      Angry Tuna are the “Ain’t It Awful” people who complain endlessly about everything.  They never do anything about anything, mind you, they just whine and complain.  “Life is Unfair” and “What’s the Use” are their mottos.  Angry Tuna will hurt you almost as badly as a Shark will, but they will do it through passive-aggressive behavior.  Their inaction will cost you the contract, cost you a friendship, cost you a fortune.  And they will get huffy if you say anything to them about it, because They Are Blameless.  Nothing is ever their fault.

    Tuna sushi

    2.      Timid Tuna never do anything either because they are afraid.  They mask their ineffectual behavior under the guise of being Self-Sacrificing and Good-Hearted, but really they are just Victims. They justify playing with sharks saying, “Oh, there’s really a Dolphin in there somewhere—I’m going to help them find their inner Dolphin,” meanwhile completely oblivious to the fact that they’re missing a fin and the blood in the water is their own.  Timid Tuna won’t cause you direct harm, but they will make you really, really frustrated.

    Both kinds of Tuna end up as dinner.  And you’ll be in the frying pan with them, salted and breaded, if you swim with them very often.  After you’ve spent some time with Tuna, you feel tired, depressed, and need to take a nap.  It’s hard to get anything done after that.

    Tuna can’t pay you.  Tuna have no money.

    In summary, this is the evidence telling you who the fish are in your sea:

    Dolphins:  You feel good, and you are rich.

    Sharks:  You feel bad, and you are broke.

    Tuna:  You feel tired, but you broke even.


    I could make other distinctions, categorizing some people as Octopuses, Sea Horses, Barracuda, Eels, Angel Fish, etc., but we tend to get confused when we get too many choices.  That’s why I like to stick to three categories, or three points, or three rules to remember, or a menu of three choices.  You can remember Low, Medium, and High Budgets and you can remember Dolphins, Sharks and Tuna.  That’s all you really need to make decisions about people.  Either they support you or they cost you.

    Sharks sneer at books like this one.  Why would anyone need a book to tell them how to be successful?  Kill or be killed is all you need to know—it’s survival of the fittest, dummy.  Tuna don’t read books except as a vehicle to beat themselves up with and cry, “Oh, no, this doesn’t work for me, either.  Nothing ever works for me.”  Dolphins value learning and growing; they read books, take workshops, attend classes, listen to CDs, and are always improving themselves and the world around them.

    When you learn to surround yourself with Dolphins and avoid Shark and Tuna, you will be richer and happier, and so will your friends.

    “Magic Money” and the “PDQ” Plan

    Posted on January 24th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    24 – January 24

    “Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.”—Unknown


    Personal bankruptcies soared in the late 90s and credit card debt was at an all-time high. Consumer Credit Counselors declared that it was not unusual for their clients to have 40-60 credit cards. They also reported that the average per family debt, in credit cards and cards, was $52,000. Although these statistics might change somewhat from year to year, they don’t change enough.

    Too much easy credit coupled with too small minimum monthly payments keeps too many people slaves to their debt. Make a decision now to become debt free! It may take some time, but a commitment today to the “PDQ” (Pay Debts Quick) Plan will have your debt unloaded sooner than you think. There is a freedom and self-satisfaction that comes with acting on your plan that makes you walk, talk, look, act, think, and be richer!

    Look at your current budget and see what amount of money you can dedicate each month to paying off debt. For example, let’s assume that you have ten credit cards and can afford $250 per month towards paying them off. So you pay $25 to each credit card every month. Eventually, one of the cards will get paid off and most people will continue to send $25 to the other nine cards. But that’s reducing your debt repayment commitment to only $225 instead of $250. What happens to the other $25? It disappears. (Eating up unallocated money is the actual purpose of the “black holes” in the universe. There is one in every checkbook, wallet, and credit card.)

    Instead, take that $25 and add it to the $25 payment you’re making on the credit card with the highest interest rate. Now that card is being paid off at $50 per month instead of $25 per month—twice as fast. As soon as that card gets paid off, take the $50 and add it to the next card on your list. Now that one is getting paid off at $75 per month—three times as fast!

    A magical thing happens next. Out of the integrity of your commitment and follow through, unexpected money starts appearing in your life. I call it “Magic Money.” You feel more prosperous, more confident, and like a good money manager because you have taken control of your finances. Money flows to people who think like this. And always use part of your “Magic Money” to pay down your debt even further—and faster!

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am a creative money generator!”


    A friend and client of mine named Jack wrote me to say he was happy to report that he had been closing deals left and right after a long drought in the hiring biz. Then he said,

    “I also noticed something interesting: When I finally had money come in after being on ultra-low budget for so long, my inclination was to SPEND SPEND SPEND! as I was so TIRED of being frugal. While I did take some money for me, I had to resist the urge to spend like a drunken sailor. So now I’m in medium-budget, happily paying down my past-due bills.”

    He thought this would make a good blog topic, and I totally agree!

    It is critical that when your circumstances improve, you transition carefully from low to medium and then medium to high budget. As the money starts flowing again, you want to have some “spree money” for you – it’s such a relief to be able to buy a few nice things for yourself, or go out for a great dinner or night on the town.

    Poker gals night on the town

    Just be sure that you take care of your budget as well as yourself. You can only really enjoy spending money when you feel secure in your financial plan, that you’ve got all the bases covered. Make some considered decisions about paying off debts and saving for the future as well as having fun in the present.

    When you can do all three successfully, you have achieved Money Mastery!


    Magic Money Wish List

    Posted on January 23rd, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    23 – January 23

    “The two most beautiful words in the English language are: ‘Check enclosed.’”—Dorothy Parker


    Every so often, as I worked with my chosen monthly budget, I would think of something I wanted to have that wasn’t on my budget. It could be something I had forgotten to plan for by putting it on my “Irregular Expenses” list like new stationery, additional advertising specialty items like coffee mugs or pens, or a new piece of computer equipment. Or it could be something fun or extravagant that I wanted to create more money for, like new clothes, new office furniture, or a piece of jewelry.

    Whenever I thought of something, I wrote it down on a piece of paper at the back of my time management calendar on my desk. I labeled it my “Magic Money Wish List,” because I knew I had to create extra, magic money, above and beyond my budget, in order to have the things on this list…

    (continued on page 23 of The Wealthy Spirit)

    *Special Note to all my readers:

    My publisher voiced concerns that it might not be wise for me to publish the entire contents of my book every day since it would then be available in perpetuity online. A good point, don’t you think? That’s why I publish the blog with a few complete pages from The Wealthy Spirit and the rest of the week will publish just a part of the page for reference.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I create ‘Magic Money’ for all the wonderful things I desire!”


    This blog has resulted in some Magic Money for me, too. I’ve been writing it for over two years now and it’s been really successful in stirring up attention – my web hits have more than doubled and unique visitors have jumped 40%. When you google “financial stress reduction” you get somewhere around 4 million web sites and I’m right at the top of page one.  Chellie is doing the Happy Dance!

    I also post the blog each day on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. This is how terrifically well Social Media works – I received a note from a Facebook friend who said, “I always thought you were cool and loved hearing you speak at networking events and women’s conferences. But now I am simply in awe. I signed up for your daily affirmations. I can’t tell you how much I love them. I sent a copy to my boyfriend and he said, ‘When can we take her workshop?’”

    Now as any of you who are in sales know, that question is a “buying signal”. This is someone I should definitely follow up with to explore the possibilities of them taking the next class. So I wrote her back of course, and said we should talk. I didn’t hear back from her during the next a week.

    And this is where a lot of people lose their sale. They don’t follow up again. Remember it takes 12 touches before someone is ready to buy from you, but even when they are leaning towards yes, you have to close the sale.

    So I did a google search and found the woman’s web site with her phone number. I called her up, we had a lovely chat, and she enrolled in the course. I asked about her boyfriend, and she said she would talk with him. Then she wrote, “I just want you to know that I hung up the phone with you and immediately downloaded your books to my Nook. Yay.” A few hours after that, she said her boyfriend was in, too.

    You know what the best part was? At the end of the workshop, she told me she had the best, most profitable month ever in her entire career during my workshop! That’s what I really love – helping people have the rich life of their dreams. It’s magical!

    The lesson here for you is: the blog is working, driving traffic to my web site, selling books, and selling workshops. But all of that is marketing, not sales. Sales don’t magically happen by themselves. They need a little assistance from you. People are interested, but if you don’t call them, you leave them alone to figure out how to get past their obstacles to buying from you - like time and money and you’re not on my budget right now. You’re much better qualified to coach them on this than they are!

    The advertising is in the blog. The money is in the phone!

    Irregular Expenses

    Posted on January 22nd, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    22 – January 22

    “Just about the time you think you can make both ends meet, somebody moves the ends.”—Pansy Penner


    Irregular expenses are often budget-busters. This is because they aren’t a part of our regular, monthly expenses, and we tend to forget them. Then suddenly, like a harbinger of doom, there they are looming over your checkbook, cackling with glee that they’ve given you this nasty surprise. Your car breaks down and the repair bill is five hundred dollars. The water heater goes out, or the computer suddenly develops amnesia. The once-a-year insurance premium is due and you had forgotten all about it. It’s time for your yearly vacation, but you didn’t put money aside to take that cruise you want.

    Cruise ship Bay of Naples

    The solution is to make a list of all your irregular expenses by month. What is due in January that isn’t due any other month? Insurance premiums, taxes, vacation expenses, and club membership dues are not regular monthly expenses and should go on this list. Don’t forget to include money for repairs and maintenance on your automobiles, computer upgrades, Christmas presents, etc. Make a list for each month of the year, then total the amount of money for the entire year. Divide this number by twelve and you will have the average amount of money you spend on irregular expenses. Put this figure as a line item on your budget…

    (continued on page 22 of The Wealthy Spirit)


    Today’s Affirmation: “I have positive cash flow right here, right now, and always!”

    A couple of years ago, I ran into a big snag in booking my January Las Vegas getaway with my poker gal pals. For years, I had received promotions from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas for 3-4 nights free, plus $50-100 dining credits, plus $250-400 in free slot play. A gold card member, I really loved my deals! But when I called to make a reservation, my casino host told me that there were no promotions and he’d have to see what came through later. The best he could do was one night at $179 and two nights free. No dining credit. No free slot play.

    The gals at Milos at the Cosmopolitan

    Ouch! I checked with the Harrah’s chain to see if they were any different, and found the same pull-back in discounts. My offer package in November showed free rooms for all the hotels available all week, except for Caesar’s Palace which had discounted rates from $47-127 most nights. But the latest update I received showed no free rooms for Caesars, Planet Hollywood, or Paris, and only a few free nights for their other hotels (the Rio, Bally’s, Flamingo, Harrah’s, and Imperial Palace.

    Canals outside the Venetian

    So we stayed at the Venetian and had a fabulous time, even though it cost a bit more than usual.

    My guess is the pull-back in coupons and comps didn’t work. It was only about 6 months into 2011 when I started receiving all kinds of free offers for rooms and dinners and bonuses again. My guess would be that everyone rushed back to enjoy their perks! I’ll bet the casino’s income went up as a result of that…

    Lesson? Sometimes if you give too much you get taken for granted, so perhaps it’s a good idea to withhold for a bit and make people realize what a great deal they were getting. Like sometimes don’t show up to your usual networking group and give them an opportunity to miss you. Then you’ll really be appreciated when you come back.

    Ballet Lessons

    Posted on January 21st, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    21 – January 21

    “I write only when I’m inspired. Fortunately, I’m inspired at 9 o’clock every morning.”—William Faulkner


    “I’m sorry I haven’t paid you yet,” my former student wailed, “but the job I told you about fell through. I don’t know why it’s so hard to find the right position!”

    I calmed her down and let her tell me her sad story of lost opportunities. “Just one more thing,” I said as we were about to hang up the phone, “Are you still doing your affirmations?”

    “Well, no,” she said. “I’ve just been too depressed.”

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had similar conversations with past participants of my workshops. Things are going along great, they’re practicing their affirmations, sending out ships and counting the money as it rolls in. Then somewhere, somehow, they get busy and skip a day’s affirmations. Then two. Then two weeks. By that time they’re out of the habit and the old negative voice pipes up once more. A ship sinks in the harbor and the bad news broadcasts loudly in their minds. Fear and anxiety gather like a boa constrictors around their throats. Everything starts going wrong. The car breaks down; the baby sitter quits; the company downsizes their paycheck or their job.

    It reminds me of the dancer’s life. No matter how famous, successful, brilliant, and accomplished, great dancers take class and practice every day. Baryshnikov, Nureyev, Fonteyn—all the great stars, stood at the barre with beginners and performed their dancer’s ritual. Their rule was that if you missed class one day, you could tell. If you missed two days, the other dancers could tell. But if you missed three days, the audience could tell.

    In the same way, daily practice of your prosperity affirmations is required for abundance maintenance. It must be developed as a habit as necessary as brushing your teeth. If you miss a day, you will be able to tell. If you miss two days, your bank account can tell. And if you miss three days, your ships can tell and they sail into someone else’s harbor. Let your affirmations shine the way home to guide your ships to your shore.

    Today’s Affirmation: “My net worth and my self worth are rising every day!”


    I was delighted when I walked into the networking meeting and saw one of my old students, Eric, an attorney, who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years.

    “Eric, darling,” I exclaimed, “It’s great to see you!”

    “Good to see you, too, Chellie,” he replied wanly. I could tell something was wrong.

    “How are you doing these days?” I asked in a low voice. We were standing apart from the crowd so I thought we might talk truthfully.

    “Honestly, I’m not doing so well,” he said. “Business is slower than usual, and my collections are down. I just don’t know what to do.”

    “Are you still doing your affirmations? I asked. That’s always my first question.

    He hesitated, then admitted, “Well, no, I’m not.”

    “That would be my first suggestion, Eric,” I said gently. “You’ve got to get yourself back in a positive frame of mind. It will change your energy, your posture, your expression, and your expectation of good things happening for you. Watch and see.”

    “You’re right,” he agreed. “I guess I just got out of the habit. I will start again today.”

    He called me one week later, completely energized and happy.

    “Chellie, the affirmations are truly amazing. I received $6,000 this week and $4,000 of it was completely unexpected! You’ve got to tell everyone these affirmations really work!”

    Yes, Eric, I keep doing that everywhere I go…he who has ears let him hear.

    Shopping for Love

    Posted on January 20th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    20 – January 20

    “An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit.”—Pliny the Younger


    “Can’t buy me love,” sang The Beatles. But we can buy its cousin: Praise, which we use as a poor substitute for love. People crave love and acknowledgment beyond all other things. In a survey conducted by Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager, employees ranked “Feeling ‘in’ on things” and “Appreciation of work” as the number one and number two benefits they wanted most from their jobs. Higher wages ranked a distant fifth. We want to feel included, we want to be special, we want compliments, we want attention.

    When we don’t get it, we go shopping. We buy things to make us noticed, to get praised. Women buy clothing, jewelry, shoes, handbags, scarves, and makeup to be beautiful, to be admired. Men buy cars, electronic equipment, tools, hardware, businesses to be powerful, to be admired. The problem is that after everyone has “oohed” and “aahed” over our fabulous purchase and we’ve had our fix of the praise drug—the rush is over. It isn’t long before we need another fix, another dress, another car. The praise is over—but the payments aren’t. We’re stuck with endless monthly bills for items that don’t get us any more praise, but still we need more praise. So we charge the next fix on our credit cards, even though we’re ashamed of ourselves for spending more than we should. It is a habit as destructive as drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.

    Now we have a cycle of buying praise and feeling shame for doing it. The worse we feel about ourselves, the more praise we need to buy. So credit cards in hand, we shop again. “Love me!” the silent scream floats beneath the surface of our ocean of debt.

    The solution? Look for love in better places. It isn’t in the new shoes, it isn’t in the new computer whiz bang. Love is in the eyes of a friend, who’s happy to see you, regardless of what you wear. Praise comes from a customer or boss you’ve served above and beyond the call of the ordinary. Acknowledgment is what you give yourself as you master your spending and pay off your debts.

    Send out a ship into someone else’s harbor today. Reach out with love to compliment someone on their thoughtfulness, their kindness, their ability to love, or the light in their eyes instead of their new dress. Do your job better than you’ve ever done it—every menial task. Be extraordinary by putting just a little extra in the ordinary. Send out love and love will come sailing back to you. You can’t buy it. You just have to practice it.

    Today’s Affirmation: “I am peaceful and content with all the riches in my life.”


    In the last several posts, I have referred to the importance of looking good. We want to shine, to show our best selves, to get compliments. We want to look gorgeous, talented and successful.

    Make no mistake, the marketplace wants that, too. On average, good-looking people make higher salaries than normal. A study published in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences finds that the attractiveness of interviewees can significantly bias outcome in hiring practices, showing a clear distinction between the attractive and average looking interviewees in terms of high and low status job packages offered.

    “When someone is viewed as attractive, they are often assumed to have a number of positive social traits and greater intelligence,” said Carl Senior and Michael J.R. Butler, authors of the study. “This is known as the ‘halo effect’ and it has previously been shown to affect the outcome of job interviews.”

    When you watch television shows, especially shows with a number of young twenty-somethings, how many of them are unattractive? It colors our thinking in everyday life. But look around you as you walk down the street or shop at a grocery store. Most of the people you see are just average in appearance.

    But some stand out anyway. They have an energy, a charisma beyond their looks. They smile at you and nod. They’ll ask, “How are you?” and wait for your answer. They look genuinely interested…because they are interested. They are engaged with you. It’s been said of President Bill Clinton that when he spoke with you he made you feel like you were the only person in the room. People love that. So do that, and it won’t matter what you look like. The ability to genuinely like people and engage them trumps beauty every time. And yes, you can learn this - inner beauty is within everyone’s grasp! Reach inward to develop it and reach outward to perfect it.

    A smile is still the best face-lift there is.


    The Sparkly New Dress

    Posted on January 19th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    19 – January 19

    “All right, so I like spending money! But name one other extravagance!”—Max Kauffmann


    Elizabeth was “between jobs.” A beautiful girl with a great smile, she spoke of her dissatisfaction with her current job on the first day of the workshop. She longed for a better position with better pay. The next week, she came to class and laughingly told us how she had been fired. “I know I created that happening!” she exclaimed. “I was doing affirmations for a better job, but wasn’t sending any ships out to look for one. So I guess my higher self took charge and got me fired so I would have to get up off my duff and find what I really want.” We laughed and applauded, and helped her with suggestions about a new career.

    After class, in which we had focused on creating Low, Medium, and High Budgets, Elizabeth approached me with a question. “I’m going to a friend’s wedding on Saturday, and I went shopping for a dress. I found this beautiful sparkly lavender dress that looked wonderful on me and I really want to have it. But I’m on Low Budget now, having just lost my job. And the dress costs $143. So you don’t think it would be a good idea for me to buy it, do you?”

    I loved the way she asked me this question. Clearly, she understood that the reasonable answer was “No!” She really shouldn’t buy a dress—sparkly or otherwise—when she’s on Low Budget with no job and no income. I congratulated her on coming to me with the question, because we both knew she was looking for support to maintain her financial control. It might be fun for one day to wear a new dress and get lots of compliments, but it would all be over the next day. Then she’d be really depressed knowing that a bill for $143 would arrive any day—and she couldn’t pay it.

    I suggested she go shopping in her closet: Look in the back of the closet for something great that she hadn’t worn in a while. Perhaps she could dress it up with a scarf or different jewelry or shoes. She could create a new outfit or two from existing items combined in new ways. Or perhaps she could trade dresses with a friend who wore the same size, and they’d both feel like they got something new. Her eyes gleamed with the challenge, and a brilliant smile radiated across her face.

    “Elizabeth,” I said, “You don’t need a sparkly dress—you have sparkly eyes!” She told me she liked that compliment even better than the one she might have gotten on a new dress.

    Today’s Affirmation: “Money and love are attracted to me. They flow to me from all directions in larger and larger amounts.” (Contributed by Mark Roevekamp)


    I had my colors and styling done by Jennifer Butler, an amazing woman who has the talent to know what looks great on everyone. Yes, I already knew I was an “Autumn” with my red hair and green eyes, but did you know there are about 12 different kinds of Autumn? I happen to be a Metallic Autumn, which means I look good in shiny or sparkling golds, coppers, and bronzes. (Accounts for my love of gold tennis shoes, doesn’t it?)

    Spending money on the right professional consultation can help you not only save money, but make a lot more money afterwards. I saved money because I knew which colors and patterns to avoid and I no longer wasted money on unflattering styles. I made more money because when you look good, you feel good, and you exude more confidence and charisma. That is what brings you more clients.

    Too many times before I had been enamored of some colorful outfit that looked fabulous on the store mannequin but looked terrible on me. I remember one darling little dress in broad vertical navy and white stripes with a pleated skirt. I adored it in the store. Happily, I bought it and hung it in my closet…where it stayed hung for years. Because every time I put it on, well, I just didn’t look great in it. It looked so cute in the store – what was wrong? Jennifer pointed out the vertical stripes make one look wider, which is not good when you’re short. With small features, smaller prints work better than large bold ones. And neither navy nor white are appropriate colors for me – they make my skin look pasty instead of vibrant.

    Jennifer got me with her round robin at a networking event. She said, “When you wear the right colors and style, people are unconsciously drawn to you without knowing why.” Well, I had to have that…don’t you?

    You can find Jennifer at

    Baby-U-Deserve-Getting-Every-Thing (Budget)

    Posted on January 16th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    16 – January 16

    “It’s amazing how fast you can go through $7,000 with beer, pizza and The Gap.”—Ben Affleck


    What is your reaction to the word “budget”? A sinking, depressed, deprived feeling? You are not alone. Many people audibly groan at the mention of the word. For the vast majority, it connotes scarcity, lack, and limitation—none of which are very pleasurable concepts. “Budgeting” in common usage usually means cutting the fun, frivolity, entertainment, and spontaneity out of your life and creating a bare-bones, austere, nothing-but-the-basics spending plan—something you do when you’re stressed about not having enough money.

    That is not my idea of budgeting. I have reframed it above: It means designing a spending plan to achieve your number one priorities and get all those things you reallywant. A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went! This can and should be a very enjoyable process and not the bitter, restrictive pill you fear.

    It is important to know that a budget is not written in stone. It is a flexible, adjustable plan that reflects how you give valuable products or services to others (income) and how you choose to support others by buying their products or services (expenses). All of these are decisions you make, therefore you have the power to change them. We often feel so trapped by our previous decisions that we think that we’re stuck, but a closer examination will reveal that we can change everything if we are willing.

    The power of budgeting is that we decide before each month how we will spend our income, then as the month goes on, we write down our actual income and expenses. When we tally up the score at the end of the month, we can see whether or not we want to change our decisions for next month. Design a plan that works for you and then work your plan!

    Today’s Affirmation: “I happily spend the money I make in all the wisest ways!”


    I hear the wall of resistance going up all over the land.

    I know how difficult it is to face the reality of your numbers. Chill out, darlings. EGBOK. Everything’s gonna be okay. Breathe. Relax.

    Here’s the truth: your numbers are your numbers. They exist and they are real. Whether you know what they are or not.

    Can you see the danger that lurks in not knowing? How are you going to make an informed decision about how much to spend on your vacation, or birthday party, or your daughter’s wedding, or Christmas presents, or a new car if you don’t know exactly how much money is coming in and going out of your bank account? Can you afford to buy that house? How would you know?

    If you’re nervous or scared about your finances and feel out of control with your money, you probably don’t have a budget. So start one now. You don’t have to buy a fancy program and learn how to install it and use it. Just use an excel spreadsheet. Put columns down the left hand side and label them income and expenses. Next, put a column on the right for your budget amounts – what you plan to spend on each line item. The third column to the right of that one will be what you actually spend.

    It may take an hour or two to set it up, but after that it only takes about 2 minutes to log your numbers in every time you pay your bills. You’ll see what you spent, what bills are still due, and how much money has come in, and what’s left. This is the greatest management tool ever.

    Because you won’t be able to lie to yourself about your spending any more.

    Consistency Is Everything

    Posted on January 15th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    15 – January 15

    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”—Aristotle


    Money is a metaphor in life. It allows you to test your ability to manifest reality from your thoughts. It is tangible, concrete: You can count it; you can calculate your results exactly.

    Demonstrate it for yourself. Change your thoughts about money: Practice affirmations daily. If you’re already doing them, do more of them more often. Just as importantly, stop all the negative thoughts about money—give up your victimhood, your resentfulness, your anger, your jealousy. Appreciate and love everyone’s money—not just your own.

    Then translate your new positive thoughts about money into positive actions with money—making it, saving it, spending it. Send out your ships with the fresh new air of your joyful beliefs billowing in the sails. Then watch more money flow more easily into your life, Notice how much easier your work becomes, enjoy the increasing richness of your surroundings. At the end of the month, count your money. Do you have more than you did before? If the answer is yes, then congratulate yourself on a job well done.

    Now the trick is to keep doing it. Consistency is everything. Amazingly, many people stop after having great results for two or three months and revert to their old, ingrained habits. Perhaps they keep sending out ships, but think their mind has been changed forever, so they stop doing the affirmations, and behold! Their ships sink and they don’t know what happened. Or they keep doing the affirmations (thinking they’re some sort of magic charm) and stop sending out ships. No ships, no money. Very tangible. Very concrete.

    When this process has become internalized and your new habit, you have consciously learned the art of manifesting your reality. I believe that’s one of life’s greatest lessons that we’re on this planet to learn. Money is just a concrete, easy and convenient way to learn it. It’s school.

    You are supposed to graduate, however. If you get stuck in the school of manifesting money, you can be a very unhappy person. That’s why you see many people who have achieved great wealth give away a lot of it. They’ve learned how to manifest money and now they’re on to the next lesson. Now they’re looking for the ships that arrive with intangible treasures: Love, community, integrity, honor, authenticity, peace.

    Conversely, some people are trying to avoid the money school. They want the intangibles, but want to somehow skip the grades that involve feeding and clothing the body. They often suffer from the fear of financial insecurity, resent the jobs they take that don’t pay well and have spiteful opinions of people who’ve mastered money school. Well, they don’t seem to have the intangibles down either, do they? You can’t help the poor if you are the poor.

    There is internal wealth and external wealth. They are not mutually exclusive.

    Today’s Affirmation: “My ships are piled high with treasure and I’m unloading them today!”


    Being consistent is a challenge for me. I like to have freedom. Nine-to-five jobs always made me feel boxed in and controlled – and for such a large percentage of my life! 40 hours eek.

    But even theater jobs have that rigidity – the curtain goes up at 8:00 and you’ve got to be in place in costume and makeup. When I did Hello, Dolly! with Martha Raye, Bill Mulliken who played Cornelius, had been on Broadway in that musical performing 8 shows a week for 3 years. Yikes. Professional acting lost a bit of its stardust for me when I found that out.

    However, I have to be consistent with my teleclasses, too. Every week for 8 weeks, I show up and teach class 2 hours on Monday, 2 hours on Tuesday, and 2 hours on Wednesday. I can’t miss it, and I can’t be late when “the curtain goes up.” But those are small amounts of time compared to 40 hour weeks or 8 shows a week. I can handle that. And I take a 4-week break between sessions, too, so again I have plugged in some freedom into my life.

    If you are in business for yourself, you are going to have to develop a structure that works for your temperament. For me, a mixture of freedom and structure works best. I teach my classes Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays mornings I make phone calls. Afternoons are for meditation, napping and creating. Monday and Friday I do paperwork. When I add in special projects, I look at my schedule very carefully to see if I can handle the time commitment and where it fits in to my week. Then if I feel it’s worth the commitment, I put it on the calendar.

    Adding in writing time for this daily blog was a very big commitment, and I thought hard about whether I could do it. But I saw that I could write the blogs ahead of time if I felt like writing or if I was going out of town, so it feels more free than if I had to write it every day at the same time. And I love writing! But I notice that if I don’t have a deadline, I don’t do it.

    Figuring out what schedule works for you will make your life a joy or a drudgery. If you’re too committed every hour of the day, you won’t have time for creativity. If you’re not committed enough, you won’t do enough work to make a living. What’s the right balance of structure and freedom for you?

    See It, Want It, Get It

    Posted on January 14th, 2015 in The Wealthy Spirit by chellie

    Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

    14 – January 14

    “You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.”—Billy Wilder


    My first career goal was to become a professional actress. I fantasized about the applause of adoring crowds, fame, stardom and tears of joy streaming down my face as I collected my Academy Award for Best Actress. I dreamed of moving audiences to joy and laughter, rage and sorrow, and the wonderful acclaim I would receive. Great fantasy. I saw it. I wanted it.

    The trick was to get it—to bring my fantasy into reality. Maria Nemeth, in her book The Energy of Money, describes the difficulty of crossing the border from metaphysical reality to physical reality as “trouble at the border.” I had to make some effort to put my dream into being. I had to take risks; I had to step out into the unknown. I had to put myself on the line, without knowing whether or not I would measure up. I had to send out ships.

    So these are some of the “become an actress” ships:

    I auditioned to be in a play at my high school. I asked a friend what I had to do. When she told me I had to sing, I backed off—I was much too frightened to do that. But then she said, “Well, you’ve been taking dance lessons for years, so go to the dance audition and try out for a dancing part.” That felt like something I could do, so I joined the crowd at the dance audition, did the steps they showed me and was cast in the show. Success! I loved it. I loved the rehearsals, the people, the creativity, the teamwork solving problems—it was all terrific, just like in my fantasy.

    So I went to my school counselor, told her I wanted to be an actress, and signed up for all the drama curricular and extra-curricular activities. I took dance lessons, acting and singing lessons, read and studied plays, auditioned and performed in plays. Subsequently, I got a degree in Dramatic Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and made the trek to Hollywood as countless thousands before me. I had my professional pictures taken, got an agent and auditioned everywhere I could. I got my Actors’ Equity card performing in Hello, Dolly! with Martha Rae, my Screen Actors Guild card in The Time of Your Life with James Whitmore, and did odds and ends of dinner theaters, commercials, and Disneyland.

    Then the dream shifted, and I followed a new path: bookkeeper(!?). It seemed strange at the time, but now I see how the two seemingly different career paths were necessary training grounds for my current profession, financial stress reducer.

    You never lose anything, no time is wasted, all experience is meaningful. But you have to put ships in the water to get anywhere or you’ll never hear the lookout shout, “Land ho!”

    Today’s Affirmation: “All paths lead to my highest good.”


    While teaching my Financial Stress Reduction® workshops, I came to the realization that really I’m still acting – I’m just now doing my own one-woman show on money. Looking back, I can see that the part about acting I really enjoyed was the rehearsal period. The cast was a small, intense, artistic mastermind group creating a project together. We discussed the play, the philosophies behind the writing, examined our characters and their motivations, tried out line readings, movements, props, costumes. It was wonderful!

    But after the show was set, and we performed what we had decided on, every performance, every day, and for me things got really boring very quickly. In school, a long run was 4-5 performances a week for about 4 weeks. And then we were on to the next show. It was like a repertory company, changing plays and parts all the time. Professional acting was an entirely different venture.

    When I did a musical show at Disneyland 5 shows a day 5 days a week for 9 months, I thought I would die of boredom. We had a great cast of crazy characters and the musicians all doubled and tripled on their instruments, and we started putting in different songs just for fun. We were always getting in trouble for that…

    Theater at Ephesus

    I remember the host of our show, Fun With Music, was dressed as Merlin, and at the beginning of the show he would introduce the musicians and have them play a bit of music on the different instruments. They invented a game where the music the musicians would play would be a bit of the theme song from a TV show. Then in his response, the actor playing Merlin had to indicate that he knew what the show was. For example, the clarinet player played something fromStar Trek, and Merlin said, “I see you go boldly where clarinet players haven’t gone before” which was a take-off of the opening line of the TV show. We all got a big kick out of watching that interplay. (In any production, there are always many inside jokes going on onstage that the audience is never privy to.)

    Many years after I started teaching my workshops, I realized I had created for myself the exact thing I most enjoyed – a small, dedicated, creative mastermind group of people who wanted to grow and succeed. And now I get to be the director! Awesome how life turns out.

    What has been a recurring theme in your life that may have taken you by surprise?